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John Barbour's New Year Hopes

By John Barbour

I am inspired to write my 1st post because it is 2020. And 2020 to me has another appropriate meaning for a troubled country beginning a new decade..and another Presidential election. 2020 is how you describe perfect vision.

My hope is that in 2020 the handful of billionaires who run the country have the vision to start to make the necessary changes most of the rest of us can see clearly.

To make it again the great land of promise it was when the French gave us the inscribed Statue of Liberty.

To make it again the land of the promise of Peace that it was when John Kennedy was President, a promise of Peace that was clearly gunned down on the streets of Dallas on Nov.22/63 by a now operating openly no longer Deep State!

To 1st restore the promise of peace, slash in half the bloatded unnecessary military budget.
With 2 dozen Intelligence agencies, splinter the unneeded CIA into 1000 pieces, releasing all the JFK, MLK, RFK, files.

To restore the promise of privacy, curtail surveillance of citizens by Government and hi-tech giants.
Restore the the promise of Free Speech & the 1st Amendment to its original position of people power by 1st dropping charges against Assange and Snowden; and 2nd, reversing Clinton's fascist Communications Act..not allowing anyone to own more than 7 tv, radio stations or newspapers.

Restore the promise of the opportunity for the brightest young minds to rise by making education free to all: and to insure students will be taught by the brightest minds, give teachers salaries that are the equal of Corporate Executives.

Restore and insure the promise of the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of eliminating Insurance from an healthcare system that should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Doctors should deal with patients, not paperwork.

To restore the promise of prosperity for every American, repeal..(Clinton again)
NAFTA, returning manufacturing to our land.

To restore the promise of dedicated civil servants, no Congressman or Senator should have ammenities or services denied ordinary citizens, and should not be able to vote on any bill which profits them or their relatives, or take a job with any company whose Bill they ruled on.

And..restore the promise of people over property by auditing or dismantling the private Federal Reserve Central Bank..which both JFK and Lincoln tried to do.

In essence, as I re-evaluate this short list that you can add to, what we are simply saying, is we hope those running our country...return to the promises of The Constitution & Bill of Rights…that further insures the Promise of Peace by allowing only the Congress to Declare War.

Happy 2020...and a new beginning…

John Barbour