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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied


By Jim Kirwan


The total obscenity surrounding the entire series of crimes committed by the self-proclaimed but totally illegal government's in Oregon & Nevada, is a Crime against Humanity because of the national-treachery that all of this seeks to hide from the public and the wider world beyond our shores.


In brief USIS is speaking out of both sides of its filthy mouth: Claiming to stand for International-Justice and Human Rights, publicly: While prosecuting any and all that have peacefully stood against them as they continue to stand for retaining the laws and the oaths taken by those in the courts, the congress and the Tarnished House,, that have all been publicly shattered, while the lawless-forces continue to spit on or murder every American that stands for the Constitution or the Republic over total and complete chaos ­ in 2016.

Case in Point

The illegal Prosecution of eight people that have been charged with violence and attacks upon federal 'officers' that not only'

did not happen, but in that process USIS

assassinated an unarmed man

after they had ambushed and arrested a peaceful convoy

of innocent Americans on a public highway,

where those en route were on their way to a meeting

to further inform the public of another county in Oregon,

about the crimes that had already happened in Harney County.

Those that were “captured' on the highway were also unarmed.

The problem with all of the above actions, is that the USIS government was acting illegally as no crime had been committed by anyone in that convoy ­ yet they were all threatened with guns and arrested as violent criminals that had to be locked up in solitary, despite having no weapons, the lawless officers had to “protect the community” FROM THEIR WORDS.

In addition to all of this the attorney for the widow of LaVoy Finiccum is filing a Wrongful Death Action with an injunction to prevent the FEDS from grabbing her Ranch. The bullet holes in his truck will no doubt show multiple gunshots, as the physical-evidence that would clinch her case.

Interview provided by NEWSMAX on 2-25-16

BACKDROP for the Lawless Arrests:

Cliven Bundy denied bail over 2014 standoff

The government had taken over the town of Burns Oregon. They shut down the school, cordoned off many streets and took over the courthouse, the seat of local government. Why are they still there? Their agents roamed the streets pretending to be “occupier's from the Wildlife Refuge, to scare the locals. Checkpoints were set up and people of Burns were questioned repeatedly by heavily-armed forces. Meanwhile the lawless-forces had taken over the airport and imported military MRAPS, drones and other military weaponry, which not so subtlety convinced everyone that a war was about to be forthcoming ­ between 'heavily armed outlaws' and the “government”.

To that end a SECRET-NO-FLY-ZONE was created and put in place over Burns and Harney County: Giving the lawless USIS total control over the supposedly “heavily armed occupying forces”, (a supposed army no doubt) that the government said had “taken over the Wildlife Refuge” and who according to USIS would soon be attack the peaceful people of Harney County.

This was their lawless reasoning behind all the checkpoints and the interrogations of locals at gunpoint ­ to weed out any “collaborators with the violent and lawless 'army of heavily armed patriots' that were obviously hell bent on invading Burns and probably Harney County as well. Millions were spent to arm and “PROTECT” THE PEACEFUL PEOPLE OF BURNS, OREGON ­ the same people that USIS was interrogating and threatening at every government-checkpoint and physical opportunity.

After the Ambush and the Assassination of Finicum

Once the people from the convoy had been arrested and LaVoy Finicum had been assassinated some interesting aspects of this series of lawless actions' began to disappear.

The “ARMY of armed INVADERS, DISAPPEARED. In their place were a dozen people that had come into Harney County, specifically to the Wildlife Refuge, as it was a public facility that was not occupied by anyone ­ when they arrived. Even throughout their stay, no officers from the government, the BLM, the Forestry Service or the City of Burns ever came to the Refuge to inform anyone of the scale of this massive CRIME SCENE that these few were apparently staying in, some 30 miles away from Burns Oregon.

Had that happened the feds would have had trouble testifying to what they would have found there, as the “occupiers” had actually been repairing a run down government site, while they waited to talk to more people in the area. The doors to the facility had not been locked and all the files being held there were not protected from whoever might have just walked into the Refuge and looked around for themselves ­ on top of that the facility supposedly belongs to the people, so it would be extremely difficult to charge anyone for invading something which they already owned: As those at the Refuge were all Americans ­ so they didn't need to be armed or invited to visit a facility they already owned—therefore they could not trespass upon what was already theirs. Ironically many of the so-called forces in uniform are not Americans, but since they don't have to prove who they are, they've been allowed to roam freely in our country and murder or arrest whoever they decide “might be a threat to their takeover” of this once proud nation.

Some Questions for the law-shattering FEDS

How much was spent to create the illegally created military forces that occupied the Airport and the city of Burns? Who authorized that expense and on what “evidence” was such a monetary extravagance based?

After the Ambush and arrest of American Citizens without cause, and the Assassination of LaVoy Finicum: Who then authorized the sealing of the evidence, in order to keep the truth from the public and from Finicum's next of kin? Which judge, which Attorney, which courts were involved?

And who ordered the NEWS BLACKKOUT on everything that happened?

But most of all why have all the people involved in this blatantly illegal set of crimes' still not been identified. Who were the three creatures that fired the nine bullets into LaVoy? Who ordered the illegal Ambush of Americans on a public highway using armed force to make their 'shots-fired' arrests? Who were the officers involved in that AMBUSH? The shots that were fired came from lawless “Officers, WHO ATTACKED the people being stopped. Who was “in-charge” of making up that entire pack of blatant lies that was supposedly the basis for this grossly-misleading affair ­ from the standoff in Bunkerville in 2014, to the events in Harney County in Oregon that ended in kidnapping and murder by unidentified “feral officers” who have yet to be properly identified by anyone with a badge of any kind.

FBI & BLM Top Agents Linked To Corruption, Cover Ups & Much More! - video

And finally where is all the so-called 'evidence' of anything that the government has claimed was ever taking place?

There were a lot of crimes uncovered by the people who went to the Refuge to talk with the people in the surrounding areas. Crimes such as the $91,000.00 that was paid to a supposed volunteer on the Refuge, when the “work” of “volunteers” was supposedly 'free'? There were meticulous records kept in the Refuge about daily events in the illegal life of the BLM, the U.S. Forestry Service and others who have been harassing and evicting farmers, ranchers and miners since the 1980's ­ why no mention of any of that EVIDENCE as it points directly to major crime with a huge payoff that far exceeds anything that even the MAFIA ever did to this country?


Since the charges have surfaced publicly, why haven't the names of the people who were involved from the lawless-side of this one-sided affair been given equal coverage—why were their pictures not front page news in the Oregonian, as public heroes? The pictures of the people the CAPTURED were shown, why not those of the public servants? Especially as it seems their backgrounds are still dripping with corruption and criminal actions from their previous “jobs” and that information has been around for years now ­ precisely because the damned MEDIA never follows up or prints reports of their crimes against America or Americans?

If the truth behind this has remained hidden is that because if the public knew ­ then might there be some of those “Old-West' practices beginning to re-emerge: Like lynching outlaws for blatantly committing public crimes? That's how the West was founded, maybe it's time to let those fake-government agents feel the sting of their own well deserved necktie parties that have been so long deserved?

Bundy Ranch: BLM Agent Dan Love and Pete Santilli threaten mutual arrest



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