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Justice In America?

By Jim Kirwan


When Darkness Trumps Illumination

The Criminal Facts inside each Application

Are begging to be understood!


From RT@ 2min 45sec: “US education itself is militarized and criminalized. Razor-wire, surveillance cameras, gun-toting security guards and militarized-officers with police dogs roam the grounds. ABC reports they’re breaking girl’s arms ­ unprovoked.

He went from 0 to 60 without any provocation.’ (The cop outweighs the child by at least 150 lbs) Had this been a regular person doing this, that person would have been criminally charged. Another security-guard broke another girl’s wrist; reports FOX NEWS. for ‘spilling some crumbs of a birthday-cake’ then arrested her. When her mother went to school to find what happened; she was arrested to. And just for taking this photo of the security guard, a classmate was arrested for good measure. Almost all schools now have policies dubbed Zero-Tolerance…

Girls arrested for using perfume, a twelve year old for doodled “I love my friends Abby & Faith” on her desk was actually arrested by police and was marched out of the school in handcuffs… School kids who have a bottle of Scope mouthwash or who flick a rubber band are expelled. A seven year old was arrested in a cafeteria for nibbling his pop-tart into the shape of a hill. Kids now even arrested for ‘burping’.

US school children now don’t need to do anything wrong ~ to be forced onto mind-altering psychotropic drugs. “We were told that if we did not follow-up their evaluation for ADHD and take him to the pediatrician and get him on Ritalin: That child protective services could charge us for “educational and emotional neglect”. @4min 40 sec.

But Zero Tolerance is NOT a ONE-WAY STREET

In a real society “officers” would have to read each arrestee their Miranda Rights, in front of witnesses to inform them of the crime or crimes which they are being charged with. That’s really tough to do when some officers have arrested and handcuffed children as young as three ­ claiming that they felt “threatened” by small children.

The lopsidedness of police procedures when interacting with the public is an obscenity that should be punished by public flogging of the officers, followed by dismissal and an automatic sentencing for each “officer” of one year in a maximum-security-federal-prison, their “time” to be served out in the general prison-population, if they live that long.

Police officers should be trained well enough to be able to disarm most of those they now traditionally just murder, so that the officer can feel “SAFE”. The practice of using 6 overfed roid-thugs to subdue people that tend to weigh less than 150 lbs. is a common-police-crime for which all cops today must begin to be prosecuted. No cops were charged for beating the national-press bloody in Chicago in 1968. No cops were charged in the Rodney King case in LA and its been downhill for the public ever since. Today everything is completely backwards; to the point that the word “Justice” or “Just-Us” has clearly become an Oxymoron in Amerika!

Cops break-down doors, without announcing who they are, they wear black ski-masks and carry heavy military weapons to terrify American civilians even before they proceed to beat torture or kill people for misdemeanor “crimes” that are frequently not covered by any warrant—much less any MIRANDA warnings. Children are being arrested and charged with ludicrously serious crimes when it should be the police and their criminally-run departments that should be arrested and punished for crimes against the public!

The ILLEGAL militarized-police forces in America must be faced and arrested by armed Americans that will meet them in their homes where these thugs can be disarmed and arrested for their crimes against the public which the officers are supposed to be protecting. There is NO LAW that allows any-officer, federal-state or local, to be become Judge, Jury & Executioner in this country for any “imagined-threat”: Especially not because of fake-national-security-threats which this criminal-government continues to fabricate.

Communist California has begun Gun Confiscations

California is clearly terrified of The Public!

The first police raids to take legally purchased guns commenced in California. The state has the strictest gun laws in the country now, and is definitely not pro-Second-Amendment in the state.

California has been gearing up for this moment. Now they have made a move to confiscate legally purchased fire arms. They have expanded on their list of “prohibited persons” to have fire arms to include minor misdemeanors and “mental health concerns”. Some of the people are being not allowed their Second Amendment rights for various reasons including being behind on their taxes.

The state hired 20,000 more officers in preparation for the new confiscation legislation. They also authorized more than $24 million in new gear and weapons for their confiscation team. One of their targets was a man by the name of Joe Mendez.

A police officer came to the door and lured Mendez out of his house with a story of a hit and run report. Once outside, he had M16s pointed within inches of his face, was taken into custody and had all weapons removed from his house.

It is important to remember that these were legally- purchased and registered firearms. That gets to the other issue about this initiative.~downtrend

That is what the new registry is all about, confiscating legally owned weapons and firearms inside California. If they determine for any reason that you should not own a fire arm, they confiscate it. The registration tells them the exact location of the gun. All the police have to do is figure out the reason you should be on the “prohibited person” list and then you can not stop them from taking your legally owned weapon. They just expanded their list of definitions.

We are not talking hard-core criminals. We are not talking illegally purchased firearms any more. We are talking getting a ticket for speeding, cops show up to take your firearms. We are talking having a bout of depression so your doctor prescribes an anti-depressant. Next thing you know they are there to take your fire arms like Mendez.

There is no more safety in the violation of the Second Amendment in the state of California. If they have an excuse, you loose your rights as an American Citizen.” (2)

When you factor in the deepening attacks upon schoolchildren by the government to addict thousands, to needlessly proscribed psychotic drugs, from the very early years of their lives. Then it’s easy to see how this serves other dual-purposes. Aside from creating a huge income-stream for the drug-manufacturers and the criminal-doctors that proscribe this poison: The Prison-State is creating criminals by the millions, in advance, so that virtually anyone in the immediate future can be arrested just for being—no actual crime needs to be cited: Because there is no longer any need for these criminalized-cops to follow any law except whatever they decide to do. This means anything from torture, rape or murder that is now permitted because some half-wit with the brain of an Armadillo might think:

Hey! It’s a great day to do the Herd again, let’s do it!” And in Amerika today, there’s no one to stop them now!

From 4min 43sec: “From the very first grade Big Pharma teams up with authorities to screen school kids as mental patients. Prozac Reps hold what’s called “national depression screening days” to push their product in highschool assemblies,” which all students must attend and then they hand-out PROZAC gifts.”

When ordinary drug-pushers try to hook new users, that’s supposedly a crime, along with possession of a prohibited substance ­ but when the illegal-drug is called legal and all of this is done in the public schools then that’s called “just good business”!

Pop a pill and everything will be alright”! Notes the Washington Times: Was the message. ADHD is a means of making paying patients out of normal individuals and once they are given a prescription they are put on medications that are virtually never discontinued. They (the drug-companies) have lifetime PAYING patients.” @ 5min 21 sec. (1)

The society and the government get a whole new and totally defenseless-class of criminals that can be picked-up anytime that the criminals-in-government-uniforms feel the need, to expand the prison-population. This new criminality also allows prisons to meet their contractual needs that “require” the nations-prison’s to maintain a 97% full prison - at all times. That’s a win-win for the outlaws, and a total-defeat for all-Americans—including those of us who manage not to get caught up in their dragnets!

If you want to see where we’re headed just look at what Australia has just done. Australia used to be one of the real states that stood up for individual rights—until they let their own weapons be taken from them, just like Feinstein and the government’s of both California and D.C. have now begun to do to us!

Tens of thousands more Victorians each year stand to lose their drivers’ licenses under a new law police are vowing to exercise in court.

Sweeping legal changes which came into effect on September 30 allow courts to suspend or cancel the license of any person convicted or found guilty of any offence ­ regardless of whether that offence has anything to do with driving.

Victoria Police has exclusively revealed to the Herald Sun that it will seek to use the new powers in up to 50,000 court cases each year.

It has already briefed its prosecutors on the law.

If you’re convicted or found guilty of any offence, a court may suspend or cancel and disqualify your license,” said Acting Senior Sergeant Richard Bowers, of the Victoria Police Prosecution Division.”

In this country it is illegal for a court to take away your ability to drive unless there’s a deadly-serious reason for doing so. Without the right to drive, most Americans would be prisoners in their own homes. Therefore striping any person of the right to move around in their own country, on an illegal-whim, cannot be justified­ but it will probably happen: UNLESS WE FACE THESE TRAITORS and force them to cease & desist!

The legislation does not govern or put a limiting factor on which cases it applies to. It’s any offence, and it’s completely open to the magistrate as to whether or not they impose it.

Unless a superior court gets hold of one of these cases and says ‘Well, this is an inappropriate exercise of discretion,’ it will remain open for use for a magistrate to use in any way they see fit.”

But the move has angered civil libertarians.

We are very disturbed at the lack of consultation, given this is such a sweeping and draconian measure,” Jane Dixon, SC, the president of Liberty Victoria, said last night.

To deprive someone of their driving license can often also deprive them of their livelihood.

We believe, for well-being, there should be a strong foundation between driving and the offending.”

Victoria Police said it would advice its prosecutors to use the legislation in any case where the offending can be linked to using a vehicle, which it estimates at around 50,000 cases a year.

We will raise the legislation in circumstances where driving had been part and parcel of the offending,” Sen-Sgt Bowers said.

It may be an offence where the accused used a car to commit the offences; for example, residential burglaries, using the car to get around.”

In another change to the law, anyone disqualified from driving may be forced to fit an alcohol interlock device in their vehicle when the license is reinstated, if the original crime can be linked in any way to alcohol or drugs.

First-time offenders, and those guilty of even the most minor offences, will not be exempt from the new law.

There are no set suspension or disqualification limits, giving magistrates free rein to cancel a license for as long as they see fit. Sen-Sgt Bowers also highlighted drug trafficking and family violence cases as likely ones for the exercise of the law.(3)

No doubt Amerikan-Outlaws, thru-the-courts, will seek to enact and expand this bizarre application of something that has never been part of American-law-enforcement - when driving was not involved in any aspect of whatever the ‘person’ is being charged with. But so long as Amerikans remain stone-silent, the full range of all things criminal that can be done to us ­ will be done ­ to all of us until we lash out, stop these barbarians and all their self-created-crimes against the public!

Living in a world where personal-freedom is not optional, but mandatory, is a very messy-affair. The nanny-state began their ZERO-TOLERANCE when I was in highschool back in the mid 1950’s.

Everything we see today from 911 to this moment comes directly from this now public-phobia of the few to absolutely control every other person on the planet, in every way! It was bad back-then but we could and did succeed in shutting it down. Today it’s resurfaced and become a global-crime that must be publicly-burned-in-effigy ­ if we are ever to be free of the mini-Netanyahu’s that surround us: All over this land!

1) America Dead Last in Education 12min 54 sec VIDEO from RT

2) California Now Confiscating Legally Purchased Guns

3) Australia is now Officially a Police State



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