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Killing The Messengers

By Jim Kirwan

For over 100 years!

This years’ Anniversary of the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty marks 47 years of the global-coverup of this Israeli-USI crime against the American public that has continued to affect the global balance of power.

When Israel did this, while LBJ tried to cover it up: The intent was to steal Egypt for Israel but that failed in the 1967 war. I was unaware of it at the time because I lived in Oklahoma and the only news we got came from the already complicit media, that managed to bury these murders that should have been a national headline across the world; but which instead became just ‘accidental death by friendly fire’ according to Israel that was well on her way to completing her ‘Greater State of Israel’ ­ which the failure to sink the USS Liberty actually destroyed.

Had I known then the extent of the privatized corporate state that had already owned this nation for 54 years in secret: Then maybe “The State of the Nation” might have actually found a real publisher which could have changed the course of events despite USI’s near total control in the already dead America of 1967. But without the internet, almost nothing could reach the public then, in the way things can now be found and disseminated across the planet…

Since this year will be no different than the previous 47 anniversaries of this continuing crime, I want to use the occasion to briefly explain some of the most damning facts that the world has still not recognized around the planet.

Ask yourself why the USI has troops in all the nations of the world that were largely put there during and after the Second World War?

The American public has been paying for the illegal military occupation of the entire planet, with the exception of Russia and China, since 1945. Why do we have USI troops stationed in Germany Japan and Italy, as well as in virtually every other nation on the planet? The answer is simple. We have chosen to surround the planet with our fascist police state!

Look at the video clips of every nation that has riots today, anywhere on earth. All the “cops’” look exactly the same, in every nation including inside USI. The colors of their uniforms are different, but their weapons and tactics are exactly the same in every nation and on every continent.

We have invaded the world as the sole colonial occupying power that seeks nothing less than Full-Spectrum Dominance over the planet; basically under the illegal and intended absolute-power of American Exceptionalism. There are only two major powers left that we have not yet been able to crush, Russia and China: Everyone else has already been invaded and have already surrendered, in one form or another to the Old World Order that we call the New World Order.

Don’t believe me: Look this up for yourselves; it’s quietly been all over the internet in literally thousands of articles, for those who care enough to look it up. These kinds of cover ups have been going on since Francisco Goya revealed the stupidity of the general public during the Spanish Inquisition back in the 1500’s.

And if it’s possible, the public of today is even dumber than the public was during the 50 years it took to utterly destroy the Spanish Empire that had embraced torture, blackmail and murder throughout that criminal reign which was overseen by the Catholic Church via the Vatican that had already stolen most of the wealth of that day.

What can be done about it?

The first thing, obviously, is to recognize what has already happened. That would be the Amerikan private corporate-control over every other nation on the planet: Except Russia and China. Having realized this fact; then what the world must do is to evict all USI troops from every base around the world where they have illegally set-up shop.

The ‘land’ on which those bases have been built is not the property of USI. Those nations directly affected need to lock-down all access to those installations. No water, no electricity, no food goes in and nothing is allowed to come out. The “troops” must be ordered out leaving everything military behind.

During the Cold War when the USSR and the East German Stasi were active; West Berlin was cut off from food and water by the East Germans. Kennedy mounted a massive air-lift run by America to resupply West Berlin by air. It was a massive undertaking, unequaled anywhere at any time, before that undertaking. With so many hundreds of bases potentially being cut off at the same time: If and when people reject USI military occupation; then no such effort could be mounted if many separate states began this cut-off at or near the same time, around the world. It was one thing to resupply one city in Germany during the Cold War: It’s something totally different when there are over 700 bases that could need supplies on a global scale.

Japan attempted to remove USI bases when they ordered the US occupation troops to leave Japan and Okinawa. Japan was planning to do away with nuclear power and they had developed a vehicle that ran on water, instead of gasoline. They had also perfected a hover craft that could fly, (VW) for use as transportation and as they were the second largest economy on the planet, they thought they could do all this and be better off for it.

At that point Israel & USI perfected Stuxnet to kill the ability of the reactors in Fukushima to shut off the generators in the event of a natural disaster. The rest of that story has given the world the full and growing contamination of the entire Pacific Ocean and the contamination of the North American land mass, which is still getting worse with every passing day.

Japan will eventually have to evacuate their islands, but the death of the life in the oceans has only just begun and will continue until there is no life left in the Pacific. This is just one of the side effects of not taking the required actions to free ourselves as nation-states and individuals, from the death-grip of the corporate-nightmare that now owns so much of the once real world.

Imagine how Germany might respond to global situations if all the Amerikan bases there were shut-down? In Italy, England, France, Spain, the bulk of South and Central America? Imagine the continent of Africa without USI bases? And of course there will always be the Middle East? The world must come to understand who and what has taken the planet back to the Stone Age where no person can do anything without government “permission”. Inside USI even ‘thought’ has been criminalized and life itself is about to be reduced to just 5% of the current population.

We must all resist this semi-silent takeover of the world.

No country consciously gave USI permission to OCCUPY their nations. Yet that is the hideous fact that will not go away! USI created the UN and NATO, both of which are totally fabricated “powers” without actual human populations. They are simply fictitious corporate-holding companies that do the bidding of the would be globalist powers. If you want proof of their criminality look at Haiti where the UN troops have been raping and pillaging that country for decades, on instructions from USI.

Look at all the obscure places in Africa where UN troops were sent to quell the violence and see what happened. Look at Bosnia, and the global trade in body parts and sex as well as illegal drugs, that were run by the UN globally from inside that cluster fuck that we called a war. Or look at Libya where the UN set up No-Fly Zones and then sent in NATO to use those ‘no-fly zones’ to bomb Libya into rubble. Ironically the same ideas were put forward to end Syria, yet they failed and failed again—partly because the entire plan had already been made clear in Libya.

Here’s a bit of background that continues to be overlooked just as the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty has always been overlooked.

This has always been all about Israel!

In Beirut, Lebanon US Marines, acting under UN rules, were sent into the city to keep Israeli troops from continuing their attacks upon that city. Because of the rules of the UN the marines had weapons but no ammunition. The UN wanted to avoid accidental violence so they prohibited the distribution of ammunition to the Marines. Still Israel was furious over being blocked in any way from continuing their attacks on Beirut: So Israel secretly responded to this “outrage’ with this attack.

1983 …Americans were devastated by the news of a massive terrorist attack in Lebanon that killed 241 American service members. Early on a Sunday morning terrorists drove an explosive-laden truck into the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers. Moments later 58 French paratroopers were killed in an attack on their barracks.

It was the deadliest single day for the U.S. Marine Corps since the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II.”

This story was covered up by the global-media. Just as was the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by the dumbest public on the planet that has refused to this day to charge Israel with these murders of American soldiers, marines and seamen around the world.

The footprint of the explosives used to kill the US troops could only have been made by Israel. As it had the same signature as the bombs used inside 911 and Israel is the only nation that could build those bombs. Israel immediately blamed Syria for the attack in Beirut, because Syria was protecting Lebanon, with help from Hezbollah to try and keep Lebanon and Beirut free from Israeli war and terror. That’s why Syria keeps being targeted by Israel and that’s led directly to the three year long war on Syria instigated again by Israel ­ which still continues to this day.

Reagan who was the current CEO then chose to run away and attack the island of Grenada, rather than to investigate the bombings in Lebanon. So we sent 7,000 US troops to invade an island that had 300 Cuban construction workers on it. Then Reagan awarded every one of the 7,000 a medal for bravery while ignoring the war-criminality of Israel and the betrayal of our forces in Beirut ­ because Ronnie-the traitor-Reagan did not want “to embarrass our ally”.

No one even considered the fact that Israel murdered those 241 Americans because deceitful-Israel resented being prevented from continuing their determined destruction of Lebanon. In brief every major crime among the nations always comes back to Israel and to the criminally corrupted corporate slaves that work directly for USI and the Israelis that have owned us since they and USI collaborated in the murder of JFK, in 1963.

But Syria’s role in the Greater State of Israel is not going to go away anytime soon!

Press TV
June 8, 2014

US policy in Syria ‘cynical, imperial’: Activist


The Obama administrations is inciting war and violence in Syria to pull apart the country’s social fabric and economic infrastructure, part of Washington’s “cynical, imperial and arrogant foreign policy,” an anti-war activist in Chicago says.

In an interview with CNN on Friday, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the US government has increased support for “moderate” opposition groups in Syria, providing both “lethal and non-lethal” aid to them.

The US is once again supporting an armed insurrection, supporting war, supporting civil discord, supporting violent uprisings in Syria,” said Rick Rozoff, a member of Stop NATO International, in an phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

America’s intention in supporting the armed opposition in Syria is “rending apart the social fabric and economic infrastructure of a nation and plunging its people, maybe irreversibly, into anarchy and fragmentation,” Rozoff told Press TV on Saturday.

This is a sort of cynical foreign policy being practiced by Washington and amongst the practitioners of this arrogant and imperial foreign policy, one of the more abrasive and arrogant, has to be Susan Rice,” he noted.

US officials have refused to say whether Rice was announcing a new US policy. They have also declined to comment on the details of the military aid to the militants.

The Obama administration has said it is working with Congress on ramping up support for the foreign-sponsored insurgents in Syria. The US has already provided hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to those groups.

Syria has been gripped by deadly violence since March 2011. Over 160,000 people have reportedly been killed and millions displaced due to the violence fueled by the militants.”

On Wednesday, Bashar al-Assad was re-elected as Syria’s president in the country’s first presidential vote since the unrest broke out three years ago.”

The “news” from Ukraine today is virtually the same as yesterday while apparently waiting for more definitive actions resulting from the ignorant outbursts yesterday from the latest puppet-czar to be appointed over the outlaw state of Ukraine…


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