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John Lear Blasts New Metro
Police Report On Massacre

The Following Were Reportedly Posted By Lear To Facebook

First John Lear Facebook post

Just one example of the complete stupidity of the LVMPD report on page 13 (of 81) it has Paddock firing 194 rounds between 2207 and 2208. The report does not mention how he managed to accomplish that feat or which guns he used and or how many magazines he used. This report has all of the earmarks of an FBIA attempted coverup to make it look like Paddock was the 'lone gunman'. I don't believe that Paddock fired a single round. More later as I carefully read this report.

Second John Lear Facebook post

The following is from the Fake News Department of the demented and deranged mind of dementia crazed John Lear. The reader is asked not to believe anything John writes because it is all just nonsense.



In the LVMPD report on pages 15 to 22 is a list of the FBIA fabricated deaths. Not a single listing includes where the bullet hole was, what direction it came from, the angle that it penetrated the body or where the bullet existed. In other words the entire list is a fabrication made by the FBIA and sworn to by the Clark County Office of the Coroner Medical Examiner.

In other words the FBIA couldn't get the Clark County Coroner to fabricate the death certificates himself so they used the “Clark County Office of the Coroner 'Medical Examiner'” to sign off on the fabricated death certificates. And where is Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg? Did he swear that he had signed all 58 death certificates?

Page 23 of the LVMPD Report has a footnote #12. It states “Source material consisted of information from local area hospitals (names not given), notes taken by Crime Scene Analysts who responded to the local hospitals (name of hospitals not provided) to document the injured, voluntary statements from actual victims (actual victims are presumably different from 'fake' victims). Also included was a separate listing of victims provided by the FBI.

Why a separate listing? Because nobody might have seen an actual dead body and the FBIA had the official list of “Dead Crises Actors” to match the fake death certificates signed by, no not John Fudenberg! But by the “Office of the Clark County Medical Examiner”. Get it?

On page 24 it states that between September of 2016 and September of 2017 Paddock purchased 84 fireams with firearms related accessories. Now are we supposed to believe that paddock purchased 84 firearms and related accessories to shoot the Music Festival re- velers? I don't. The FBIA undercover employee bought those firearms at the behest of his employer to sell or trade to ISIS in some kind of a scam that went bad.

The next few pages of the LVMPD Report are the details of the fabrication of Stephen Paddock as the shooter by his employer the FBIA.

Reviewing LVMPD Report pages 24-30 of 81 pages other then to mention that the 'event had officers staffed from 1300-0100 hours with officers arriving and securing at various times, there is not one mention of a time. Not one.

The Report takes 7 pages of single spaced text to review who went where and included details of the operation of the elevators and every single officers position there is not one single mention of time, not one. This makes it impossible to crosscheck who was where as the alleged gunfire was taking place. There is no mention of time as to when Paddocks body was discovered.                                            

The report mentions that a small frame revolver was 'on the ground above Paddocks head' and that he was laying 'on top of a rifle'. The report states that  'Apparent blood on the revolver and a pool of blood had formed around Paddocks head'. The report then states 'the officers believed Paddock had a self-inflicted gunshot wound but doesn't mention where the self-inflicted gunshot wound was located. The report fails to mention that Paddock had a chest wound as can be seen in crime scene photographs.

On page 29 the LVMPD report states 'No gunfire had been heard from the suspect's room for about 40 minutes but fails to mention the time the '40 minutes' commenced or the time the '40 minutes' ended. This makes correlation of any related activity including the 'breaks in  gunfire', or when Officers Cook and Clarkson were wounded.or when Officer Varsin and Hendrex 'heard gunfire' from 'below the 31st. Floor., or when LVMPD officers arrived on the 32nd floor' and proceeded up the 300 wing' and 'made entry into rooms', or when 'the sound of gunfire had ceased', or when the 'Strike Team made entrance into room 32-135. This is an incredible breach of formal investigation procedures however preliminary but obviously allows for an erroneous timeline to be constructed to obfuscate the true sequence of events.

On page32 of the LVMPD Report Location and Description of the Bodies it states, 'A total of thirty one (31) bodies were located, documented and eventually recovered from inside of the venue and on the exterior perimeter.  The report then states  'The time of death was determined to be 0545 hours for those recovered from the venue and exterior perimeter.' This is approximately 7:38 (seven hours and thirty eight minutes) after the shooting began at 2207. The report does not mention this discrepancy or why no timeline is included in the report.

The report then states “Davis Funeral Home responded and transported the deceased to the CCOCME for a complete examination. The report fails to mention how Davis Funeral Home would transport 31 bodies or where the balance of the alleged 58 deceased were or where their bodies were transported and what those times of death were.

There are so many holes in this report that it has obviously been partially or wholly written by the FBIA to obscure and obfuscate any meaningful investigation of the Oct. 1 alleged massacre.

The FBIA official mouthpiece The Las Vegas Review Journal in its Sunday Edition reported nothing. The Bell Comic Books Heroes Archer and Meathead continued to call Paddock 'the shooter' as dictated to them by the FBIA, as there continues to be no evidence that Paddock was a shooter of the more than 3 shooters of the alleged massacre.