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The Kool Aid

By Jim Kirwan


Began with our Great-Great Grand-Parents

The people of the United States have been living in a bubble since long before anyone alive today was even born. In that respect it is probably partially understandable that millions of people entered their lives as prisoners already, which 2015 is intended to finally finish.

What I mean by this outrageous statement is that the lies that we have been living-by go way, way back to the time of our great, great grandparents who were sold the current bill of goods that was put in place long before the First World War even began. The global end result has been the semi-successful global-criminal cabal that’s currently in charge of world-affairs, with little or no resistance, regardless of which aspect of this current self-destruction they are hell-bent on creating.

After literally centuries of drinking box-car loads of political Kool-Aid, the public has finally lost the ability to understand what has happened to most of us over the decades: The article below outlines the way this part of the problem is playing out in the world today.

Gordon Duff’s speech clarified for the first time ever publicly to this important group of top diplomatic security and Intel experts that the root cause of the problem was not terrorism, but actually a large organized crime problem.

Duff noted that an organized crime problem this large has never occurred anytime before in history. He also clarified that this large organized crime syndicate is responsible for terrorism all over the world.

Duff explained that what is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS/Daish is not terrorism, it is simply ORGANIZED CRIME.

World terrorism is the work of an International Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which has gotten control of the American Congress.

This is a large organized crime problem that must be understood at its simple root cause. Duff identified this large OCC as Israeli, and pointed out that this worldwide crime is on a scale never experienced before.

Duff went even further when he identified those associated with the organized crime syndicate who are responsible for starting ISIS/Daish, and this included two American generals — McNierney and Vallely — and one sitting senator, McCain.

The Citizens United Supreme Court case opened the door to the complete hijacking of Congress by the OCC. The court case was fixed and has had a disastrous result.

In various guest appearances on Veterans Today news reports hosted by Stew Webb, Duff has clarified that the OCC has been able to gain control over Congress in the last national election in November 2014.

This power grab occurred largely because of the “Citizens United” court case opened up the availability of large campaign contributions, which could be made to “buy” and control members of Congress by foreign-based entities who have interests counter to the citizens of the United States of America, aka “We the People”.

The Republican Party took control over the US Congress in November, primarily due to the significant support of two Israeli organized crime cabal bosses, with money from massive human sex-trafficking, prostitution and illegal narcotics trafficking.”

Shock Waves Part II:

When our Great-Great Grandparents bought into this giant-lie the United States was living out her role as the Exceptional Nation, via the Monroe Doctrine, which entitled the USA to do whatever they wanted to do to any other nation: Not to mention that we were already living high on the political-hog from the massive amount of illegal profits, made possible by the slavery we maintained to reap the profits from tobacco and cotton crops through slavery.

It was shortly after this that Americans were sold the lies about the need to go to war “To Keep America Free”, with no explanations as to the real reasons behind the blood-baths which that concept unleashed. That produced the “Civil War” that we have never recovered from.

Flash forward to today’s current condition throughout the nation when it comes to the actual conditions in “The Prison State of America”.

Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot formally complain about working conditions or safety hazards. If they are disobedient, or attempt to protest their pitiful wages, they lose their jobs and can be sent to isolation cells. The roughly 1 million prisoners who work for corporations and government industries in the American prison system are models for what the corporate state expects us all to become. And corporations have no intention of permitting prison reforms that would reduce the size of their bonded workforce. In fact, they are seeking to replicate these conditions throughout the society.

States, in the name of austerity, have stopped providing prisoners with essential items including shoes, extra blankets and even toilet paper, while starting to charge them for electricity and room and board. Most prisoners and the families that struggle to support them are chronically short of money. Prisons are company towns. Scrip, rather than money, was once paid to coal miners, and it could be used only at the company store. Prisoners are in a similar condition. When they go broke—and being broke is a frequent occurrence in prison—prisoners must take out prison loans to pay for medications, legal and medical fees and basic commissary items such as soap and deodorant. Debt peonage inside prison is as prevalent as it is outside prison…”

k) In 2005 only 10 to 15 percent of the people in prison were incarcerated for “Hard Core Crimes” the other 1,785,000 prisoners did not belong in prison at all:

“…But corporate profit is not limited to building and administering prisons. Whole industries now rely almost exclusively on prison labor. Federal prisoners, who are among the highest paid in the U.S. system, making as much as $1.25 an hour, produce the military’s helmets, uniforms, pants, shirts, ammunition belts, ID tags and tents. Prisoners work, often through subcontractors, for major corporations such as Chevron, Bank of America, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Starbucks, Nintendo, Victoria’s Secret, J.C. Penney, Sears, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Eddie Bauer, Wendy’s, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Fruit of the Loom, Motorola, Caterpillar, Sara Lee, Quaker Oats, Mary Kay, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Dell, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin and Target. Prisoners in some states run dairy farms, staff call centers, take hotel reservations or work in slaughterhouses. And prisoners are used to carry out public services such as collecting highway trash in states such as Ohio. 

States, with shrinking budgets, share in the corporate exploitation. They get kickbacks of as much as 40 percent from corporations that prey on prisoners. This kickback money is often supposed to go into “inmate welfare funds,” but prisoners say they rarely see any purchases made by the funds to improve life inside prison.

The wages paid to prisoners for labor inside prisons have remained stagnant and in real terms have declined over the past three decades. In New Jersey a prisoner made $1.20 for eight hours of work—yes, eight hours of work—in 1980 and today makes $1.30 for a day’s labor. Prisoners earn, on average, $28 a month. Those incarcerated in for-profit prisons earn as little as 17 cents an hour.” There’s much more at this link:

What Americans have consistently failed to realize throughout our history is that “war” is not a natural state of affairs: It’s an outrageous crime against humanity, unless it comes from there being no other way for ordinary people to remain free. What we did when we converted national political policies from foreign policies into criminal-wars was what we continue to try to justify, without any facts at all. This has been what the United States and Israel, have done, in their desperate attempt to run the world as a global criminal cabal which answers to none of the laws by which the rest of the planet is supposed to live.

The way that the American public got into this massive lie, which we call ‘our history’, was by having created the lie that every man in this nation had to go to war, whenever they were told to do so: Regardless of whatever the facts might be that supposedly created the need for those “wars” in the first place. American-men and women took these orders largely for gospel. “Serving” in the military became almost a religious “rite of passage”­ no questions were allowed to be asked. That “honor” then became something which was continued generation to generation, but still without ever questioning the policies of the government, despite the fact that many would die in those illegal and obscene wars which we have expanded to include dozens of nations today.

Here are some current examples of some of our wars from this 8min plus video:

The exact same kind of lie began back in the 1800’s when “the police” were created by the filthy-rich to protect themselves from the less fortunate which they were using like herds of cattle, to be milked until there was nothing left of the original population except serfs or slaves.

Once the same kinds of traditions were developed surrounding “The Thin Blue Line” as some kind of honor oriented line of work, when in fact these people have become the protectors of all those that brought us the Prison State of America: And now they’re heavily involved in protecting the Global-Directors of the Criminal Cabal that are currently trying to murder 95% of all the people left on this planet.

Origins of the Police:

This is how American’s were enticed to drink the boatloads of Kool Aid that led us to falsely believe that this nation and it’s fake leadership would never do exactly what they’re continuing to do, to us and to the world.

It’s time to end the nightmare that we allowed to grow from our simplistic belief in the basic goodness of our forefathers, on the one hand, and the exceptional superiority of our global ambitions that have added billions to the dead of this world, over the centuries, while we’ve been playing at being an Empire worthy of that name…

2015 is the year that actions must silence the millions, sometimes billions of words that have never meant anything because they have never been followed up by any actions that would have made anything that any of us have said; into the necessary-reality that needs to become part of the everyday facts of life.

Think about this: Tweets and Twitter along with Facebook are now involved in issuing policy decisions. That seems to be the extent of anything that anyone ever does about what these lawless bastards continue to do to the world each and every day. Watching videos is not acting. Listening to speeches or experts or to people like me, is not participating.

This has to change if we are to ever end the current war which BTW began in 1991, when Bush Senior attacked Saddam to shut down the last connection to his private criminality with the cabal, which he began by arresting Noriega while murdering over 4,000 Panamanians that he burned alive.

From 1991 to 2015 amounts to 24 years of uninterrupted war: A war on Iraq which we lost bigtime, even though it was the longest war in all of American History. The media still lies about the length of that war. They are afraid to admit the truth because the number of the dead was over 173,000 from the first Iraq war and no one wanted to even mention it, much less explain it!

2015 must be the year where people everywhere finally figure this whole thing out and end the lives of all those that created this masquerade that’s been going on for at least the last hundred and two years…


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