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Keys To The Empire

By Jim Kirwan


What did 911, Iraq II, Libya, the Ambassador in Benghazi, and now Syria

All have in common,

Beside the fact that all of them were major crimes?

Each of these global-events were specific illustrations

That led us to the

Keys to this Empire.

Once upon a time I was a self-employed investigative-journalist for a publication that I was a partner in. In those days, late in the 1960’s, certain journalistic and legal conventions had to be observed, especially when people died.

Events that became the subjects of that work had to be studied carefully, to determine exactly what happened. Investigations were begun to piece together what had taken place, along with who might have committed whatever actions were involved. Evidence had to be gathered and verified, whereupon a case could be established and charges could be brought or dismissed. If there were secrets about how or why these things came to be done, in each and every case, then those secrets had to be uncovered and clarified, so that the murderers could be caught, charged and tried, for their crimes.

But that was many, many years before 911. And Nine-Eleven marked an illegal-point (In stealth-secrecy called National Security) which ended-up controlling various illegal-abnormalities wherein the United States finally stopped playing by the rules completely. And that ladies & gentlemen is what enabled the Faux Amerikan Empire to be born…

How was that done you might ask?

It was so simple.

Any ‘CONVICTIONS’ had to be based on EVIDENCE at the time. What the perpetrators behind 911 did was to eliminate any evidence of their specific crimes. Then they clouded and confused the facts, thru the corrupted media, to the point that the public finally just accepted what the Empire told them happened on that day—and promptly went off to bomb every rock and boulder in Afghanistan, as if that was the sole-point of origin for all of the attacks on 911. Without any solid evidence there could be no crime, and they made certain that there were at least six versions of every piece of that crime.


Every one of the other ‘mystifying events’

After 911

Which this criminally-obsessed government tried to use

In the same way!

Has repeatedly used tailor-made variations

On the exact same themes.

To equal:


IRAQ II was a variation on the same theme constructed on the same global-crime, as was done with the events of 911. Just like 911 the entire world was treated to the drama of Weapons of Mass Destruction that simply did not exist. But again “THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE” that positively proved the existence of those weapons, before the attack began on Iraq. It was later revealed that there were NO WMD’s in IRAQ ­ yet no one blinked because again there was a criminally-constructed set of lies that had partially convinced an ignorant public who was too lazy to DEMAND a full investigation—so on the strength of that global-pitch demanding that the world take the word of the USA for something that they could not prove ­ off we went to war again!

LIBYA: Another global blood bath based upon huge and orchestrated lies, non-stop around the world. Kaddafi was a real threat, just as Saddam had been because both leaders wanted to get the sales of their oil out-from-under the extortionate price of having to sell their oil only for US Dollars. That’s what got both men brutally and very publicly murdered. All that other garbage about terror, mistreatment of their own people and bla-bla-bla - was just pure crap!

All the facts about both Iraq and Libya to the contrary were shut down by the media, just as the truth behind 911 was forcefully fought against by the media whose job was to spew out only the US Party-line. They are still trying to hide 911 behind the same tin-foil hat conspiracies even though over 80% of the people disbelieve the government about 911. Still the media attempts to cast massive dispersions upon everything else that had proven by the end of 2002, that 911 was not an attack but a CRIME against the people of the USA & the world.

BENGHAZI: And the Death of the U.S. Ambassador was a combination problem, with a little of 911, mixed with the desecration of Libya.

The kicker there was that the Ambassador was running guns into Syria. Hillary was there (and the CIA too) they were both up to her puffy eyes in their worst performance in a very long time. Even Nero managed to end up in quicksand on that one, given the way he tried to muddle through what was obviously a number of huge Amerikan-lies all round. Nero’s ties to the outlaw-criminals without a leader, who Nero calls al Qaeda, are fighting Assad for Nero: While Barack is killing others of them inside Pakistan ­ and that’s beginning to stir talks of mutiny within the American military ­ which gives us some idea of just how badly the administration blew everything about the Murder of the US Ambassador in Benghazi!

By now the treachery of 911 that worked so well initially

Has totally fallen apart!

SYRIA: Over two and half years in the making, and still Assad and Syria are hanging on and were making real progress toward evicting Nero’s savages, when because of Russia a new wrinkle was introduced to stop the US & Israel from blowing Syria to hell and back again, while calling it “sending a message” by bombing innocent men, women and children with nukes to show the world we are against bombing innocent men women and children, with nukes.

That has to be a really classic move. Fortunately Russia took Kerry at his word and offered to broker a deal to destroy the chemical weapons and Syria’s stocks of those weapons: That stopped Israel - the rabid junk-yard dog just before they were ready for us to attack: For them of course. Netanyahu was fit to be tied ­ some thought he should be permanently in a straight-jacket for life—but he’s recovering his bombastic lies again, in order to get the US back on the road to TOTAL WAR FOR ISRAEL, in Syria!





But CRIMES must be punished if there is to be a world!

The point of these vignettes’ was to show just how easily the world was conned into buying the lies of these global-criminals in order to steal the remaining countries that have not yet surrendered to ISRAEL (we don’t count because the US is already OWNED).

Ironically however, it seems that finally that initial lie has actually fallen apart, while the world awakens to the truth behind the bombast and the insanity of the chest thumping in Jerusalem & poor old Washington D.C., where sagging-old US politicians go to die…

Who knows maybe the Americans are about to grow a spine again. Maybe even enough testicles to confront these bastards and leave them face down in the muck, on the way to taking back this country once again!


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