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Once Again Justice Delayed
Is Justice Denied

By Jm Kirwan


In 2002 the criminal USI dictatorship, under Cheney-Bush, rammed through the USA PATRIOT ACT ­ which set the stage for massive travesties of “Just-US” masquerading as “Justice” all across the land. The latest version of this continuing travesty of what was once called “the law” was just confirmed by U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro ­ when she handed down her sentence of 87 months.

Navarro’s sentence was on the low end of the 87 to 100 months prosecutors had requested, but considerably longer than the 22 months DeLemus’ attorney had wanted. She imposed a sentence of five years for the conspiracy charge and 27 months for interstate travel in aid of extortion.

First prison term imposed in Bunkerville standoff case

What makes this case particularly hideous is the fact that this supposed crime was committed in 2014, yet no one was charged until 2016 in a supposed trial that ended in a MISTRIAL.

Two years after the standoff at Bunkerville, following an exhaustive and expensive investigation by the FBI, a grand jury in February 2016 indicted Cliven Bundy and others for conspiring to commit an offense against the United States and conspiring to impede or injure a federal officer. Prosecutors have not said if they will seek a re-trial of the six “follower-gunmen,” or proceed with two more planned Las Vegas trials of 11 other defendants, including patriarch Cliven Bundy, who are deemed more culpable as “leaders and organizers” of the standoff.

The setback for the Justice Department in Nevada comes five months after another team of federal prosecutors in Oregon failed to get convictions for two of Bundy’s sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and five others involved in the 2016 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon—an event regarded as “Bunkerville Part II.”

In the Nevada case, the federal judge, after declaring the mistrial, set a new trial date of June 26, but it’s not clear if that will be for a re-trial of the six initial defendants or the second grouping of other defendants”.

K ­ Any “legality” in this farce has long since vanished from the docket of the criminally inclined US District Judge Gloria Navarro ­ who apparently believes that she's the latest incarnation of Judge Roy Bean, better known in Texas as the Hang'in Judge - the law in her courtroom has nothing to do with the facts and the bitch knows exactly what she's trying to do ­ which is blatantly illegal on the face of it; as it appears that this judge will take as many shots at the defendants as it takes before she finds a way to put them away for something that is not even real.

The real problem of course comes from the fact that this government has ignored the rights of everyone they've been harassing since 2014 ­ when the illegal BLM attacked the last of 55 other ranchers whose lands they have already stolen, The Feds, and the States of both Oregon & Nevada have been prosecuting American citizens in the total absence of any visible crime than any of them have committed, while at the same time the feds and Oregon have refused to charge, or even name - the five thugs from the Oregon State Police & the FBI for the ASSASSINATION of Lavoy Finicum, on January 26, 2016, who they have still refused to even charge for, much less try, for the murder that the government clearly did!

So the state and local government get away with murder, while the state and government officials are free to randomly prosecute citizens for just caring about their fellow Americans and their rights under the U.S. Constitution which Navarro spits on every day of her disgusting “career”.

Oregon Nevada Standoff


Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Once There Was A Constitution

This graphically clear transgression over the legal rights of all American citizens and the constitutionally protected laws of this land which the stolen government shattered when the created the BLM—which is totally illegal ­ this makes any effort by the American Citizens to resist it—a LEAGAL RESISTANCE, and therefore not actionable by the traitors that run this place.

But then we haven't enforced the laws against committing Treason, especially not against anyone in the criminally inclined government, because if we had all of congress, except two would be in jail,

along with the last five presidents.