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Justice Is Dead

By Jim Kirwan


The Risen-Fall of Justice”

Justice’ as a principle in US society has been clearly dead

For a very long time in America.

Yesterday’s announcement that Darren Wilson, the police officer in Ferguson Missouri was not guilty of anything, when he murdered Michael Brown. That is proof positive that justice has moved from being a pillar of the law; to the judge, jury and the executioner of all our freedoms in this world.

There are two words that keep being omitted from the decision handed down by the so-called “Grand Jury”. The missing words are “of anything”. Because what the Grand Juries decision actually said implies, but does not state that fact as part of their decision.

Wilson could have been charged with five possible crimes, yet the Grand Jury found that he was not guilty of any of the five potential crimes that they were charged with investigating, over the last three months. They were not charged with investigating anything beyond whether or not Michael Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson.

Wilson unloaded an entire clip into an unarmed man: That is murder by any standard in the universe.

The bizarre fact which was only touched on, very lightly, is that despite the fact that the murder in Ferguson Missouri was blatant; the officer’s name was withheld for an unconsciously long time. Then when it was revealed, by police, it was accompanied by a video tape that showed Michael Brown stealing something minor from a liquor store, just prior to his murder. The implication was clear: Michael Brown was a typically criminal black male that did not deserve to live.

Add to that the fact that in Ferguson, there were only three black grand jurors on the twelve member “jury” in the investigation for the formal indictment of Darren Wilson.

But here’s where the real injustice took place. The Grand Jury met only a few hours at a time, ONCE A WEEK, over a three month period of time to determine the facts of this case! It must be remembered that during that entire period of time the demonstrations went on day and night throughout Ferguson, Missouri and around the nation, over concern that this case was not being given a fair hearing.

A few hours, once a week” over something that threatens the stability of the system and the lives of millions across the nation and this government was “okay” with that?

If what they were considering had been a television program during which the plot was expanded over a three month period, for just a few hours once a week—it would be more than likely by the conclusion of that ordeal, it might be possible that the “jury” could well have forgotten both the outrage and the urgency when listening to so many supposed witnesses with contradictory testimony.

This is why every accused person is entitled to a swift and clear trial by a jury of his or her peers (in a continous hearing) in order to properly weigh the evidence as it applies to whatever that individual is being charged with.

Add to this the callous disregard of the government which demanded that everyone “just remain calm and accept whatever the government would eventually hand down”, as being both fair and real under their idea of the circumstances: But there was no room in the government’s version of events where the illegal use of a firearm, used by a cop against an unarmed person, could even be considered by any jury, anywhere. That is what this farce told the world: When they announced their totally skewed “decision” yesterday.

Riots have commenced across the nation, which will no doubt be met by more illegally formed military-tactics that will in the end only enflame tensions everywhere even more.

What would stop the riots might be the end of the programs that involve the TRAINING of US police agents in Israeli tactics that treat every person in front of any officer as “an Enemy of the State”, even before they have been accused of any crimes at all.

Not only should those training courses be shut down, all the upper echelon officers who attended them should be fired, including all those chiefs of police who went along with Israel over all current US law.

Anyone serving in a police capacity in the US must have an IQ capability that is well above room temperature: because the standardized tests these “officers” are currently tested for, do not reflect an understanding of any human common sense.

And all that military gear needs to be taken away from the mercenary cops and given back to the State National Guards that lost their own gear in the overseas illegal wars we’ve been losing for the last twenty-three years!

Those jurors and the man who murdered Michael Brown will have to live somewhere. And they will have to face themselves each and every day. They know what they did was wrong. And with every day that passes they are going to know without a doubt, that whatever happens next will be their fault as much as was the original murder of Michael Brown, by Darren Wilson…

The government that engineered this farce of a ‘Grand Jury Investigation’ needs to be dissolved or there will be no peace anywhere anymore in the United States…


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