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The Known Unknowns

  By Jim Kirwan


Greed Alone Cannot Suffice

Neither Government nor Corporations create anything.

They are nothing but scavengers

Feeding on the once free people of the world!

We now know that there are real changes coming tomorrow. But they are only the tip of the dagger that is aimed straight at the darkened-heart of America.

First instance:

Cuts to government programs that are comparatively small mean that huge cuts are ‘coming-soon’. The proof of this lies in the fact that Social Security has not kept pace with actual ‘Cost-of-Living’ changes that have almost doubled since the two year freeze followed the single year, in which there was one pitiful raise.

Throughout the same time frame, those who are doing the cost-cutting made certain that they always get a real cost-of-living raise so that their worthless and usually-stolen “official-positions” would not suffer in the least; from the programs that the government and the congress continue to “administer”.

Cuts to EBT cards and a number of other government programs meant to help people survive: Are not protected by the same ‘officials’ who have protected themselves and their legislative-crimes from any reduction in compensation. Why is this not punishable by law? That’s simple! There is no law to protect the lives of the people whose futures are now being run by unelected-Outlaws.

That term “Unelected” is used because the entire voting-system is a criminal-farce.

Millions of people still treat officials of the government as if they are prominent people, even when it’s been clearly proven they are nothing by traitors who commit treason each and every week they continue to occupy an office, in this pathetic place.

The 537% increase in DEATHCARE will not be felt by congress because their “health-care” is paid for by you and I and it’s free to them ­ FOR LIFE!

Here’s an original “take” on what the Deathcare plan really is, and how it’s been playing out since it’s totally flawed and still failed opening was announced. (1)

Here’s another question that no one in the media is asking. A reader writes:

Seems giving Obama more rope will lead to his hanging. His litany of crimes and destructiveness has shocked the world ! It’s quit possible his term could accomplish the destruction of the entire world!

What kind of a Leader allows another country to pour

massive tonnages of Isotopes into the ocean directed right at us? The USA should intervene ASAP and take this whole disaster under control. Oh, it can be done still, but extinction levels have already been released.

That only signaled the need of immediate intervention and a last ditch all out effort to save the planet with all experts & help on deck!

Nero only watched Rome Burn, Obama sits and watches the Pacific Ocean & North America Burn!”

Now this moves on into the next stage

Of our Destruction & Death

Because we are too timid to even object!

Hungary did more than


They took action and kicked out the IMF

Because they did what’s in the illustration at the top!


To be clear about Hungary, the numbers are not yet reflecting positive changes. But given what’s beginning to deepen for those other nations in the EU ­ with time, the real effect of having kicked out the IMF will not just be born out: That act will no doubt be leading a new trend among the already savaged-nations who have been targeted for global-takeover by the IMF and the World Bank. This is but another aspect of the vultures who are demanding unconditional-surrender from all the countries on this planet, including the now captive USA. (3)

Aside from the events that will be coming to a head tomorrow—there is also the real shadow of the Shadow-Government which is growing more ominous each and every hour. That’s producing a growing kind of terror inside the United States because of the nearly-total lack of certainty which the false-flag exercise now scheduled for the 12th or 13th of November upon the entire electrical grid - is creating.

First: No nation on the earth, much less any “terrorist-group” could ever mount an attack upon the entire electrical-grid of the United States. The only way that the entire electrical-grid could ever be attacked or destroyed would be if the U.S. government in tandem with Israel colluded to do this, as it has promised to do to us all, sometime in mid-November.

Do not count on any of their specific time-frames. This is coming from the same creatures that will be doing the real event, as well as their false-flag “exercise”. From now until this is acted upon ­ It is the sole job of everyone in America to stop this treason and halt any and all preparations for any more “EXERCISES” whether military or civilian inside the U.S.A.

This government is running a rogue government that must be openly challenged by all of us who don’t buy their words or any more of their continuing lies. The only force that has consistently attacked this country and tries repeatedly to murder the population - is this government and their foreign forces which have targeted the total destruction of the United States as their only goal.

This is the reality ladies and gentlemen. This is not a game. There is no-such-thing as a “practice-exercise”. This will be identical to the 5 practice-exercise ‘war-games’ that were carried out on 911 ­ simultaneously with the real attacks. These collectively-deceptive war-games and the real attack were all overseen by the still unindicted war-criminal - Deceptive Dick Cheney.

This is one of our major real-world war-criminals. All he deserves from this nation is a public trial and a very public execution. All that remains to be done is to end this man’s life after a trial involving RICO charges for treason “in a time of war”…



The times we’re living in now remind me of my earlier life on a much greater scale than anything I ever-experienced. In the panel above the AG is standing, second from the right. This was in1978, thirty-five years ago. I spent years fighting the IRS, FBI and the government at all levels for 23 years. It was a different time then. Had that happened today I would have been disappeared.

During the over thirty-years I spent as an advisor, illustrator and a private-activist I got to know a great deal about politics in this hell-hole, on every level. Politics has never been what it claims to be. I’ve negotiated and fought in many conflicts and lost many battles—but won a few as well.

What I learned during that time, despite ‘acceptance’ by a wide spectrum of the same creatures I now fight against - turned out to be a relatively simple set of facts.

Despite a self-created pedigree and a low-profile there are some things about official-threats that just don’t change. In reality I have a lot more in common with Junk-yard-dogs than I do with most of the others that ended-up opposing this government and the global-new-world-order. Despite the threats amid whatever-terror so many seek to create - Junk-Yard Dogs don’t bark: They just watch and wait, until they find the intruders and proceed to rip their throats out, as expeditiously as possible.

That’s where a lot of us are right now ­ and it’s important that the watchers not over-react. But it is equally important that we now begin what should have been done long, long ago—which is to end this reign of terror that we’ve allowed to take us over without a whimper…

Come November all previous considerations which the public has observed till now - have been officially canceled by this formal threat of total-obliteration; as was issued against all Americans just yesterday!

1) Jon Stewart New World Order Bombshell ­ Rips The Know Nothing President - 8min 6sec VIDEO

2) Hungry Celebrates Freedom ­ 5min 15sec VIDEO

3) Hungry Pays Off Loans and Kicks Out IMF



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