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Turks Send In The Kurds - Kobani Gets Mini Nuked

From Steve

Well, theTurks finally figured out what to do with the Kurdish Refugees

Send them to Kobani! Perfect

Meanwhile we lay down some serious air cover and a number of amazing MINI NUKE FIREBALLS
show up...One is a fireball with ten thousand plasma micro-stars...spectacular !




One is a huge mega blast of extraordinary ordinance & devil dog cloud we have seen in NV with 'Davy Crockets'



One is a seriously high temp red fireball plasma HALO of evolving colors that burns amazing hot for some time.
I have never seen such a huge Plasma Halo from any weapon ever


To me this is very close to a violation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty banning Neutron Bombs.
When the plasma field is far larger than the blast cloud! And the air is ignited into plasma, WOW !

While these are somewhat similar to other mini nukes used in recent times in Syria early on and UA at Donetsk
they appear to be modifcations on the general theme of minimalized yet high intensity blast but extremely high plasma temps

Semper Fi


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