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Widely Read Critic Staggered By John's Book!


John Barbour - Got your book yesterday late. I've already read about 100 pages. Intense, man. I am sending you a check for the full amount and would double it if I were more able.

From Mike Farrell
Actor-Writer...think MASH


'Your book is an absolute knockout. Thank you for the gift of your Life. Your incredible memories. Your experiences. Your adventures. Your candor. Your talent. Your insight..and your powers of observation. My wife Shelley and I took turns reading it to one another.

Our love to you,


From Jeff Arbaugh


More than a few months ago I received a copy of "You're Mother's Not A Virgin" written by John Barbour, a man who I am proud to call a friend.

At 700 pages plus, the idea of reading it seemed quite overwhelming...and it sat on my bedside table...taunting me for quite some time.

Recently, though, I began to read. And kept reading. And read some more. Until...just 2 1/2 days later when I finished the book.

When finished, I couldn't wait to speak with John...and on the phone I told him that even though I laughed out loud (literally) and had shed more than a few tears while reading, I was angry at him. I was angry at him for not writing this book sooner. I would have liked to have read this book thirty years ago...for a number of personal reasons.

If ever there was someone who would be completely justified to feel bitter about their circumstances or their lot in life, having been dealt only four cards in a game of five card would be John Barbour.

Yet, I have never heard one word...not a single utterance from John himself that would suggest that he has ever been a victim of anyone or anything.

This is a collection of stories and tales and remembrances...some sad...some funny...all true. Stories about Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Redd Foxx, Lenny Bruce, Jane Fonda, Dean Martin, Lucille Ball, George Burns and many others will have you laughing and leave a smile on your face.

This is more than a collection of fond recollections and witty anecdotes. This is a story of survival. Perseverance. Getting knocked down...but, more importantly, getting back up. And, to paraphrase Polonius ...staying true to yourself and believing that you have something of value to offer...even and especially when no one else thinks so.

For my friends that are readers, I encourage you to give this one a read. It can be found on Amazon.

From A Very Happy Reader


John, I didn't know if I would ever read your book. But I thought since you gave me a signed copy I owed you the minimum respect to at least take a look. So I reluctantly opened the cover and started to read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read??
I think I'm gonna like it. The truth is always entertaining!

From Gail Seib in Australia

When the show-biz legend considered "too controversial to go live" on mainstream media brings out a book, that book is a must-read. John Barbour, the father of reality television, the man who sued the B's and won has his life story on paper and what a life story. John is the man who shouts the Garrison truth louder than the official fantasy. Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction reader this book is for you. It is a true read, a fun read and an unforgettable read. John's life is a tale of spinning straw into gold but not getting attached to the gold - how rare in show-biz. John is the man who turned laughter into nutrition. My Amazon review is more on John than the book because no one could top the comprehensive, brilliant review of Donald Jeffries. The book is now available on Kindle and will be available in paperback on 24 April. Whether John Barbour is a household name or you have never heard of him you will never regret reading his book.

A Review From Australia


Oh John Barbour, what a story, what a masterpiece! 709 pages and not once did I put the book down because I wanted to. I either had to sleep or had to work. What an honour to share your adventure. I've come to believe that the path to the Kingdom of Heaven is a rocky one, paved with obstacles to overcome and overcome you did.

Your journey is the adventure of a lifetime. As you draw us into your magical, mystery life in an intimate and thrilling manner, we share the achievement of what you overcame to be the man we have all come to love. I cried for you, and for Ernie and Mel, and even for your mum because she missed out on the most wonderful experience granted any woman. Because I had the gift of loving parents I can only imagine, without those two early guiding beacons, it must have been like being in a busy city with no idea where you had to go and no idea how to get there. You worked it out. You followed your dream - from Canada to the big screen and now to the homes of the world. You became the father that you deserved, you married the mother that you deserved and you created the family that you deserved.

Yours has been no ordinary life. You looked past the "glamour" and showed us that no one is ordinary. Everyone has a story and every story is interesting. You draw the extraordinary from the ordinary. Now with your relentless efforts to bring the Great Man, Jim Garrison's story to the world through your tapes and videos and now your incredible book you have created the biggest, most loving family that reaches far beyond blood.

Everyone who reads your book will become your family. We are the Real People you have been living your whole life for, the real people you find so interesting. We are the reason that Jim Garrison picked you so that those who have the ears to listen can hear the voice of the truth, not the voluminous nonsense, as Jim referred to it as, that was tossed to the world about the JFK assassination. Your dream wasn't implanted by your mother and father. You got out and invented your dream. You never lost your way and never lost your morality to a culture that lures and swallows those seeking fame and fortune.

The honour of being one of the first to experience this wonderful book is a treasure I will hold in my heart until my final rotation around the Sun. It will be my constant reminder that "If you dream it, it will come" and if you add love it will follow a divine path. Thank you, John Barbour. Your book is a spiritual beacon. It deserves to rise like a jet-propelled rocket to the literary pinnacle. Just one last thing: my mum, who was born five days after you, is a virgin. I know this because my dad was an angel. May the Blessings Be. <3

From A Single Mom In Australia

Your book is a gift, John. It is amazing. Whichever one of my kids saves your book, gets my house. I hope you live another 85 years so we can get another story!! LOL!!! The next time you send me a book that is as immensely enjoyable to read as yours, please send me a gardener too so I don't have to garden when I could be reading. I now have it on Kindle as well and am so close to the end that it can come with me in my handbag till I finish. For any of my friends who would love to read a master story by a Master Storyteller get John's book. You will not regret it but your housework will lol. I will be reviewing it and I can tell you now my review will be recommending it to the nth degree. It is superb.

From Belinda Boyles

John Barbour is UNIQUE. He's funny, brave, and incredibly intelligent. Now in his mid-80s, he has finally taken enough time off the golf course to write his memoirs in, "YOUR MOTHER'S NOT A VIRGIN". This is the story of his life, from his struggles as an abandoned child to his botched attempts to escape the cold raw Toronto winters to get into the America of his Childhood Dreams...Hollywood, where the Movie Studios, the 'Dream Factories' of the 1930s and 1940s were changing the face of Entertainment. Somehow, Johnny got here and the rest is History. He has had the richest life of anyone on the planet today, meeting, working with and hobnobbing with Stars from Frank Sinatra to Ronald Reagan, Ricardo Montalban to Jane Fonda, Muhammed Ali to Redd Foxx to Dean Sinatra and Lucille Ball. He's been a Comic, a Critic, a Writer, an Actor, a Television Producer, a TV Star, a Shakespearean Stage Actor, a Developer, a Karaoke Singer, an Aspiring YouTube Performer, a Political Commentator, a Movie and Documentary Producer and one of the Premier Authorities on the Kennedy Assassination. He is sharp and witty and smart beyond compare and you will LOVE THIS BOOK.

Every chapter is unique and this is a huge read. The best part is being able to open to ANY PAGE and just read a quick chapter or story and LAUGH, CRY, FEEL ONE WITH HIM.

Johnny is the originator of REAL PEOPLE, the FIRST REALITY SHOW ON AMERICAN TV. If you're lucky and old enough to have seen it in the late 70s and early 80s, you know how great it was, how innovative and creative. Interviewing REAL PEOPLE about their lives, and the quirky or offbeat things they do, was the heart of that Show. This book makes that look like an Amateur Work. "YOUR MOTHER'S NOT A VIRGIN" will be the Book you remember, it will make you literally LAUGH through TEARS.

As one who is very familiar with Johnny's work, I can assure you that THIS IS THE PINNACLE OF HIS EFFORTS and you owe it to yourself to READ THIS, ENJOY IT, AND SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW!