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Kiev Joins Israel

By Jim Kirwan

In Declaring War on the World


The symbol on the face-mask began as a version of the Fourth Reich Nazi’s. The sideways ‘Z’ stands for the all inclusive Zionist component. This is the obscenity that has declared war upon the world…

During the two previous World Wars, there was no “international law” in place, to protect people or the planet from the outlaw nations that create wars. After the Nuremberg trials the global community created the Laws of War and International Laws that were meant to regulate the behavior of nation-states that broke the International Laws.

Ironically Israel was created just about the same time as the International Laws were approved: Which Israel has spent their entire existence in violation of. To date almost no action taken by any global authority, has condemned any nation for violating the untested “rules of war”.

Since various “Rogue States” have seen fit to spit into the face of the global population: It would seem more than ‘timely’ for the global community to evict the offending nations from the world community, as the very least of the actions that could be taken: If the world community had any guts at all.

What has brought this to a head is being led by Israel in flagrant violation of all the International Laws that were supposed to have forced all nations to live within the confines of the international laws designed to protect humanity and the planet from Genocide and crimes against humanity. Of course none of that has happened—yet!

Because the world has decided not to act: USI, NATO and the UN have stepped in to add to the crimes of Israel in Gaza, with more Genocide and with more Crimes Against Humanity, in Ukraine.

August 12, 2012

The Kiev government’s military operation in eastern Ukraine seems to be aimed at “razing the southeast to the ground” and forcing the Russian-speaking population to flee, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

So far, it seems that the purpose of the so-called anti-terrorist operation is to raze the southeast [of Ukraine] to the ground and make all Russians leave it. Apparently, with a purpose to later populate it with those who have a different view of our history, culture, friendship and centuries-long ties between our peoples,” Lavrov told reporters during his visit to Sochi.

Kiev launched a military crackdown on independence supporters in the mostly Russian-speaking eastern regions of the country in mid-April. According to the United Nations, at least 1,367 people have lost their lives, with more than 730,000 Ukrainian residents fleeing to Russia since the beginning of the conflict.”

kirwan: Even though Israel has been at their blood fest much longer, than Ukraine; which has only been on the planet for 10 months: Ukraine is racing to catch up with the death toll in Gaza (that has killed over 1900, injured over 9600 Palestinians in the fifth war during the last three years).

By the time Poroshenko finishes razing the Southeastern parts of Ukraine to the ground; Kiev will have bypassed the death toll from Gaza by a huge number, if this continues on course.

The Russian Federal Migration Service reported last week that about 60,000 Ukrainians have requested refugee status or temporary asylum in Russia. Moscow has repeatedly condemned Kiev’s war against its own people and urged an immediate stop to the punitive operation, advocating a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

The problem for the planet is glaringly obvious. There are laws, international laws, in place to stop these Genocides: The problem is that the system has built-into itself the means to prevent the world from acting in its own best interests.

The way the global Elite have structured governments around the world, at the moment, the only people that could change any of this are the same Oligarch’s that have decided to carry out this global war crime. That’s because the planetary system of “law” does not allow the public anywhere, to have any direct “voice”, in how the current chaos is being managed.

That’s because when the Constitutional documents were written—they were soon afterward amended to protect the power-elite from the ordinary people who they believed were nothing but an ignorant horde: A mob that would crush the rich if given half the chance to do so.

The problem has been universal and was addressed by many countries down through the ages but only one figure stands out.

When the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution it came from the same dispute over who shall have the power to rule. Part of the problem according to the people of 1787 was the potential behind “the tyranny of the majority”.

In the first major book on politics, namely Aristotle’s “Politics”, Aristotle surveyed many kinds of systems, and though he didn’t like any of them he decided that of all of them democracy is probably the best.

But he said that Democracy has a problem. …He said that if in Athens, everyone had a right to vote the poor majority would attack the property of the rich and would insist [the properties] be divided. He also felt that was unfair.” k: And of course that debate continues to this day…

Madison and Aristotle had opposite solutions to this problem. Madison’s solution was to restrict democracy. Aristotle’s solution was to restrict inequality.”

From 55min to 59 min in:

k: if that inequality had been addressed then: Then today, ‘restricting inequality by giving representation to everyone in the society’, the entire planet would not now be under the total control of the Oligarch’s and the banks, without any way to balance the right to equitable pay for work done. Just as the owners have currently demanded absolute control over all their profits while the companies that represent the elites totally control what anyone employed today, can take home as wages—regardless of what has been legitimately earned. That’s a recipe for open rebellion and the elite’s know this all too well. That’s why they have hired the mercenaries!

Since none of that has happened; the people of the planet are living in an unofficial prison where no one has any real rights at all.

The consequence of this massive imbalance worldwide is what has brought us all into this crescendo of chaos where almost no one can tell who the enemies of any society really are. That’s because those that declare wars on others have been caught fighting, both for and against, the same supplier’s which are on different sides in the wars that are taking place simultaneously, so there are no clearly determinable dividing lines anymore.

Nation states” have become nearly obsolete, when it comes to the Middle East. And it’s beginning to look nearly the same way in what’s left of the EU in Europe—which is part of why people have lost track of who today’s enemies really are—because they change almost as often as the weather varies from day to day.

The one solution the world has not tried to mount is to blacklist or evict some nations from “The Community of Nations”. That must happen because their barbarism and the extreme hatreds which are illegal under all International laws are now totally out of control. This hasn’t been tried before and therefore people are genuinely confused by the enormity of something this huge. Most people just cannot get their minds around the current situation.

Israel and Ukraine are doing things that are in total opposition to the laws of nature and of all mankind. And despite the fact that there is no precedent for their continuing behavior, we still have to act!

Unless we get together and do something major soon ­ There won’t be much left to fight over anymore—anywhere!

We must evict Israel and Ukraine from the Community of Nations and prosecute the leaders from the top to the bottom of it all…


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