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La Raza

By Jim Kirwan

Wrong Time, Wrong Place

La Raza has been hawking their wholesale hated for a very long time.

The video here is several years old, but it does outline what La Raza wants all Americans to realize—fully.

That La Raza ‘Is Preparing To Kill Every American!’

Ironically they have chosen the wrong time to jump onto this particular bandwagon: As Israel has already targeted the entire population of “America”, which would of course include La Raza.

Israel will of course gladly enlist La Raza to do some of its killing for them, just as Israel has used the fake-Jewish settlers, while it’s convenient to populate Palestine, since Israel does not have enough Zionists to populate Palestine now: Once these additional killers are no longer needed Israel will exterminate them just as Hitler wiped our the Brown Shirts once they were no longer needed.

La Raza is too consumed to realize they actually want to

Break into America”, which is already one massive prison camp!

This is insane given that there are at least 25 nukes buried here just waiting to be used to subjugate however many Americans are left, once Israel’s latest false-flag-Amerikan Attack begins.

La Raza’s blatant hatred for Americans mirrors the KKK, and the Fourth Reich groups that are already here: However they have all overlooked the fact that the Zionista’s have no use for any other people, including La Raza in their brave new world where only Ashkenazi Jews will be welcome. But that’s only the technical layout behind the acceptability of Israel using La Raza to help them exterminate all the Americans themselves—that would be all 330 Million of us!

The film shows us mostly young people, the kind of people who attend parades and sometimes demonstrations that don’t get too violent. So the comments on the video are not reflective of the kinds of Americans which La Raza will end up having to face—and their “numbers” will not matter to those of us that will not surrender to La Raza.

There are many other reasons behind all of this that should be mentioned, to clarify what’s really beneath this and other movements, which have the same goals.

The first thing that must be said is that the killing of all Americans is not an original idea. Nor is the La Raza call for legitimacy over the illegal occupation which Americans enforced over the original people who lived here. The “Mexicans” came about by native people breeding with the Conquistadors which produced the Mexican people—but their “occupation” via Spanish Land Grants was no more valid than were the American claims of “Manifest Destiny.” If anyone wants to go back to the original owners, they would have to go back 5,000 years, to the time before all the invader’s arrived.

But past that, there are many more prominent reasons for the hatred, than just the fact of illegal ownership of the lands.

All of this stems from the origination of gangs. After every war, in virtually every place where wars take place, there are orphans that come together to form gangs in order to survive. It is perhaps most common among the very young, because they are in need of the most protection. But this kind of organization also comes about whenever a society begins to fall apart as well, for many of the same reasons that war-orphans first begin to come together.

This place has been falling apart since the 60’s when children left home to defy their parents that no longer listened to them, or so many believed. Many iterations of this dissatisfaction put down deep roots based on that revolt, which contributed big-time to the gangs that have always been farm-clubs for the various mobs that have always composed the Black-Markets for MOBS worldwide. Recently the numbers of the disaffected have begun to skyrocket, with no end in sight. The mob for its part used to own about 15 to 20 per cent of the world’s businesses, but that’s probably exploded, since whole nations have now become totally criminal, the actual lines between the Black Markets and ordinary business have become almost invisible.

This idea shakes down into different levels of criminality. The street gangs are mostly made from the very young. They form a kind of loose-knit school for future serious criminality. As the members get older and more experienced they begin to specialize and earn their reputations; which can become awesome depending upon the potential talents of any individual.

The video does not take the La Raza members seriously, or at least not seriously enough. Things like MS-13 for instance, along with various gangs from El Salvador, Honduras and other countries that are considered Latin, all have some very serious criminal organizations ­ but while most hate Americans ­ they tend to prize profits over race relations especially among the more serious adults.

In business, whether legal or illegal, race has almost no place at all.

The gangs have been used and abused throughout the region by the US and other nations, routinely, and tend to further one objective over another. Part of La Raza’s fury is aimed at this crass treatment of their people. But there are flaws in the criminal way of life as well.

It’s one thing to grow some dope, manufacture, package and ship the product to mob affiliates worldwide, but these people are not good at providing viable countries in which to raise their products. First there must be an employed customer base that can easily buy the products. If the population has no money and no jobs, then that can be very bad for business. Ergo the richer the nation where their products are marketed, the easier it is to get richer and the less the producer’s have to worry about keeping their base alive to create their products. And since everything that’s been happening to the US is BAD for BUSINESS ­ this makes everything about the adult world of criminal gangs much harder than it ever was before.

Socially in the US there are also the problems of the number of people who have been jailed here. Black and Brown people rank very high in the number of their people on the inside; but since both races seem to be leading the number of incarcerated individuals that has not seriously affected the balance on the outside.

Black street gangs once ran Southern California, but they’ve been driven out in favor of the Latin’s. The same thing is happening throughout the West, and since it seems to be a fluid shift it’s probably changing all over the country. For instance the Mob, Murder Inc., etc used to have the major portion of organized crime. But many years ago the Jewish Mob and the Russian Mob began to move in and they have affected a great many changes at the top ­ but similar things could be said about the gangs from South of the Border and drugs as well as guns and sexual slavery ­ suffice it to say everything is available and the numbers of members of those living off the grid are growing…

Here’s the core of the real problem. This society has deserted its children in far too many cases. Children have needs that are not being met. Food clothing and shelter are nothing when compared to being ‘trusted”, interacted with and loved. Instead far too many are abused, sold into slavery, tortured, lied to, frequently damaged and sometimes killed by the same creatures that brought them into the world. Those who survive these early trials, begin to look for ways to counter what their lives have become. And since adults have become the enemy they tend to turn to other kids: Then to someone that takes an interest in them, even it that interest is only as a means to make money for the substitute figures that the kids had to escape from in the first place.

In that world sex, drugs, crime and money are major areas where “kids’ can make a huge difference for their protectors, even if they’re thugs, thieves, addicts or pimps: Anything, it usually turns out, is better than the raw deal that most of them tend to think they got when they came into the world. And today most parents have no idea of what is really going on with their “troublesome” kids.

Read up on this going back in history, it’s always been the same, but the closest we get to those times could easily be the hideous world of the Dickensian work-houses, child labor, and sex-slaves all of which has become almost common now: And that’s how so many disaffected children become the real life monsters we fail to have any understanding of, in later life…

Adults today do not listen as a general rule, and moreover even if they do, they don’t take the problems of their children to heart ­ when their help is really required. That, at least for me, is why there are so many in the world today that hate this nation and the creatures who have shaped what too many of us have become.

Even after the kids have gone through their teenage years and become part of that process which “saved them” ­ far too many take too long to understand how skewed their saviors really were or are: Consequently when they figure that out, it’s usually too late to ever escape from the life they chose because there were no other choices.

The “problem” is not the KKK, La Raza, or the hundreds of disaffected political parties, the problem is the population that gave away their young to anything or anyone that would do for those children, only part of what they needed, just to finish growing up. Maybe if those parents had not been so self-absorbed, throughout the critical years of their children’s youth—maybe most of what’s happening now would never have ever come up!

The one thing that is crystal clear is that Americans have failed to honor their young, much less to protect them from the things they needed to be protected from and now we’re all going to have to pay for that from now on…


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