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Land Grab Wars Continuing

By Jim Kirwan

Yesterday Obamanation committed another prosecutable crime against the people of this place. He did this as another Executive Order, while congress is in session which is illegal. Congress is the only body that can create these kinds of land grabs: This one involves 500,000 acres, which he just stole from the State of New Mexico.

President Barack Obama touted the economic impact of public landmarks and criticized Congress for failing to protect America’s “precious land” before designating a nearly 500,000-acre swath of southern New Mexico a national monument on Wednesday.

k) The land in question belongs to the State of New Mexico and not to the federal government: Which makes this act a blatant theft of the property of the people in the State of New Mexico.

This action follows the failed attempt to steal the 54th ranch in the state of Nevada, the Bundy Ranch. The government’s theft of lands in Nevada amounts to a huge swath of 53 privately owned parcels of land in Nevada, that to date has still not been fully investigated.

Simultaneously the feds are trying to steal more land in Texas, on the Oklahoma Border where they again have no business intruding upon privately owned land, much less stealing it for their purposes which are shown here in the map below.

Congress is sitting on dozens of bills that would help protect our precious land,” Obama said during remarks at the Department of the Interior.”

I’m here to pick up a little bit of the slack, because there is no time to waste to preserve our precious resources and give a shot in the arm to local economies,” he added.

The president signed an executive order designating the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks a national monument, a move the White House projects could result in $7.4 million in new economic activity.”

Here’s the map that shows the world the state owned land that the federal government has decided now belongs to the UN and the federal government. No people will be allowed on it in the future.

All that red-stuff above on the map is where people will no longer be allowed to exist. This includes dozens and dozens of existing state and National parks. The roads within these parks as well as the access roads are being closed to the public. Road signs are being removed and access to these parks for humans, is being cut off, not increased! There will not be any profits generated from this new land-grab, except for that portion of the newly seized land that the feds plan to sell to China or other nations for access to minerals and precious metals. That’s why Obamanation refused to allow anyone to object to his land-grab at any of the hearings held behind closed doors in D.C.

(Before It's News)

by Pete Santilli, The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network

Please do not take this topic lightly. All of our fears about the Obama Administration becoming the communist, dictatorial, one-world government entity we’ve all been ~conspiracy theorizing~ about is now 100% real.

Let’s take this recent land grab for instance. Despite vigorous opposition from local New Mexico residents, the New Mexico Sheriff’s and Southwest Border Sheriff’s association, retired border patrol agents, border security experts, and politicians, Obama is poised to plow past total opposition & sign SB-1805 on Wednesday May 21, 2014.”

Kirwan: Which he did!

There have been media blackouts, closed door congressional/Senate hearings which opponents were excluded from, and due to local New Mexico opposition from residents, Obama cronies bussed in protestors to demonstrate for the bill.

This land grab is blatantly lawless —- almost reaching a level of insanity when you consider the government’s tactics in getting it done despite extreme opposition.”

The entire point of the New Mexico land grab is to provide a 500,000 acre corridor inside New Mexico on the border opening a massive hole in the 100 mile constitution-free zone (That area where the constitution no longer applies in the United States).

If the government gets away with this the same excuse will then be used to open new holes in the border at any point where the land meets the ocean, so that additional illegal invasions can be facilitated, from the sea into the continental United States. This act totally destroys the whole idea of America’s Borders or being able to defend the country from anything that our enemies decide that they can now just use to invade the country!

Drugs, Guns and Troops can come and go unimpeded, thanks to the unindicted “resident” in the Oval Office.

This is what failing to act has brought this nation to ­ along with this illegal WAR upon every man woman and child in America!

This story has still not been covered by the media, when it should have been broadcast on every megaphone, microphone and television screen in this country. A one thousand strong group of US Marshalls should have been immediately dispatched to arrest all 535 members of congress, the nine members of the Supreme Court and both the President and the Vice President for this totally illegal action… instead no one gets to hear what’s really going on and even if and when the public is told, then it’s a fair bet that most would fail to care!

However this event presents a unique opportunity for the militias across this country. They need to begin appearing in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and in greater numbers in Nevada, because this is only the beginning of the gauntlet that no doubt has already been prepared, in New Mexico, after the teaser in Nevada and the question marks still surrounding the Red River in Oklahoma and Texas.

This nation has purchased billions upon billions of rounds of ammunition, tanks, weapons, drones, aircraft, and heavy weapons along with machine guns, night scopes and all the trappings of a real army ­ just to force their will upon the public in this place.

Department of Homeland Security says that TSA Ordered 24 MILLON Rounds of .357 Sig Ammo:

Obamanation is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. On the one hand he talks of creating revenue generation in the billions in a place that is part of the total destruction of the State of New Mexico.

While in reality the federal-criminals have totally destroyed New Mexico dating from before the end of WWII with their use and abuse of atomic and nuclear energy: To which they have now added WIPP to contaminate the state for hundreds, if not thousands of years to come. Maybe that’s why he’s decided to sell it to China?

This government needs to be put on trial and publicly hung for their crimes against America. After all the whole world can now watch us destroying ourselves, in public, over what we are lying our way through inside Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and soon to be Lebanon, Iran, and a half-dozen other places and all of them are wars for Israel. We have already lost the global battle for economic and military supremacy in every country where that counts. The world can clearly see this. What the hell is wrong with the American public!


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