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Just Plain Folks
Nothin to worry bout here, we’re all just fine!

By Jim Kirwan


Today Obama held a news conference that was supposed to calm the pubic by explaining the October 17, 2013 deadline that will potentially end the USA and will possibly trigger a global-firestorm that would make WWIII a whole lot more likely...

He was to speak to the nation from the White House Briefing Room beginning at 2 pm EST. The Emperor was late of course which kept

everyone else waiting needlessly. Basically he wasted the public’s time, again. This time he was more boring and insulting than ever if such a thing is still possible, given his ridiculous track record.

AS he droned on I began to remember the number of times in my own short-life that I found myself at a banker’s desk applying for a loan. I’ve been up and down the ladders of success and failure a number of times so I’m familiar with the drill. Then I began to listen to the traitor that speaks to us as our political-leader, as if he is not the professional-liar that he is.

When I’ve applied for loans in my own life I had to offer a number of proofs as to who I am, what I’ve done and what I hope to do with the money I came to borrow. I’ve negotiated loans from $10,000 up usually for small projects that were not difficult to pay back. So there was a very small amount of history on that score. But when I went to borrow half-a million dollars: The terms changed, but the questions remained in the same general categories. As I thought back some of the needed facts came to mind.

I was actually listening to a man who is on record as having 27 different social-security numbers and as many different names. My education was easy to define yet his is supposedly complex. There is no proof of where he went to college, what courses he took or who any of his classmates might have been. I had to produce a birth certificate, he won’t release his—in fact he spent $12 million just to keep it secret. I gave proof of service in the Air Force, 6 years, honorably discharged. He has no proof of anything in any field, despite the fact that he should have registered with the draft for selective service—nothing there on his account.

The only thing that exists is that he managed to get a job as a state legislator, later he might have been a senator. He did get a license to practice law, but the birth certificate was iffy. He also needed a birth certificate to get a passport since he lived in several different countries, that had to happen but he refused to furnish that information either.

Moving on down the list I needed to show proof of my involvement in the community, not a problem. I also needed to show that I pay my bills, and no record beyond a few parking tickets. I needed to show that I’ve got friends who know me and my reputation in business, not a problem for me. But this bum has no proof of anything, and what he supposedly has he will not release—it has not been confirmed that Obummer is even an American citizen.

I was indirectly asked to prove that I keep my promises, and that I can do what I promise to do. I provided that. Obummer has yet to provide any proof of anything he has promised to do - not just to the public, but to the world. For instance he claimed this afternoon to have cut the national deficit in half—yet he could not explain why we are still facing a global-financial collapse because we are unable to pay our bills which come due on October 17, 2013.

He has no certifiable identification whether in business or politics and his personal life has been sealed up like an Egyptian Tomb. His supposed wife’s story is equally mystical and believe me you don’t want to know what ‘her’ real story might involve. Suffice it to say they make a perfect pair of criminals. They’ve both lied about everything to get where they are. But once there, their lies have increased a thousand fold. That’s one of the reasons why today’s press conference was absolutely necessary—because the public can’t believe anything Obummer says either. Today was no different.

When I answered the banker’s questions I had to treat the bank officers with respect. It would have been shear folly to talk down to the people that I had come to borrow money from—but that’s exactly what Obummer did, in spades. We aren’t Americans or citizens, or even consumers: To Obama we’re just “Folks” ­ plain ordinary idiots sitting around a cracker-barrel to listen to our dictator tell us how the real-world-works for the higher-ups and of course “our-betters”!

When I was answering the bankers, about just how the money I was borrowing would be repaid I had to give very clear assurances and offer a considerable amount of collateral for the loans to even be approved in the first place. Obummer has apparently never been in business and apparently he thinks that all he needs to guarantee his loans is just a smile and a down-home ‘Aw-shucks’ attitude without the need for any hard facts or any real evidence of his own validity.

I’ve worked on projects that vary from 15 to thirty years each, and each of them was expensive and needed to be financed without any guarantee of success ­ and several of those failed without producing anything to cover the costs of all that time and effort. That goes with the territory for self-employed artists. Politicians on the other hand need to be able to release information about how they get their financing, since they are supposedly operating in the public eye, and for the public: Obama has not divulged who he has been nor who he actually has represented for all the years he’s been playing at politics while deceiving the nation about his life and his real or his actual citizenship ­ if any!

When it came time today for the reporters in the White House Briefing Room to grill the Emperor on the subjects which had forced him to call the press conference—they were possibly even more disgusting than he was. No one asked any hard questions, not even one.

No one asked him why he hasn’t mentioned the fact that “we need this money to pay the FED” their illegal fees for printing all that extorted money that we pay to the Rothschilds in usurious amounts!

Why NOT? If the FED didn’t charge us these usurious fees, that are totally illegal, we would not now be in this position: Except for maybe the newly added fees to all Insurance companies, hospital groups, the global-drug-cartels along with all the rest of the criminals that own the public - whenever anything-at-all comes up having to do with public-health.

This collectively makes the 33,000 pages of Obamacare an obscenity beyond belief, on two fronts. First, it somehow magically “became the law” before it was voted on ­ and no one asked Obama how that could be? Also when it was finally voted on no one could have possibly read the 3,000 pages of the illegally conceived Bill ­ and the 30,000 pages of riders. So how could congress have authorized the costs of something that no one can explain?

Perhaps most damning of all ­ How can congress proceed to bilk the public for this piece of extortion when the whole world now knows that it will not serve more than one percent of the people ­ if that? The other 99% are still expected to pay for the service which they will never get ­ and that apparently doesn’t bother the congress, the emperor or the public—because the press didn’t see fit to even ask these outlaws how in hell they could do this to the public with a straight face?

Then of course there are still the two other pink-elephants that have not been mentioned. FEMA is a gargantuan-fraud. It’s an agency that has never done anything for anyone in this country since it was changed over by Reagan, from a real Emergency Management agency to FEMA. FEMA only hands out forms and then throws victims out of their houses or bulldozes what’s left of homes because they no longer meet civic codes after hurricanes hit them. They provide nothing except extended grief for the victims. However, they do provide a huge boost to whichever agencies work with them for extortion and unlimited bribes.

Our final pink-elephant, DHS. The Department of Homeland Invasion and pedophilia complete with its own version of a USI military force. The supposed force was to be twice the size of the U.S. Military? Not to forget the backscatter radiation for airline passengers, VIPER checkpoints on the roads at totally unbelievable costs, billions of hollow-point bullets, tanks, drones, rockets, armored vehicles and massive amounts of weapons ­ all of it to protect the same country they are about to attack?!

If we dropped the bogus funding of this bunch of traitors in DHS ­ along with FEMA & Obamacare we could pay our bills and have enough left over for some sandwiches for everyone else to celebrate with!

Most people thought it was the job of the government to keep track of our money and pay our bills whenever they come due. When the nation comes as close to total collapse as we currently are—most people expect the government to do something about it. Something that should be legal, but also something that ought to actually lower the costs incurred by the government instead of increasing every possible cost and bankrolling corporate welfare, such as, the farm-program that’s a straight shot of mega-corporate-welfare to Arthur Daniel Midlands, Monsanto and all their buddies ­ because “America has only about two handfuls of real farms left in this place; everything else is nothing more than mega-corporate Agribusiness and they don’t need handouts. They’ve already stolen far more than they will ever need.

Obama was very proud of the 56 times that all this DEBT-Funding had been done before: Beginning with its introduction that was presided over by Ronald Reagan (The DEBTOR president). Obummer simply couldn’t understand why anyone was concerned. He forgot to mention that Reagan came into office when the USA was in the black and when we were the world’s leading creditor nation. When Ronnie left office 8 years later the US had become the world’s leading DEBTOR nation. Quite a feat to go from the best run economy in the world to the world’s largest dead-beat-nation in all of just eight years.

Today’s report that Obama is planning to dump 16 states from the Union didn’t come up. Why Not?

His “problems” with the congress took up almost the entire hour and satisfied no one as to what his position on anything actually is, or what he intends to do about any of this. The people thought the president’s job was to keep this nation strong and functioning. So how did Obama go from that to suddenly deciding to break up the entire country? Who the hell decided that the USA needs to go from 50 states down to 34?

Had this dead-beat-emperor bothered to explain any of the real problems he’s having he would have inevitably had to explain that when a nation is in this position - it costs more money to pay off our debts because the money that has to be used, costs even more-than the money than we already owe. It’s money that can never be repaid because the more you borrow the more you have to repay and there is no end to the cycle as the borrowers keep adding to the debt. This is no mystery: With every raising of the debt-ceiling the problem becomes more unmanageable until the borrowing nation crashes and burns in ruins.

Obummer obviously didn’t want to trouble the public with this because they might just have lynched him on the spot.

America needs to fire the reporters in the White House Press room and bring in Press TV, RT in America from Russia and any other real news services from anywhere except America with our local sold-out-traitors that perform no public service at all.

If the “media” wants to kiss ass then they need to do that on their own time and let real reporters interview our criminally-inclined-leaders so that the public might actually get some idea as to what’s really going on in America right now: With just nine days left before this country takes the big leap into the bottomless canyon of hopelessly-huge debts that we cannot find a way to pay for—yet!

But hey! Since we’re all just plain folks here, we don’t deserve the truth, not when everything is in such capable hands of so many CZARS and Outlaws, that there’s hardly any room for actual people any more…

Oh! And what he did trumpet were the sacred elections and how the congress was doing their best to please the voters ­ “That’s why they’re there” when in truth the congress hates the voters, they won’t talk to them they refuse to answer their mail and they are currently trying to kill most of them. Someone forgot to tell the Mac-Daddy that there hasn’t been an election here that wasn’t rigged since the 20th Century. But that line from Obama - for the television audience - was supposed to bring a tear to your eyes. All it did for me was to elicit yet another silent-stream of venom for a Traitor that needs to be gone…





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