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Joe Biden's Ukraine Coup Points Back
To His 911 False-Flag Attacks

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The takeaways from the Biden good cop-bad cop game in Ukraine four years ago start with the CIA attempt to seize control of the Burisma gas company with the objective of cutting Russian energy supplies to Western Europe. Their naked attempt, through manipulation of the "corruption" issue, that led to dumping a prosecutor who threaten to expose Hunter Biden's more than $50,000 a month (much of that probably diverted from US foreign aid and defense support for Ukraine) was aimed at protecting the Gulf Arab-controlled OPEC and the Petrodollar recycling system, which has been so profitable for the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and lesser players like the Bush dynasty.

Then, when the Bidens failed to take control of the Ukraine gas sector due to the reluctance of Burisma boss Mykola Zlochevsky, then suddenly the Euromaidan color revolution was rolled out by Rothschild frontman George Soros aided by the CIA's rogue agent Mikhail Saaskavili, former fascistic president of Georgia and shamefully a US citizen, sponsored mercenaries and hooligans to overthrew Ukraine's democratically elected government with an unfunny cast of clowns and crooks.

Next comes the treasonous role of the phony Deep State "whistleblower" Susan Gorden, assistant to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats (whose former Virginia-DC-region fundraiser in his senatorial campaigns was Achilles Alefantis, father of Jimmy Comet and the contractor who fixed up safe-houses for the CIA in Virginia). Gordon's longest bureaucratic assignment was with the CIA Office of Information, the Orwellian source of vast flows of disinformation, which explains the distorted and unfounded claims in her 9-page complaint. Edward Snowden she is not, but quite the opposite, as disinfo is from truthful reporting. For most of her disreputable spook career, she was paid to lie.

The final item to highlight, and of most importance to Americans, is that two tenacious New Yorkers have taken the lead in exposing Joe Biden and his Deep State associates in the Ukraine affair, which is the opening shot in disclosure of the 18-year investigation into the 911 betrayal. Rudy Giulani was NYC mayor at the time of those false-flag attacks organized under the Clinton and Bush administrations. Joe Biden, the Jesuit-run traitor who had served as a CIA agent in China to monitor Soviet nuclear tests in neighboring Kazakhstan, was the heir to the OSS-early CIA black-ops campaign. As head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the NATO interventions against Yugoslavia, Biden wielded extraordinary powers as a senator. The other New Yorker in pursuit of the real perpetrators 0f 911 is, of course, Donald Trump.

Dem Crooks

What is stunning in this final phase of exposing the murderous treason of the Deep State is the lock-step cohesion of the Democratic Party, proving it to be a nest of con men and double-crossing molls allied with drug traffickers, the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal and the Mossad, ethically brain-dead after all the decades of brainwashing, media manipulation and blatant corruption.

A narrow focus on American criminality in Ukraine shows Hunter Biden and his father to be guilty up to their eyeballs in kickbacks and payoffs, very possibly with funds diverted from U.S. AID and overseas defense funding for the local defense forces. An investigation needs to go broader and deeper, and should be traced back to the Obama Cabinet's abuse of the intelligence budget and aid programs, the deeper layers beneath the Pizzagate scandal.

Ukraine, however important the issue of misappropriation in foreign aid programs, is a steppingstone toward a much wider investigation into the countless acts of treason by Joe Biden, a leading member of the Knights of Malta in service to Jesuit intriguers. The inquiry begins with the other American appointed to the Burisma board of directors Joseph Cofer Black, the CIA's former head of counter-espionage and clandestine ops executive, a key conspirator in the 911 false flag operations.

Spies and Traitors

As region specialist in the Horn of Africa, Cofer Black had the lead role in labeling his minions in Islamic radical movements as America's No.1 enemy, setting the stage for the false-flags attacks on the WTC. Black was closely associated with Al Qaeda, which was created by the CIA under Jimmy Carter's presidency for armed resistance against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Osama bin Laden and his minions and allies were later run by Clinton's covert ops team in the failed terrorist campaign to restore Islamic rule over Chechnya, a part of the Russian-ruled Caucasus, and also the NATO-CIA operations to "liberate" Bosnia and Kosovo as the first havens for Islamic radicalism in Europe by partitioning and destroying the Yugoslav federation. Militant Islamic extremism was made in America, in league with Saudi intelligence officials including the Saudi intel chief Prince Turki and Ambassador Bandar. The most recent of these violent outbursts of treason by the CIA was the lethal Saudi assault on behalf of Obama-Bandar's ISIS against the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

The Arabist wing of the CIA was extensively involved in the pilot training for their recruits from Egypt and Saudi Arabia (for the purpose of diverting attention from the mini-radar system that guided the aircraft into the Twin Towers). The Al Qaeda Air Force training was done at CIA propriety air-fields in Florida and also at Teterboro Airport, home-field for the OSS-CIA and secret getaway strip for Bill Clinton, John Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein, and also childhood home of the arch-traitor Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. The demolition team, which set the explosive charges inside the towers and 7 WTC (entering the ATT tunnels from their perch at the Manhattan Borough Community College), were contract agents with the clandestine ops bureau, presumably under direct orders from Cofer Black.

Trump's citing of "spies and traitors" is no euphemism but an accurate description of the CIA clandestine ops and their associates at Justice and the FBI, which has murdered decent Americans and manipulated the news media to further the agenda of their paymasters in the energy industry, formerly known as the Seven Sisters oil companies, which include scoundrels like the Rockefellers and their bastard child Bill Clinton, the Bush clan and Barack Obama, whose Indonesian genocidal step-father was employed by Mobil Oil.

Attempts to Stop Russian Oil to Europe

The Bidens' Ukraine operation was just one of those favors for the oil tycoons, who tried but failed to corral Russian President Vladimir Putin into accept their terms (of keeping Russian oil in the ground and out of pipelines), in keeping with his lame predecessors Yeltsin and Gorbachev. To his credit, Putin defied the globalist oil monopoly and was expelled from the Group of Eight for his rebellion. His refusal of complicity led Vice President Joe Biden, who headed the National Security Council, to personally intervene in Ukraine and prepare the groundwork for the Euromaidan Square color revolution and coup d'etat. Joe Biden used his own son to divert attention from the CIA mole Joseph Cofer Black nestled inside Burisma's board of directors.

Their initial objective was to recruit the "old" complicit KGB members in Ukraine to support the coming coup against the "new" FSB (Federal Security Bureau), but Biden's team on the ground failed badly as Burisma president Mykola Zlochevsky tried to fend off the hostile takeover with millions of dollars in transfers to the Biden clan (and probably revelations of the bribery to the procurator's office. After the Euromaidan coup, Zlochevsky realized that the CIA would eliminate him and therefore fled to Moscow for protection. Let's hope Zlock discloses the money-laundering route to the Bidens via Latvia and Cyprus.

Go Rudy!

Though as a former New York resident, I once had qualms about the Giuliani gentrification policy, today nearly two decades after 911, my respect and admiration for his investigative stamina (he was after all head of the New York Southern District prosecutor's office before serving as mayor during the Big Apple's darkest crisis). His commitment to justice for the victims of 911 and their families is above and beyond the call of duty. Let us all damn the traitors and salute Rudolf Giuliani and his loyal colleague President Donald Trump for serving the cause of justice for all. Never forget 911.