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The Judas Kiss

By J. Speer-Williams


After the Last Supper in the Garden of Gethsemane, Judas identified Jesus to the Roman soldiers by means of a kiss. Thus Jesus was betrayed.

The Judas Kiss is defined as an act of betrayal, especially one that is disguised as a gesture of friendship.

From among the weapons in their tool kit of deceit, American foreign policy leaders have made use of the Judas kiss. Such was the case over a decade ago.

When: July 25, 1990

Where: Presidential Place ­ Baghdad, Iraq

What: President Saddam Hussein’s intention to invade Kuwait to stop the theft of oil from slant drilling into what he considered to be Iraqi territory.

What is the United States’ opinion on this?” asked President Hussein to US Ambassador April Glaspie.

We have no opinion on your Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait … the Kuwait issue is not associated with America,” replied the American ambassador.

Ambassador Glaspie’s response was America’s Judas kiss to their pretended ally.

Eight days later, on August 2, 1990, Hussein’s troops invaded Kuwait. Immediately, the Western press turned Hussein into a demon. Over and over again, we heard that Hussein was possessed with tyrannical ambitions and was loaded with enough weapons of mass destruction to realize them.

Stories of Iraqi soldiers committing atrocities in Kuwait filled the corporate media, along with television analysts predicting that Hussein would bring back to America the dreaded “gas lines” of the 1970s.

Soon, Americans had their first “live” televised war as US war planes bombed Baghdad and its innocent people.

Today, after Gulf War I (Desert Storm) and Gulf War II (Shock and Awe), Iraq lies in radioactive ruins with millions of dead or displaced men, women, and children ­ such are the death-dealing effects of our Judas kisses.

The International Zionists have long been masters at employing the Judas kiss. And that became obvious in the conflagration known as the Second World War.

Then toward the end of the twentieth century, the tax-free Zionist think tank Project for a New American Century drew up plans to destabilize the entire Middle East, save Israel. Their goal was the destruction of seven sovereign nations, starting with another war on Iraq and ending with Iran.

These wars were to be portrayed as vital to American interests, both domestically and internationally ­ they were the kisses of Judas.

The International Zionist cabal is directed by a sinister force that has a most intelligent mentality but is totally bereft of compassion, wisdom, and empathy. These distasteful and disturbing creatures are essentially soulless. And since such a disposition is out of our mind-set, unfathomable to human minds, I know of no one who can give us all the reasons for Zionism bringing Adolf Hitler to power, and then financing the German Nazi war machine. But the fact that it was done is clearly provable. Read Antony C. Sutton’s Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler.

For a current-day parallel, think of the al Qaeda forces the US government supported in Libya and is now arming in Syria against the legitimate Bashar al-Assad government.

From the early 1930s until at least 1942, the Zionist banker-owned and banker-controlled multinational corporations built the German Nazi war machine. Certainly during that time frame, the Zionists knew of Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic policies. Did the Zionists (or their hirelings) not know of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf (My Fight), published in1925? Yet they still continued to supply their supposed enemy the armaments that killed thousands of Allied troops and endangered Jewish lives.

Obviously, these Zionists wanted a long and bloody World War II and sold out their own people (and others) to achieve it.

If, as some researchers posit, the German Nazi movement was the greatest threat ever posed against the International Zionist cabal, it was still a hazard financed by Jewish bankers, one they felt confident in winning. Clearly, the Zionists used Hitler, probably without the Fuhrer ever knowing it.

The claim that Hitler was a crypto-Jew working in collusion with the pro-Zionist Allies in order to destroy Germany is yet another absurd conspiracy theory put forth by those who would have us believe that all theories outside what is promoted by the mainstream propaganda organs are false.

But the facts of the matter remain. The financing of Adolf Hitler and his war powers was largely handled by the old Max and Paul Warburg-controlled Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam (all Zionists), and the Schroeder Bank of Frankfort, London, and New York (all Zionists).

Zionist bankers were even directors of I.G. Farben, the gigantic German chemical firm that produced the Zyklon B gas that was supposedly used in Nazi extermination camps.

After Germany was defeated, Allied aircraft fire-bombed almost all her major cities and innocent citizens; but the Farben facilities were carefully spared. The Zionists wanted to protect their paramount asset within the gutted country.

While most of World War II history has been sanitized, some historians can still discern the truth ­ Zionists have sacrificed Jews to gain the moral authority to institutionalize their patented “Holocaust” and to steal Palestine, while eliminating all native Palestinians with constant genocide.

In Jewish writer Ben Hecht’s book Perfidy, he tells how the Zionist bankers sacrificed over one million European Jews by refusing Adolph Eichmann’s offer (with authorization from Hitler and Himmler) to free those Jews in exchange for merely one thousand tons of coffee and tea, and ten thousand trucks. The Zionists wanted the persecution of Jews for two reasons: their “Holocaust,” and Palestine, the base from which they could wage endless war in the Middle East, using the military of the United States as their brainless muscle.

Without ever conferring with Allah, these Zionists proclaimed that they were God’s “chosen people” and He had given them Palestine. The Zionist-controlled media has been selling this ludicrous idea to the world ever since.

As tragic as World War II was, for both East and West, the whole tribulation can now be seen as a prelude to the incalculable damage, unceasing chaos, and eternal destabilization to be inflicted on the middle kingdoms ­ the countries of the Middle East.

Could Adolf Hitler have avoided the Second World War? Possibly, by not ever allowing his military forces to venture outside of Germany, no matter the provocations. Nevertheless, he could not have resisted the mandates for the ultimate destruction of Germany any more than Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein could have averted the destruction of his country, or Muammar Gaddafi prevented the devastation of Libya.

The Russian hordes from the East and the Allied forces from the West would have eventually laid waste to Germany on one Zionist inspired pretense or another.

Ignoring the twenty million lives slaughtered under Soviet rule, or the twenty million­plus murdered by China’s Mao, the Second World War gave the Zionists their Holocaust, which they have since used to justify their genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people with tanks, DU, and white phosphorous bombs.

Such psychopathic butchery is far from in the best interests of the Israelis or the Jewish people anywhere.

Since its inception, Zionist plans have bred anti-Semitism around the world. Was it their intention? If so, it supports the concept that the ultimate controllers of Zionism are non-Jewish entities who make use of the self-serving Israeli leaders, Jewish neocons in Western governments, and any and all aggressively ignorant Jews.

There are undoubtedly deeper reasons for what the Zionists do, but at the heart of their machinations lies the metaphysical belief that the Semitic gene (both Jewish and Arabic) must be fundamentally mutated and finally destroyed. Their weapon of choice? DU ­ depleting uranium!

DU has been used by the US and Israeli armed forces from the beginning of their tragic wars in Bosnia, the Balkans, Lebanon, Iraq, and the much of the rest of the the Middle East.

Absurdly, Israel was the first country to use DU in warfare, and it has been heavily used ever since.

Periodically, the Israeli military even uses DU on defenseless Palestinians in Gaza, or in Lebanon, in spite of its radiation blowing all over Jerusalem and the rest of Israel, making the whole small country radioactive for the next 4.5 billion years. And yet, most Israelis support our DU wars and, unknowingly, their own demise.

This idiocy notwithstanding, many Christians are so enamored with the Israelis and “their Promised Land” that they, also, support our wars, some how thinking they help Israel. They do not realize that the US government has consistently funded and armed the radical Muslim mercenaries in those wars, who have long been killing Christians with wild abandon in the Middle East.

Even IHS Jane’s Report states that nearly half of the [Middle Eastern, American-backed mercenaries] rebels are jihadists or hardline Islamists.

Zionism is simply a deceptive plot by the secret Illuminists for world destruction and domination that far too many Christians and Jews have fallen prey to. A pitiful, sad picture, when one considers the arrogant ignorance of so many of our fellow humans, the Jews and Christians ­ many of whom do not know the motto of Israel’s intelligence service:

By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

Israel and the other Middle Eastern nation states are now merely the “walking dead” amongst our world community of countries, with the United States of America having played the leading role ­ using their kisses of the despicable Judas.

J. Speer-Williams



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