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Jeff Rense Broadcast Microphone

Jeff Rense Broadcast Microphone
It Shouldn't Sit Around In A Cardboard Box, It Should Be Used!

This is Jeff’s Shure SM7 mic and boom stand that he used for 18 years,
5 nights a week until finally switching to a 70 year old antique RCA mic.
The SM7 is in use all over the planet and works as well as it did when
it came out of the box. It would be nice to see someone put it to use!

Notes On The SM7 From Bob Barnes...

The Shure SM7 dynamic mic was introduced in 1973; according to Shure, seven years of field research went into designing what was intended to be the finest unidirectional dynamic microphone ever. The SM7 uses the same Unidyne III acoustical principle as the venerable SM57 and SM58, but has a thinner and more flexible diaphragm. Plus, the SM7 has three times as many turns of wire on its voice coil compared to the SM57/SM58. This reduces the resonant frequency of the mic and, combined with the larger housing, provides rich low-end response. In fact, the filter switch on the SM7 technically works in reverse of how you might expect; the “boost” position is actually the unfiltered low-end response, while “flat” inserts a filter to reduce the low-end response.

As for differences among the SM7, SM7A, and SM7B, the SM7A featured a humbucking coil designed to reduce noise picked up from computer monitorsand an improved mic mount. The SM7B has a larger foam windscreen, which is included with the mic.