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Knowledge Is Power


By Jim Kirwan


The sword I used in this illustration of “Justice” was taken from Vlad the Impaler.

The CIA thought so highly of his tactics: Tactics which Vlad used to hold off the Ottoman Empire and the Vatican, simultaneously, as well as every other covetous force in the region during his reign. The CIA still uses the ideas behind Vlad’s primitive concepts to this day. The world feared Vlad because of the inherent brutality of his methods. He murdered then crucified his enemies. Then he lined the roads into his kingdom with the twisted corpses of his most recent enemies. His practices are still being indirectly used by NATO and USI-Israel: Especially now in Syria, Ukraine and Yemen just as they were used to such massively murderous effect in Libya: Using terror-bombing and beheadings, instead of simple crucifixions.

When most people think of ‘justice’ today, it’s usually personal, whereas the ancient scales of Justice were created to apply to the society as a whole. “Justice” as a concept was originally created to directly affect how people chose to act in everyday life. In the symbol above, “we’ are the blade and it is ‘we’ who are caught between the rule of Law and the twisted scales of long-dead Justice.’

The history of lawless nations is almost as long as history itself. In this country we had the example of Deadwood” while the nation was still being formed in the 1870’s. Deadwood was carved from stolen Indian lands and because it was always about the gold that every other ‘state’ was dreaming of, Deadwood fashioned a unique response to the lawless West, inside the primitive United States. Using the outlaw form of ‘FRONTIER JUSTICE’. Deadwood made being an outlaw state into a fine art. The current United States threw off any and all pretense when they created the currently private corporation in 1913 that now owns U. S. Incorporated, which is located in the ten-square miles known as Washington D.C. ­ which is not part of the United States and never has been.

Deadwood also coincided with the end of the ‘Wild West Frontier’ and the beginning of the end of one kind of justice, for another more sophisticated form of ‘recognized criminal state government control that has now morphed into the police state of today.

Ironically the end of one kind of lawlessness was ended by an even more pervasive forces that became the Robber-Barons that live on today in the Rogue ‘government’ of USI.

Inside the corrupted ten square miles called D.C. resides the transformed offices of the Criminal-Supreme Court, The fake Federal Reserve, the 535 traitors that still call themselves the Congress, along with the 5,000 or so creatures that claim affiliation with the Tarnished House, or “the presidency” for those who are still in total-denial.

If that ten square miles were to suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames the entire world could breathe again with some hope for a better tomorrow…

As things stand now there is no LAW. There is no order and there is no future for this place, given the fact that USI has gone totally ROGUE.

But now there is still a chance for reality to change everything

Because Knowledge is Power

And finally a huge chunk of the missing-History of the Second World War

Has just been made very, very public.

Global Curtain Call for Hellstorm ­ 1hour 32min VIDEO

It usually takes at least a hundred years for people, the world over, to face the crimes of their collective past. But maybe because of the internet, this time, this truth has been waiting just 70 years for the one hour and thirty-two minutes in the video above?

Maybe with all these formerly missing pieces from the lives of those who built their reputations based on lies so vast that their actions leave the Spanish Inquisition in the dust. Because of this maybe the world can finally come to understand the Who What, Where, Why and How we all came to be so captive to the same forces that claimed to have freed the world from tyranny—when in fact these newly minted Centurions simply used WWII to expand their murderous ways while they tried to reshape the entire planet into their own private treasure-trove: Complete with their ability to continue every blasphemous thought and deed they could dream up.

In this fantasy the so-called POWERS that demanded our worshipful applause were also raking in everything that they still didn’t own at the close of that war. That’s why we left troops in every country where there was a contest for the land, for 70 years, to insure that no one could ever rise again to challenge anything dictated to them—from any quarter, anywhere on the earth.

If anyone did object they were immediately branded as “INSURGENTS” which in reality only means “all the people who resist being overrun by foreign invaders”.

Today after almost four years in Syria, the US is now publicly bombing and slaughtering Syrian Civilians, despite all our promises not to attack Syrians, but only to attack those many, many outlaw groups (all of which we created) to wipe Syria off the map of the world, on instructions of Israel’s Khazarian forces.

Targeting ISIS, US-Led Strike Kills 52 Civilians, Including 7 Children

But while the orders came from Israel, US troops and planes are ‘trying’ to do the dirty work ­ even though all these outlawed forces have still not defeated Syria. The last four years have been one long WAR-CRIME colluded in by the UN, NATO, Britain, France, Canada, Australia along with other puppet states that signed on to “support” this war-crime by self-appointed powers that supposedly run the world today—while they all embrace the Rogue State Status of themselves along with everyone else—even though they all subscribe to the idea of humanitarian beliefs and the farce of freedom and democracy, but only for the globally organized private corporations.

Individual people have NO STANDING ANY LONGER, in any court anywhere from The Hague to the UN, or to any other commission, court or government because they’ve all gone ROGUE. In this country the same thing applies from every court in the land, every country, city, state or ‘feral government’ ­ from the Supreme court all the way down to Walmart, Americans have no longer have any standing to complain much less any standing to even be heard: Ergo most of us no longer exist in the blinded eyes of what used to be Justice, but which is now “just-us.”

It’s time that we converted all our sports stadiums into Just-Us-Arena’s where today’s Gladiators, in full combat gear, can slaughter all those that are dumb enough to bring charges against the troops that have taken over the streets in every city in America. What we need to do is confront these thugs in the streets and force them to disarm, because they represent nothing but themselves and their criminal owners—none of whom has any standing before that place where the law used to govern. And of course we’ll all need to pass through our new Centurions that will be guarding all entrances and exists to the gates surrounding these newly recast areas where ‘Justice’ will be dispensed 24-7 while the crowds can cheer on The Empire that now rules over all of us in BLACK from heat to foot, everywhere around the entire planet?

Afterall - Isn’t this what it means to become an invisible non-person

With no rights and nothing of your own to have or use - ever again?

We must start by using these recent illuminations

In the video above

To expose the most heinous crimes the world committed

Throughout WWII and beyond,

If we’re ever going to be able to live our own lives again, anywhere.

If you want to live then an active offensive stance is required, because that’s the only way we can regain our lost world. If you want to live then an active resistance must be your next step. This isn’t anything that can be “delegated” this must be done by each and every one of us, in concert with others yes, but forget about committees and formal organizations because that way lies total failure ­ if you want proof just look at the last 200 years and why we have never had a functioning third party…

Use what you know and remember that since there is no law, there can be no violations of the law when all of those, including the cops, the courts, and the entire legal system are not held to the same standards, as are the people themselves in rest of the nation. That makes everything boil down to the barrels of our guns, which is the only thing this rogue government is really afraid of ­ because we outnumber them by 10,000 to one.

This is what JADE-HELM is all about, and especially since Obamanation took the Blackhawk helicopters away from the National Guards, just in time for JADE HELM to get going—how much more proof does anyone need—given what was done throughout WWII until the present moment?

Use the information laid out in Hellstorm and leave no stone unturned. The relatives and descendants of the lawless, hatred-driven bastards that drove the slaughters of the planet throughout that war from the terror-bombings to the horrific rape of most of Europe ­ all the way up to and including the massive new global-war-crimes that’s all that this new-millennium has ever been about.

You of course know that if there are no laws: And there are none—then no one can be held accountable to anyone else, for anything including murder: That’s why no cops are ever charged. Without laws there can be no ORDER to adhere to. And when the only laws there are, are enforced by illegally ‘commissioned’ thugs masquerading as part of this rogue government which ignores the First Amendment, then that’s the reason for the Second Amendment - and with our guns we will reinstate the Amendments to the Constitution by force, since force is now the only law that’s obeyed anywhere in the USA...



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