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Jewish Connection ­ Influence ­ The Clintons

By Blake Sawyer


Let me see if I have this straight.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s only child*, Chelsea, is married to Marc Mezvinski. Mezvinski was born and raised, as one of 11 children, in a conservative Jewish home by Edward and Marjorie Mezvinski, both of whom are former Democratic members of the US House of Representatives. (NOTE: Edward was married to his first wife while having an affair with NBS News reporter Marjorie Margolies. After his wife divorced him, Edward married Marjorie.)

Edward, Mark’s father, is a convicted felon (he pleaded GUILTY to 31 felony counts of bank fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud.) He embezzled more than $10 million from a Ponzi Scheme, bilking people for an advanced ­ fee scam (i.e.: think about all the Nigerian prince emails you have received asking for money, and you can get the picture of what an advanced-fee scam is).

For the first eight years after graduating from college, Marc worked as an ‘investment banker’ for Goldman Sachs. He left Goldman to work for a private equity company but then quickly decided to form a hedge fund group, called Eaglevale, with two of his Goldman ‘buddies’, Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon. Eaglevale managed over half a billion dollars. Just think of all those rich democrats who would love to brag that they have invested $X into Hillary and Bill’s son-in-law’s hedge fund ­ for some well needed ‘access’. NOTE: I have actually seen some of the originally “get in at the ground floor” marketing for the fund, targeting potential investors.

Bennett Grau is an interesting character. He worked for Goldman Sachs for 30 years. I’ll skip most of the gory details on Goldman Sachs for the sake of brevity. However, for an accurate description of these banksters, I’ll quote Rolling Stone Magazine, who described Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

Not shockingly, Goldman gave Chelsea’s mother (Crooked Hillary) $675,000 PERSONALLY, for three (yes, 3) speeches. But it was also Goldman Sachs who secretly sold a shady derivative to Greece in 2001 that hid Greece’s true debt and doubled the amount of money Greece owed Goldman Sachs, after several ‘re-workings’ of the derivative. Why does this matter?

Eaglevale had two funds, both “Hellenic” (read: Greek), one on shore and one offshore. These ‘hedge’ funds, called Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity Fund, ‘invested’ in Greece. But with ‘former’ Goldman Sachs employees having access to Greece’s financial dealings, this was a no-brainer. So, did the fund make bajillions of dollars? Oh no, to the contrary. It lost 90% of its value. Something completely unheard of for a ‘hedge’ fund. You see, the term ‘hedge’ implies that there supposed to be certain ‘things’ in place to hedge against a huge loss. Eaglevale ‘closed its doors’ in December of 2016.

Ah, but Mezvinski married into the Clinton family. No problem. There are lots of opportunities for anyone with that connection.

What happened to Bennet Grau? Oh, he just happens to be the Vice Chairman of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Of course, anyone with an IQ over 10, knows that the SPLC is the most vile, evil, hate-filled, lying, anti-Christian organization in the United States.

NOTE: Chelsea and Marc got married at the home George Soros’ daughter, Andrea. It is the former grand New York estate of John Jacob Astor IV, called Astor Courts ­ Ferncliff.

*Not including Danney Williams Clinton, the child born to black Arkansas prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams. Who looks just like Bill Clinton.

Notes to thyself:

The Luciferian Globalists are alive and well on planet earth with lots of willing participants to set up their global government.

Blake Sawyer is a husband (30+ years), father (of 2 great kids, now adults), solutions-oriented author, podcaster, radio show host and God-fearing Christian. You can listen to his podcast (ESCAPE!) free of charge on iTunes or his radio show (We Are The Truth Seekers) on Rense Radio. You may find his solutions at and