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Jeff Rense And Dr. Bruce Cornet
More Fascinating Photos And Revelations



• The influence of Dr. Harley Rutledge (1973-1981) and his book, Project Identification, The first Scientific Study of UFO Phenomena, on my work.

• The Cape Girardeau UFO crash in 1941 and cover-up.


• What was an ETV scout craft doing by pretending to be a pair of traffic lights near Pine Bush in 1998?


• Discovery of Triangular Alien Probe (UBO) under Beth Hillel Jewish Community Cemetery and its significance.

• Why did the UFO Hunters and History Channel investigate UBO and then not report it on television?

• Why would a UBO, which landed on Earth 420 million years ago, still be sending signals out to the Bootes Constellation?

• What is the Bootes Void?


• Why do the Precession Cycle (Interglacial) and the First Eccentricity Cycle (Ice Age) now alternate, whereas they were nested together during the Mesozoic?

• Could ET have been involved in this major change in Celestial Mechanics in order to cause the Ice Ages?


• Why did I devote most of my scientific career to finding out the Truth about Evolution and Creation?

• What did I discover after ten years of scientific investigation, millions of dollars in research and drilling expense, and millions of fossil pollen grains studied (1970-1980)?

• Why do most paleontologists ignore fossil evidence which proves that Eldridge and Gould's theory of Punctuated Equilibrium defies the Darwinian theory of evolution?

• How did a prayer to God as the Sun set in Texas result in an immediate answer by the most extraordinary paleobotanical discovery of my professional career?

• Why do I still have questions after getting an answer?


• Why does Dr. Bruce Fenton, who wrote the book, The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution, think humans first evolved in Australia and were created by ET 780,000 years ago?


• Why was I hired by the National Institute for Discovery Science for only four months, and then Bigelow shut NIDS down?

• Why is To The Stars Academy the Son of NIDS, resurrected by Bigelow and the Pentagon?

The influence of Dr. Harley Rutledge on my work is significant. I spoke with him in 1992. So did Scot Stride (JPL) six years later. We both read his book. He conducted the first scientific investigation of UFOs, starting in 1973. My investigation started in 1992.

He lived in Cape Girardeau, MO, next to the Mississippi River, which was the site of the first UFO crash and cover-up in 1941.


We are dealing with a phenomenon that does not conform to our expected laws of physics. We are coming to realize as a culture the extent and depth of our ignorance. The first obligation of any scientific investigation is to recognize and describe a set of facts. The second obligation is to independently reproduce those results. The third obligation is to test our initial explanation (hypothesis) for those events with the intent of falsifying our hypothesis.

Dr. Harvey D. Rutledge is under-recognized for his efforts to scientifically describe and catalogue UFOs at a time (1973-1980) when most people had no databases with which to judge his interpretations.

Rutledge's 1981 book, Project Identification, influenced me greatly in 1992, and I even had the opportunity to talk with him on the phone. At that time I did not realize I was an abductee. So perhaps he had met an extraterrestrial, living in Cape Girardeau, MO, without realizing it.

His scientific methods I copied, but even back then he had documented 164 sightings in 13 years, whereas I only documented slightly over 140 sightings in 11 years. Our field work shows that the proactive study and documentation of UFOs scientifically is possible.

What surprised me was when Linda Moulton Howe described the 1941 crash retrieval of an ETV by the government that crashed in Cap Girardeau, MO, six years before Roswell, where Harvey Rutledge lived and died on 5 June 2006 at the age of 80. Was that just coincidence?

The Unheard Truth Behind Roswell's UFOs, by Linda Moulton Howe, 25 August 2018.

Your interest in trying to duplicate my efforts is commendable and encouraged. I tried to engage people in the field in order to help train them in observation, and to question everything they saw flying in the night sky. That is why I took so many photographs of conventional aircraft early on in my investigation, because I did not know what was conventional and what was anomalous. The oscillations and spirals stand out as anomalous, along with coordination between movements of the object (through its lights) and my actions on the ground (controlling camera operation). Human pilots flying human-built aircraft cannot do this, period! Either telepathically or technologically.

Because of limited modern technology and flight capability, we are as biased as our ancestors were with their even more limited vocabulary and list of inadequate explanations for observed anomalous phenomena. They had no concept of space travel or space ship or chemical rocket exhaust. They described something that was moving in the sky as a horse and its engine exhaust as flames. Thus we get Erich Van Daniken's reference to flaming chariots of the gods. Now we try to fit what we see regarding UFOs into similar restricted categories as aircraft, spaceships, and rockets. Your comment that "Personally I think that if ET exists, it is as a paranormal (interdimensional) being, because of the statistical odds (in the Drake Equation) of finding intelligent physical ET life." is partly correct in that it acknowledges something that is not normal to our four dimensions (including time). Many times witnesses see nothing connecting an ETV's lights - no physical structure; no nuts and bolts. In a recent YouTube video David Adair, a childhood genius who worked for the Air Force and visited Area 51 in 1971 at age 17, described in an enormous underground chamber a huge living vibrating bluish-glowing object with a hole in its side where an object penetrated it (and presumably disabled it). He said it communicated with him telepathically, yet was constructed on the inside like a functional spacecraft we would design for our control and life support systems.

We are slowly being educated by non-human intelligence to put our myths, legends, and beliefs into a more realistic framework that will explain everything, and not segregate beliefs into 'my religion is better than your religion'. The Ancient Aliens TV show is bypassing conventional science, archaeology, and religion by proposing new categories for describing observations. Thus, our religions and Holy Scripture become less divine (mysterious or sacred) and more practical and pragmatic: Instruction for how humans should live and behave. Because we cannot capture and dissect what we call spirits and ghosts, or describe them by the laws of physics with which we are familiar, we create artificial categories for them. But does anyone know what spirit, soul, angel, and heaven are really about, without using physical and mineral explanations for them. Even religious scripture falls short by resorting to words and objects with which we are familiar, either now or by ancient cultures. Are we making the same mistakes as our ancestors?

The description of the Kingdom of God in the Torah is a perfect example. YHWH had the Jews build a tabernacle which represented his Temple or dwelling place on Earth until a stone Temple could be built in Jerusalem. But look at its construction: mineral and biological materials of this planet. Will Jews find such a construct on the other side, or is Truth in the Mind of the Believer?

Going back to your interest in trying to duplicate my data in the field, I provide several images of conventional aircraft light traces below.

Ten days after I began my investigation, I was still using a push pin cable release for my shutter, which transferred vibrations from my hand to the film. That is why the jet lights appear wobbly, and why I switched to an electronic camera shutter release.

Note how full power engine vibrations create sine wave light traces.

But when an ETV is flying, the pilot sometimes provided me with evidence that I was not witnessing a conventional aircraft. Although it was fairly obvious that the paired lights lifting off from the western sweat lodge circle on the Owen's Dairy Farm was a UAP, its silent ascent and arch over us standing on the Indian Mound, and then dive into a forest to our East, was well outside conventional aircraft technology. The pilot gave me evidence that my light traces were not produced by a lamp or bulb. I provide that evidence below.

OK. I have to admit that the data below are dispersed among a number of web pages, and finding them without knowing where to look is difficult. So I am concentrating the images below so that you can see the real differences between what the anomalous plasma lights do, and what conventional aircraft lights cannot do. I took many time exposures of conventional aircraft in 1992, not knowing which was not conventional or what to expect. I have a separate photo album of those pictures. All those light traces are straight with no oscillations. I am going to have to scan them and make a digital folder for comparison.

The top image below is of an angular craft (shape drawn below image), producing what I call a "tail" or jump in the two central plasma lights when I opened my camera shutter. Tails were commonly produced and allowed me to know what I photographed was anomalous or unconventional.

The second time exposure below shows another "tail" but also a series of expanded spirals and loops. One can also see that these lights seem to be spiraling continuously. Those spirals in side view appear like sine waves.

Above vine tendril shown in side view. What appears to be an up and down oscillation is actually a rotating spiral. This is what many of the plasma lights I photographed look like on my time exposures: spirals.

The time exposure at the bottom of the above series is of a conventional jetliner. I tapped the telephoto lens on my camera with a tuning fork in order to try simulating the spirals in the UAP images. There is an up and down oscillation that dampens, but there are no spirals or significant loops.

The time exposures of UAP lights below show a type of sine wave or oscillation the craft made in order to show me the pilot knew when I opened my camera shutter and when I was going to close it. I was saying out loud, "Open shutter," and "Close shutter." When I stopped speaking and silenced my mental self-talk voice, the UAP only produced straight lines like that before the oscillations below began or stopped.

Other types of spirals produced by UAP caught on time exposures.

The picture above of a twisting spiral is an image of the B&W negative.

The picture below is a typical oscillation made just after I opened the camera shutter. Note that this oscillation dampens with time, but it takes almost two seconds to nearly become a straight line. Yet one can still detect minor oscillation on the right. However, before the first major oscillation began, the light does not oscillate.

On 8 April 1993 the Manta Ray put on quite a show for Pat, Niles, and myself at the dogleg bend in West Searsville Rd. I saw a light to the East over Walden turn on, and began a time exposure. The light oscillated and moved quickly to the right as it slowed and the oscillations dampened. I give the length of each time exposure. Each time the light did the same thing, but the third time it got a little closer to us. Then when the light came on the fourth time it was much closer and performed an S-shaped ditto in the night sky, silently.

Now one can see a pair of headlights, which make strange movements as the Manta Ray turned upwards and climbed. I provide an enlargement of that ascent to show that this could not be a conventional aircraft. A professional commercial pilot looked at these photos and said we have no aircraft that can perform such maneuvers silently.

Note in the image below that the outer "navigation" lights turn off as the Manta Ray begins its upwards power ascent, then turn back on again once power can be transferred back to normal flight mode (red arrows).

Two commercial jets land at Stewart Airport on 29 September 1995, one right after the other. I use this set of images to show how exhaust water vapor by the first jet can cause the lights of the second jet to appear to expand and glow. Note that there are no oscillations of the lights on any of the time exposures. Then compare these images with those of the Snaking Manta below, which deliberately brightened its paired plasma headlights to create a huge aura of orange-brown nitrous oxide glow.

Note also that the Manta Ray lights do not oscillate.

The time exposure below was the last one taken on 29 April 1993, during an extraordinary performance by six UAPs before the Sightings TV camera crew at the dogleg bend in West Searsville Rd. Even though I identify the lights above the hill as a conventional jet, the oscillations in those light traces could indicate it was a seventh UAP. The extraordinary image on the side of that ridge illuminated its lights to show its presence during the time exposure, which caught a small ETV scout craft with transparent dome on top. One can even see the outline of what may be a pilot sitting at a light (set of controls?).

That ETV scout craft was captured on time exposures and video three other times (1992 and 1998), even pretending to be a set of traffic lights at a rural intersection containing only stop signs on 25 July 1998. I saw it as I approached the intersection of Albany Post Rd. and Bruyn Turnpike. It was hovering above the intersection. I grabbed my camcorder and began videotaping. As I came to the intersection I slowed. The pair of lights turned red. I stopped. Then the lights turned green, and I turned left. I drove under it as I turned. I got a telepathic thought: "I am only a traffic light." I pulled to the shoulder of the road and looked back. The lights were gone.

The intersection below shows where I was shot on 18 June 1992 while taking magnetic measurements. The intersection to the right is where I encountered the ETV scout craft pretending to be a set of traffic lights.

Daytime (satellite) image for video capture below.

I think the above craft is an ETV scout craft, which I encountered at least four times on 7 July 1992, 29 August 1992, 29 April 1993, and on 25 July 1998 in the Pine Bush area.

Hope this helps you Steve to understand what you may encounter if you try to duplicate what I did in the 1990s. I hope our visitors will help you and provide you with as many performances as I had over that 11 year period of time (1992-2003). The primary objective of any scientific investigation is reproducibility.

PART 3 - New Ice Age Theory

We could talk about my New Ice Age Theory that attempts to explain why the Precession Cycle (Interglacial) and the First Eccentricity Cycle (Ice Age) now alternate, whereas in the Mesozoic these cycles were nested: five Precession Cycles (P = 21,600 yrs each) within one Eccentricity Cycle (E1 = 108,000 yrs duration).

Alternating P and E1 cycles of Pleistocene.