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Just-Us & The Law

By Jim Kirwan


Justice ~ Law

The concept of ‘Justice’ is ancient. However the principles inherent in ‘Justice’ have nothing whatsoever to do with ‘law”.

Actual ‘Justice’ is part of the universal law of nature. However the laws surrounding the concept are man-made and have no bearing on any reality in life.

The laws in every society must be judged by each person they are intended to affect, by four distinct principles. “Who wrote the laws? Who signed them into existence? And who is responsible for their creation? The fourth element, which is never considered, are the natural laws of the universe which apply to everyone that lives here.

Manmade laws are written down and are formally entered into the governing body of the ‘laws’ in society, at any given time. Since these ‘laws’ are manmade they’re all subject to the whims of change; whether the influencing forces are social, political or religious. The fact is these laws do change and can be altered as needed by any so-called ruling power—supposedly with the approval of those being governed.

This was the constitutional idea that we have now totally abandoned.

This makes what we call ‘the law’ nothing but another arbitrary whim that can be instrumental in keeping this society imprisoned. In this case “justice” has no bearing on anything to do with the current and voluminous sets of “law”. Consequently to have and maintain a Department of Justice is and was just another fabrication designed to con the public into believing that “Justice” is possible through government or state bureaucracies.

That’s a lie of course. Because today there’s “Just-Us” without any laws and without even a wisp of anything that could pretend to represent ‘actual-justice’. The entire Department of Justice” is a fascist-fabrication that was created to deceive the public on every level of this society. They’ve succeeded in that effort which is why the DOJ needs to be removed from the government entirely, after its’ current and former “officers” are investigated fully and tried for their crimes—both nationally and internationally.

That department head of DOJ should never have been allowed to become an appointed position, (in the beginning it was an elected office) that served separately from each president. There is a built-in conflict in having an appointed AG, since keeping the chief executive honest was part of the job of the original Attorney GENERAL.

The office is in reality a military post, and he or she should only appear in his or her military uniform when addressing the public. But we’ve never done that, because the people might have questioned everything about the department and its duties—if that had been the case from the beginning. BTW the same is also true of the state Attorney’s General as well, except that they are supposedly elected instead of appointed.

This government, almost from the beginning, has always been bent toward military power, based on the way we treated both the original people we stole the land from and from our treatment of the slaves that made the owners of those slaves; who planted and harvested the cotton and the tobacco unbelievably rich.

This was possible because government allowed the slave owners special privileges along with the Jews who owned the ships and imported the slaves to make their slaves a less-than-human part of the colonial empire. That was the empire that built America. Watch the video and see if you can find any “justice” or “law” in anything that we did to those that were already here; or to those that made slavery the fulcrum upon which the new nation was built? (1)

The Image is DUALITY ~ The Queen of Keys.

In our foreign adventures from the very beginning, which was over

500 years ago: This ‘nation’ developed a two-tiered plan whereby the owners and profiteers have usually functioned separately from the people and from the common laws that government enacted to control the resident population here.

A huge part of this control over 21st Century Americans can be seen in the obscenity of Political-Correctness that began its war on people over eight decades ago. (2)

This criminal duality has been at the base of our stated foreign-policies, as they relate to how other nations receive or reject the US, versus how the nation chooses to behave, both at home and abroad as U.S. Inc. It’s almost a crime in itself that the public in America has not bothered to challenge this illegal-duality before now. That’s in part because of the duplicity inherent beneath the so-called legal system which is and has always been based on British Admiralty Laws of the Sea.

Both Victory & Defeat are and have always been headless because neither can ever be a permanent state in and of itself.

Existing law is just another series of lies brought to the public by the lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and the courts that all serve the same illegal fiction, masquerading as “American law” which does not exist!

If Americans only knew just how thoroughly we’ve been screwed since the colonies challenged the British Empire: There would have already been a second revolutionary war! Because we’ve never stopped paying the Crown for the power they never lost when the first Revolutionary War ended—but without the victory that was so highly touted by the Americanized-owners in and of this theoretical country.

When the same thing happened to our rights to print our own money over a hundred years ago—that was the death knell for America, because most have never known that our monetary connection to the Old World Order was never cut—instead all the principles involved just lied about it, mostly by omission, and the public was allowed to keep the fiction that we actually “won the revolution” when in fact the exact opposite was and is still true.

Let there be no mistake. In America there is now neither Justice nor Law if there ever was any. There is only the still unofficial Police-State and “Just-Us” as we have been left to deal with the massive crimes that this place has promulgated all over the world since we began to satisfy our greed and arrogance upon the rest of the planet, so very long ago…

So when we sing those phrases in the Star Spangled Banner that speak of “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” at major sporting events—we’re celebrating something that was not true then and is definitely not true now. We’re still the same colonial-war-criminal that we became over 500 years ago.

But we’ve expanded into making war upon the entire planet now along with Israel.

Our true record in the history of the world is an abomination upon the entire planet and it will soon start to be paid for with real consequences and real changes that will end the past that has cost the world multiple-billions in human-lives and trillions upon trillions in international-treasure. (3)

1) America’s Great Indian Nations

2) Zeroing Out Zero Tolerance

3) Land of the Free



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