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Kennedy, Lennon, Reagan,
9/11 - The Bush Connection

By Patrick J McShay

* In April 2017 Reporters Without Borders ranked the United States 43rd in the World in Freedom of the Press. Two spots worse than last year.

* "We shall know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believes is false. " William Casey - Former CIA Director

* "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." William
Colby - Former CIA Director

When most big events in our lives occur, we are in most cases only allowed a glimpse of the the real story. Whether it is a political assassination, a celebrity murder/accident or the real reasons we are given for sending our young soldiers off to die on foreign soil. Our controllers know that most of us pay very little attention to the details of these stories, and In an environment where the current news cycle with breaking news every single day it is tough to keep up with the government propaganda. it doesn't help that the media in the US is completely controlled by the CIA and has been for decades. Operation Mockingbird is a CIA program begun in the 1950's. It was meant to subvert the Fourth Estate and use propaganda to more easily control the American public. There were laws in place after WWII like the Smith-Mundt Act that OK'd using deception on foreign audiences, but prohibited using domestic propaganda against the American people. Sadly that recently changed when the National Authorization Act of 2013 was passed. This law unbelievably, allows the government to legally propagandize the American public. Amazon books has been criticized recently for banning nearly a hundred books because of pressure from Jewish groups. Typically the big publishers won't touch books that debunk the media's Government approved conclusions so don't expect to find them in your local library.

"The word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, secret oaths and secret proceedings. Even today there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions don't survive with it. We are opposed around the World by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on subversion instead of elections. On intimidation instead of free choice," John F Kennedy

Every year on the anniversary of a number of big events in American History, some decades old, the mainstream media rolls out the same tired propaganda that few still believe. Our corrupt politicians nod and smile approvingly. The dimwitted news anchors who you're not sure if they are in on the deception or just to ignorant to know the difference. Few people are aware, for instance that a 1976 House Select Subcommittee on Assassinations found that the JFK Assassination was a probable conspiracy. Anyone who has done even a cursory study of this event understands that Lee Harvey Oswald not only didn't act alone, he was more than likely not even one of the shooters. Oswald was known to work for the CIA by everyone involved in this story. There is also evidence that at one time he drew a paycheck from the FBI as well. Oswald had been in Mexico City at the same time as a number of the members of a CIA Hit squad code name "Operation 40. Judyth Vary Baker Worked for the CIA in New Orleans and claims that she was Oswald's girlfriend leading up to the assassination. In her book,"Lee and Me", she says Oswald was trying to stop the shooting. Hell, he told the Cops when they arrested him, I'm a Patsy." George HW Bush was found to have been in Dallas that day after originally stating he didn't remember where he was. Oswald friend, George de Mohrenschildt was suicided just days before he was to testify in the Kennedy hearings. They found Bush's name and phone number in his pocket. Turns out he had known de Mohrenschildt since the 40's. Did you know that? That's just the tip of the Kennedy iceberg, covered up by our media, The Government story is full of holes and everyone should remember that when the anniversary of this great man's murder comes around on November 22nd.

Most Americans believe that Martin Luther King was Assassinated by James Earl Ray in 1968. Most are unaware that so much evidence of Rays innocence has been uncovered, not even the King family believes he is guilty. The official story hasn't changed though. The media will still report on the anniversary of Kings death that Ray was the killer.

Bush Patriarch Prescott Bush, Skull and Bones class of 1917, said in a 1966 interview, "There are three things to remember: Claim everything, explain nothing, deny everything- Bush had been Charged with violating the "Trading with the Enemy Act during WWII and was a conspirator in a plot to overthrow our government and install a Fascist regime in a1933 plot that was exposed by the great Marine General Smedley Butler. He went on to become a United States Senator and the father and grandfather of Presidents. Crimes of the elite are not a big deal even when they are exposed. It certainly would explain why Bill and Hillary aren't in prison.

Other strange assassination facts, covered up by the media were found in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Everyone knows about John Hinckley' obsession with Jody Foster. That's all the media could talk about. No one talks about the Bush connection. The fact is that John Hinckley comes from a well to do Texas family in the Oil business. Von Weist reported George Bush and Hinckley Sr had been good friends since the 60's and their families were neighbors in the Houston area for years. When Hinkley had financial trouble with his Company, Vanderbilt Oil Co, Bush stepped in and loaned Hinkley the funds needed to turn things around. He eventually did. At the time of the Assassination attempt John Hinckley's brother Scott, and Bush's son Neil were best friends and had plans to have dinner together the the evening after the shooting in Neils Denver home. The FBI has never released their documents on this case. A bullet that hit Reagan came within less than an inch of making family friend, George Bush, President eight years sooner.

911 is the lie of the century, and another of those stories that the public bought hook, line and sinker. There is a mountain of evidence that 911 and George W's wars were planned long before that September day, and not in a cave in Afghanistan. The media didn't tell us, that the Bush and Bin Laden families had been friends for decades. Nor did they bother to mention, that the families were also long time business partners Incredibly Bush Sr was having breakfast the morning of 911 with Shafig Bin Laden, Osama's brother. Author David Ray Griffin has written 12 books on 911. He writes," Foreign terrorists could not have obtained access to the buildings to plant the explosives". Terrorists working for Bush/Cheney could have gotten such access, given the fact that Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker III, the President's brother and cousin respectively, were Principals of Securacom, the company in charge of security at the World Trade Center. There are hundreds of excellent books, articles, documentaries and video's out there that prove beyond any doubt that the government's version of events that started a series of wars for Israel is a monstrous lie. You will find none of these books or video's at any book store, video store or library. They won't even touch these documentaries on Cable TV in the US although they have been shown around the World. Americans are the least educated population on 911 truth. How sad. Most are unaware that peer reviewed scientific studies have concluded that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. Thousands of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are demanding a real investigation into the 911 attack. Why won't the media report that? Maybe CNN and MSNBC could spend half of the time they spend bashing Trump on 911 Truth. Let's demand the truth . Let's remember on September 11th that we need to know what happened that day and who was really behind it. We already know who the Patsy is.

Everyone knows John Lennon was shot and killed by a deranged fan right? Mark David Chapman shot Lennon on December, 8th 1980 in the archway of the Dakota Building in New York where he resided. The public was told of Chapman's bizarre obsession with Lennon and his reading Catcher in the Rye when Police arrived on the scene that evening. It was not well known at the time, but Lennon was hated by FBI Director Herbert Hoover who kept a dossier him and had him under surveillance.The Nixon Administration looked at him as a dangerous dissident as well. They first tried to keep him out of the Country, and tried deporting him over a minor Cannabis possession charge, to no avail. Lennon was murdered, about a week before he was to be approved for permanent residence status. In 1972, Hoover sent a letter to Nixon's bully boy HR Haldeman, and the Attorney General indicating that Lennon was interested in extreme Left Wing activities in Britain and was a sympathiser of Trotskyist Communists in England and something needed to be done. Author Phil Strongman suggests that Chapman was possibly a mind controlled assassin and his triggers to kill were possibly embedded in the text of Catcher in the Rye. I'm never one to dismiss things of this nature but there is a more plausible explanation. The first thing Chapman (the Patsy) told police when they arrived on the scene was, "I acted alone." Did his CIA Handler tell him to say that? Enter the Handler.

Very little has been mentioned about the doorman working that evening at the Dakota. Some great info from and Daniel Hopsicker's great book "Barry and the Boys."

*Jose Perdomo was the doorman working that evening at the Dakota. Perdomo was an anti Castro Cuban who took part in the CIA's failed Bay of Pigs invasion and was known to be a close associate of Frank Sturgis. Sturgis, a known CIA Hit Man and operative long suspected of being one of the shooters in the JFK assassination. Sturgis was part of the FBI's infamous hit squad known as Operation 40. Other members of Operation 40 included famous CIA pilot, and drug smuggler Barry Seal, who was in Lee Harvey Oswald's Louisiana Air National Guard Unit in high school. Seal flew guns to the Cuban rebels on dangerous night flights while he was still in high school. Later Seal would fly Cocaine into a narrow strip in Mena Arkansas from Central America for the Bush/Clinton Crime Family. The Commander of Seal and Oswald's Air Guard unit was David Ferrie, also a longtime CIA Pilot and Agent who was played by Joe Pesci in the movie JFK. Seal also went to high school with Singer/Songwriter Johnny Rivers who wrote the hit song "Secret Agent Man" about his friend. Seal was known to carry $2 million in a briefcase everywhere he went and bragged he had a get out of jail card from the White House. And he did for a while. He told his Attorney that he could get Vice President Bush on the phone anytime. He picked up the phone in his Attorney's office one day and dialed the White House and said, " Barry Seal for the Vice President" and handed the phone to the Attorney. A man came on and identified himself as a General and said," how the hell are you Barry."

Another member of Operation 40 was longtime CIA Agent, Assassin, and Good friend of George HW Bush, Felix Rodriguez. He was also the man credited with tracking down and killing Che Guevara in 1967. Sturgis was among the burglars arrested at the Watergate Hotel in 1972 that set off Richard Nixon's downfall. He was later convicted of the Watergate burglary. Perdomo officially worked 10 years for the CIA. When Barry Seal was murdered they found George HW Bush's private phone number in his pocket. The Colombian Hit men who filled Seal full of holes were caught and confessed they were hired by Jeb Bush.

*Perdomo was at the crime scene when the murder occurred and supposedly asked Chapman if he knew what he had just done.

*Perdomo told the police who arrived on the scene that Chapman was Lennon's killer. The arresting officers didn't believe that Chapman shot Lennon but Perdomo convinced them Chapman did it.

*Hours before Lennon was murdered, Perdomo and Chapman discussed the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Kennedy Assassination.

*Chapman was arrested with over $2200 in his wallet. A lot of money in 1980 for someone who was unemployed

Sounds like Mark David Chapman was a Patsy just like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, John Hinckley and Osama bin Laden