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Jerry Brown To Ban Combustion Engines

By Jim Kirwan


California Mulls Following China With Combustion Engine Car Ban


The internal combustion engine’s days may be numbered in California, where officials are mulling whether a ban on sales of polluting autos is needed to achieve long-term targets for cleaner air.

Governor Jerry Brown has expressed an interest in barring the sale of vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines, Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board, said in an interview Friday at Bloomberg headquarters in New York. earliest such a ban is at least a decade away, she said.

Brown, one of the most outspoken elected official in the U.S. about the need for policies to combat climate change, would be replicating similar moves by China, France and the U.K.

Embracing such a policy would send shockwaves through the global car industry due to the heft of California’s auto market. More than 2 million new passenger vehicles were registered in the state last year, topping France, Italy or Spain. If a ban were implemented, automakers from General Motors Co. to Toyota Motor Corp. would be under new pressure to make electric vehicles the standard for personal transportation in the most populous U.S. state, casting fresh doubts on the future of gasoline- and diesel-powered autos elsewhere to Electric Vehicles Means for Lithium.

Brown, one of the most outspoken elected official in the U.S. about the need for policies to combat climate change, would be replicating similar moves by China, France and the U.K.

I’ve gotten messages from the governor asking, ‘Why haven’t we done something already?’” Nichols said, referring to China’s planned phase-out of fossil-fuel vehicle sales. “The governor has certainly indicated an interest in why China can do this and not California...”

k - California has an illiterate DROID, in the governor's chair. Jerry Brown now wants to ban combustion engines in California - guess we'll see huge chains of cyclists hauling California produce to the markets soon? Is this why San Francisco's streets are being torn up to make room for more bicycles (that's the child's toy that millions have failed to outgrow)?

Of course we could release the advanced technology for hovercraft that doesn't need gasoline ­ which was perfected in Germany by VW - but nah, that makes way too much sense - but since Jerry's IQ has to be well below 50, I guess the situation will continue, but from my viewpoint - all this ridiculous shit will be gone during the time period from five days before Christmas until the end of 2017, that will include the evil and imbecilic Jerry Brown, along with all his blind & moronic followers.

I've often thought that we should have had a litmus test even to be a candidate for public office, to spare the public the nightmares that come from any of the crap we keep electing into offices across the board including especially Trump & Jerry Brown.

Brown has not cursed the world with any offspring, but if he had had a family or even a wife, he might understand that using a bicycle as the primary transportation is not family-friendly or even romantically friendly to anyone with more themselves to consider. Moreover can't you just see those creatures on wallstreet in their 5 to 10,000 dollar suits peddling to work each day? Or what about going to the formal meetings where all the loot is created and apportioned out? Personally I like the vision of the executive with a backpack, for all those very important papers, as he or she hopes that it won't rain.

What does a family of five look like on the road? And what about infants how will they “fit-in”, in the new society? And what if you just happen to buy something that does not fit in the backpack, you can't order that to be delivered, because there will not be any “trucks allowed on the cities' pristine bike trails that will replace all those freeways, not to mention city streets?

Jerry Brown and Donald Trump both belong in mental institutions ­ I'd prefer that the public hang them both from the nearest streetlamp, but life is seldom fair, so I'd settle for permanent incarceration in the meanest official-cage in this land.