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Judge, Jury & Executioners



By Jim Kirwan


When the Oligarch's took over the Communist Criminal Just-Us System

In Oregon & Nevada.

All the Evidence for any of these crimes was officially destroyed:

in order to frame whoever the so-called State has accused.

This required fake Laws and real Crimes to disguise what really happened.

The Crimes did indeed take place, people died and were harassed

but they were committed by the Tyrannical-STATE,

That is now being blamed on innocent people.

The “STATE” has expanded their original criminality to include a list of some 86 “wanted people” for more fabricated crimes - which none of the 86 were involved in supposedly committing. The idea here is to falsely paint the Defenders of the Constitution as 'terrorists'. 'Outlaws; that will stop at nothing in vicious false-flag attack's upon the innocent people of the places where these 'crimes' supposedly occurred.

The crimes happened, people were harassed, road blocks were set up and the public was searched and questioned repeatedly, not by the Patriots but by the police and others without identifying themselves. The airport was taken over and an entire military component of hostile enemy forces was installed there. The school was closed and the Sheriff's department along with Judge Grasty withdrew from confrontations with the public in person. The town installed barricades along with military check-points, all of which infuriated the townspeople who blamed the people at the Refuge for what the so-called Feds and the Oregon State Police were doing to virtually everyone in Burns. It was as if the various government agencies were saying that Harney Country was about to be invaded by the Russians, or some other terribly powerful force ­ yet none of that ever existed or happened.

These actions taken by authorities have more in common with those of a Military Occupying Force in Iraq or Afghanistan (than) they do with normal police actions here in America. The terrorization of Burns and throughout Harney County is, by no stretch of the imagination, being conducted by the ever increasing militarization of Federal and State agencies. With many reports in conjunction with an illegal and unconstitutional buildup of a foreign mercenary army of PMC’s, an invading army if you will, acting under the color of law but not in adherence to our laws. Claim as they do that they are FBI, their tactics and use of vehicle void of any US military or alphabet agency marking or insignia’s, and lack of compliance with US Law, even when asked they present no documentation that they are indeed FBI. A video clip of this fact can be seen here. Additionally, other armored assets from distant counties are in Burns. I ask, is all this really necessary to protect the public from 4 people still at the Refuge located 30 miles away, armed with a few rifles and hand guns, and already contained by authorities so they cannot escape from there. Or is something else going on here?”

There’s Something Strange Happening Here In Burns, Oregon….

Now there is an unfounded witch-hunt which is being done to desperately try to keep the truth from ever coming out, by threatening anyone & everyone who writes or speaks publicly about any of the government's criminal actions with fraudulent “CHARGES” that in this case could land people on the list for solitary confinement or worse for life: Just to keep themselves out of facing prison or from public-execution for what they've been doing or decades.

This is outrageous. Apparently, the round up is upon us. If this report is correct, it now appears that the resolution of the occupation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is only a prelude, and that a major crackdown is underway to round up patriots. Cliven Bundy was arrested only a few hours ago, and now it appears they are going after everyone else who was involved. Provocateurs have now succeeded in misdirecting the patriot movement, and entrapping many well meaning patriots who did nothing but stand up to federal overreach.

While the list of 86 individuals has not been produced, it is clear enough that few, if any of them, actually committed any crime. Instead, they will be punished retroactively for supporting a situation that dared to challenge federal authority.

From a tactical standpoint, many freedom loving patriots are now being targeted as the result of escalation of a situation that was never going to end well at Malheur, appeared offensive on its face, and has resulted in a huge response by FBI and other federal authorities, the loss of one life, and a now a witch hunt for those who dared to stand up. After that, how far will they go in targeting dissenters? History shows a dark path from here.

EXCLUSIVE: FBI sting to arrest 86 Americans in massive BLM cover-up”

They're coming with Standoff Over FBI initiates Mass Arrests of 2014 Bundy Ranch Protestors.

The State wants to arrest and silence these people and everyone else who might ever question the cover up of their crimes against the Republic, the Constitution and the people. It's beginning in Nevada and Oregon, but this will go nationwide unless these outlaws are stopped now.

In every crime there is always 'evidence' and facts on the record that can't be ignored, because they are facts - especially when anyone is murdered. In the case of LaVoy Finicum, there was a body with nine bullet holes in him. There was video-tape of the clear-cut murder. This happened 19 days ago—yet no one has been officially charged with his murder. The assassins came from inside Oregon State Police vehicles, and there were live human witnesses: Yet no one has been charged. The FBI promised to investigate, yet nearly three weeks after the murder, the FBI remains silent.

Now the police-state is using tainted officials from Harney County through every state Agency in both Oregon and Nevada, from Sheriff's & prosecutors, all the way up through the courts, to the AG in both states and in Oregon's case the Governor who said at the beginning of this, that she wanted these people gone. She did not use these words 'just like what happened in Waco', but no one could miss Kate Brown inferences.

Either there are laws in the United States against the public murder of innocent Americans, or there are not.

In America no member of 'law-enforcement' is allowed to exist beyond the law: Be they law-enforcement 'officers' or political officials at any level.

No agency is allowed to import terrorism or foreign troops into America in direct contradiction to the entire U. S. Constitution.

When 'Murder One' is committed in public a full investigation must begin, immediately.

And when the perpetrators are police they must be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

So far the police organizations and the government have broken every law that accompanies the crimes committed on January 26, by uniformed thugs, from the ambush and kidnapping of innocent people on the highway to the cold blooded assassination of

LeVoy Finicum

Yet all that has followed from those events,, has been a whole range of fake-charges that have nothing to do with what happened that evening to some people that were trying to get to a meeting with a Constitutional Sheriff and several hundred people in John Day some 70 miles away.

If this keeps up it won't be long before no law-enforcement creature will be safe from the public everywhere else: Because these crimes have not been answered for, or even accepted as having officially occurred. If the person who died had been a police officer, HUNDREDS WOULD HAVE BEEN QUESTIONED AND THE MEN WHO PULLED THOSE TRIGGERS WOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED AWAY IN ISOLATION, IF THEY SURVIVED THE ARREST...

The fact that this has not happened - speaks volumes to the people of the United States ­ and unless these criminals hiding behind government and corporate badges are brought forward and face arrest and trial for their crimes by Monday Morning ­ then the world will know for certain that it's time for the public to arm-up and forcefully protect themselves from these criminals, in every state in the Union...

Late Breaking News:

Who killed LaVoy Finicum? Lawmakers weigh bill to protect officer's identity

1min 52 sec VIDEO




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