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John Barbour Looks At
Alex Jones At Bilderberg!

 By John Barbour

O.K., there's stuff all over the internet about those Bilderbergers Baddies meeting again in England plotting and planning our continuing servitude to them, at least according to MegaMouth Alex Jones.

 Look, honestly, not having that kind of bank account, I know little about these folks; but I do know a lot about people, so let me put my modest two cents worth in and make a few observations.

 As Socrates said, centuries ago, 'Birds of a feather flock together!' Well, birds and people haven't changed. If you're a teacher, you like to hang around with teachers. Lawyers with lawyers. Doctors with doctors. etc. It's the same for the very rich. They don't want to hang around with us.
 They want to hang around with each other. Teachers have their conventions to talk about improving education. Lawyers want to improve lawyering, so far without success. And doctors medicine; again without success.

 The rich want to improve ways to hang onto or increase their wealth. It's not complicated; and it's only natural. How they go about it, however, is sometimes unnatural, since they own everything. But they are not the ones who enact or legislate their venalities. It's the Politicians they buy, and that some of us vote for.

 Alex Jones going over there with his bullhorn mouth is in reality an egregious, pathetic form of Kim Kardashian grandstanding, serving only himself. He is to News what wrestling is to Sports.

 If he really wanted to do Truth and us a service, since he obviously has a whole lot more followers than Jesus, he could do a couple of truly worthwhile things right here. First of all, he could take his mouth and his legions on a march to Wall Street demanding arrests and trials for the architects of our economic collapse; he could march on The Fed demanding it be nationalized, or march on Washington demanding an increase in the minimum wage for the millions of workers in poverty having to collect food stamps in order to eat; or march on Congress demanding an end to financing illegal wars, and an end to interest on student loans. Or try to free Bradley Manning.

 I mean, Cindy Sheehan is literally busting her butt, and I mean busting it, riding a bike from the Pacific to the Atlantic to promote peace..while this Texas Turd only promotes himself. Christ, he wouldn't have to march on Washington; he could take a limo!!





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