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Japan's Demon Of BioWar Kawaoka Inserted HIV
Force Multipliers Inside The Wuhan Virus - Part 4

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Here in Part 4 of this series on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, smoking gun evidence against microbiologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka has surfaced in an RNA analysis run by microbiologists Prashant Prashant and colleagues at the Indian Institute of Technology and The University of Delhi. The introductory remarks by the Indian research team are a masterpiece of understated dry wit: "The finding of four unique inserts in 2019 -nCOV (Wuhan coronavirus), all of which have identity and similarity to amino acid residues of key structural proteins of HIV-1, is unlikely to be fortuitous."

Have a sip of Assam tea while pondering how four GP120 and Gag protein strands from HIV, the virus associated with AIDS, just happen to be strategically located inside this SARS-modified virus. The key word here is "insert", as in gene-engineered. Wuhan CoV was created in a lab.

Exhibit B is a 2011 research paper by Y. Kawaoka and two colleagues at his animal virology lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, titled "HIV reverse-binding protein is essential for influenza A virus replication and promotes genome-trafficking in late-stage infection". Published in the Journal of Virology, September 201l, it's an admission of guilt for preparing the emergence of the Wuhan contagion.

Creation of Wuhan CoV as a war crime

By grafting HIV proteins into a flu virus, renegade researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka not only increased a dormant virus's ability to replicate but, in the process of repeating this technique in his subsequent virus research, has unleashed ruthlessly aggressive hybrids with massive killing power as seen in the unstoppable slaughter of innocents in Wuhan. The exponential expansion of the death toll in China, soon to be repeated in other countries, proves that a persistent laxity of ethical standards in the major powers, and abysmal performance of the WHO, has enabled a maniacal campaign of extermination by the heirs of Unit 731 to realize their mission of genocide. The lawless pharmaceuticals, insane vaccinators and rogue microbiologists must be stopped in their tracks or humanity will face its final solution.

Perpetrators of a premeditated murder by special weapons on an unsuspecting public should be prosecuted and punished with full force of the law, as opposed to the coddling and sheltering of those murderous crews with Unit 731 and Operation Paperclip.

The rendering of stern justice is not only for the victims of this heinous attack but also leaves a legacy of judicial responsibility for future generations. High-ranking sponsors in government and major corporations also should be indicted and appropriately punished by prosecutors and judges. The long lapse in teaching science ethics should be reversed immediately by a revival of mandatory classes and seminars on the ethics of scientific research to prevent a recurrence of such barbaric horrors. Irresponsible researcher toying with mass destruction should be defrocked and kept under house arrest. Military countermeasures must not be excused from ethical standards not that the scientists with Pentagon projects are dumb-founded by the Wuhan events. Ethical enforcement, not military counter-force, provides the only real protection for society.

Crafting an unstoppable flu

To summarize, a decade ago at his lab in Wisconsin with generous funding from Japanese state institutions, Kawaoka was developing an "unstoppable flu", secretly derived from an illegal exhumation of the Arctic frozen corpse of an Alaskan native who died in the 1918-19 influenza pandemic, which killed up to 80 million worldwide. I learned of Kawaoka's reckless violations of science ethics from Robert Finnegan, former editor of the Jakarta Post, who was tracking the theft of MERS and other virus samples from NAMRU-2 (U.S. Navy Research Unit) by a senior local lab technician who personally smuggled the dangerous materials to U Wisconsin.

To conduct intensive research into his precious influenza sample, Kawaoka needed to produce large batches of replicant viruses, a capability weakened in the original Alaskan specimens, probably due to protein fragmentation in the time-span since the Alaskan native's death. The vintage virus was extraordinarily slow at replicating itself inside ferrets, whose lungs and other internal organs and similar to the human equivalents. (In a telltale clue and grudging admission, Kawaoka's paper repeatedly mentioned the incomplete replication of the sample flu virus, which is certainly not the case in recent influenza samples.)

Lethal mechanisms in plain talk

As a former student at the then world-leading biochemistry school at Purdue University, I comprehend the need for "translation" of scientific jargon into layman's language, along with the need for a backgrounder on the context and reasons behind the research. So please bear with me, folks, as I try to describe in plain terms of how unethical science created the Wuhan CoV attack system.

Viruses resemble heavy machines like those used at construction sites and factory assembly lines. The RNA of a flu virus "unfolds" like a truck re-configuring itself into a Transformer robot to pierce the membrane of a cell in your lungs. Now stretched out into the host cell, this self-transforming mechanism begins to stamp out virions (cores of new viruses) from your DNA and proteins. Its next task is to extract the newly minted virions out of the host cell. Outside the cell, other extensions of the viral RNA adds on more components to the virions. The replication process finishes the task by neatly folding and then bundling the new virus, and stuffs everything inside a protein membrane. Voila! A brand-new virus has emerged from your strip-mined cell, able and ready to attack another host.

Viruses that can produce masses of virions more expeditiously, of course, do an enormous amount of harm to the host suffering bleeding lungs and triggering symptoms like coughing, fever and spasms of pain, in some cases resulting in heart failure.

(The Alien series described viral replication in these same terms of motherhood, the big reptilian mama and her eggs, with a difference in that viruses are biological agents and not actually living entities, being more similar to robots or components of machines than to living creatures.)

HIV-facilitated speed-up

So, if a researcher needs a huge number of viruses for his experiments but has only a limited number of slow-moving "parent' stock, he must devise a method for accelerating the replication process. To use an industrial analogy, if a company boss wants his factory to produce more finished goods in a shorter amount of time, then he's going to have to invest in adding on new forklifts and robots to expedite the assembly line.

The HIV proteins serve a similar function as expediters, adding efficiency and quickness to virus replication, thereby massively increasing the production of flu viruses from his limited stock that managed to survive inside desicated human flesh for nearly 80 years. The source of Kawaoka's virus was never disclosed to the public or medical authorities, but somehow the straight-shooting Finnegan, a former Marine who had engaged in duels with Russian snipers along the Green Line is 1980s Beirut, was able to wheedle the admission out of one of Kawaoka's red-circled suppliers.

While searching for candidate viruses with hard-working proteins, the Japanese microbiologist noticed the highly efficient replication rate of HIV, which had spread like wildfire since the 1980s at the cost of demolishing fatigued bed-ridden patients. Peering through the electron microscope of your mind's eye, can you see his wicked grin?

In his 2011 research paper, Kawaoka and his two lab associates explains reported that attaching a quartet of HIV reverse-binding proteins (HRB) to the influenza virus vastly expedited the production rate of new virions and the efficiency of replication. The successful grafting of HIV proteins onto influenza viruses enabled the next steps in his research to craft an influenza virus as unstoppable as the Spanish flu of 1918-19.

In the final paragraph of his research paper, Kawaoka boasted "This is the first study to implicate cytoplasmic [membrane] trafficking strategy for the genomes of these two viruses. (Due to their difference in the sorting process) it will be interesting to delineate the point of difference between the influenza virus and HIV genome trafficking mechanisms."

Re-Gain of Function

Therein lies the rub. Prophetically, Kawaoka foresaw HIV acting in unexpected ways in constructing new flu virions and their components, which likely explains how and why the at-first relatively mild version bio-engineered Wuhan coronavirus was self-altered in its third or fourth generation with highly lethal proteins, a spontaneous Gain of Function, which transformed 2019-nCov into a raging killer.

Kawaoka assembled this viral bomb back in 2011 and in less than a decade it detonated, blowing the Tokyo Olympics out of the water and sinking Shinzo Abe's promising biological warfare project. It only makes me wonder if his grandfather was the designer of the Battleship Yamato.

The funding for Kawaoka's 2011 turn-key biotech research, which opened the gates to this dream of an "unstoppable" flu that can kill every human on the planet came from a "grant in-aid for specially promoted research from the Ministry for Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and by ERATO, the Science and Technology Ministry" with supplementary funds from the U.S. Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, a part of the NIH, and the Public Heath Service.

The English-language appellation for the "Monbusho" (Ministry of Education) discloses the nexus of biological warfare experiments with mass brainwashing of Japanese youth (mainly of whom have never even heard about the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns) and the Tokyo Olympic Games, scheduled for this summer but now under threat of cancellation due to the Kawaoka-Abe plot against Chinese food production-gone-viral in the global population.

Kawaoka's subsequent experiments with the MERS coronavirus and Ebola, which despite its different structure has characteristics similar to CoV, along with his cooperation in a coalition of CoV and influenza researchers, puts him in the driver's seat behind the Wuhan outbreak.

Japan's Factories of Death

Due to constraints of word count and attention span, I have to postpone until my next essay, Part 5, the stunning revelations about the biological warfare research by Kawaoka at his home base at the University of Tokyo and his Japanese colleagues at the (Japan) National Institute for Infectious Diseases (NIID) in Musashi-Murayama, a bedroom community on the western fringe of Tokyo; his alma mater Hokkaido University, and the new Shinzo Abe-sponsored Kake School of Veterinary Medicine with its underground labs on an spearhead-shaped bluff overlooking Imabari, Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island, the Inland Sea and the University of Okayama on the opposite mainland shore.

Some salient points from earlier essays or to be discussed in the upcoming Part 5 are listed below.

-1. Shinzo Abe's patronage of biological warfare follows on his terminated efforts at developing chemical weapons and nuclear warheads, as research executive at Kobe Steel in the early 1980s in charge of reverse-engineering of Soviet advanced weapons-systems, who hired Hideo Murai, the physicists who emerged as the "Science Minister" for the Aum Shinrikyo cult, involved in the Tokyo subway gassing; and his career-long role of promoting nuclear-weapons development at the Greater Fukushima complex (as documented in my on-site videos). With the Wuhan biowarfare attack, Abe now completes his NBC suite of banned nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

-2. Yoshihiro Kawaoka's role in the development of "African" swine flu, a misnomer of the hybrid duck-pig-human virus that originated in the American Midwest, killing 12,000 Americans in 2009 and spreading to 70 countries, was the virus that destroyed more than 200 million pigs in China over the past year. The pig virus, which blooms in high temperatures, also infected millions of Chinese people, including in the capital Beijing, during the hot summer of 2019. Humans are the carriers for pig herds, which accounts for the rapid spread to every province of China, even at isolated farms.

-3. Kawaoka's theft of the MERS coronavirus (the camel flu) from the U.S. Navy's NAMRU-2 infectious diseases laboratory in Jakarta, which possessed samples from the NAMRU-6 station in Cairo. MERS is a type of coronavirus based in the gene reservoir of North African oases, where dates and figs are grown in flooded basins, infecting camels and Tilapia fish. The 2015 MERS outbreak occurred in Saudi Arabia, spilling over into the UAE and Oman, and broke out in South Korea due to a damaged shipping case at Osan Air Base. Kawaoka obtained the MERS sample about 3-5 years prior to the 2015 outbreak from a high-ranking female Indonesian lab technician working at NAMRU-2, in a long series of security breaches that prompted the Unit's relocation to Phnom Penh.

-4. Complaints from prominent researchers about Kawaoka's flagrant violations of science ethics and public health safety rules prompted the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to impose a ban (2014-2017) on Gain of Function R&D (GOF), which deliberately increases the virulence of contagious pathogens, his creation of the unstoppable flu being the most notorious example of scientific "rolling the dice" with the future of life on Earth. Along with allies Ron Fouchier at the Rothschild-funded Eramus institute in Rotterdam and Adolfo Garcia-Sasso at Mount Sinai, Kawaoka led the rebellion against his "persecutors", the majority of microbiologists and public-health administers trying to prevent a chain-reaction catastrophe like the present Wuhan outbreak.

Factors behind Wuhan

In earlier essays in this series on Wuhan CoV, I have outlined, with some stabs at humor to alleviate the gloom and doom, the various factors contributing to the outbreak including:

- radical changes in and deterioration of the ecosystem of the Yangtze River system caused by the Three Gorges Dam, along with a massive expansion of aquaculture around Wuhan, which accounts for 70 percent of the world production of farmed fish, making the region a target for a Food as Weapon bio-strike.

- a hot weather anomaly from summer to early winter, which resulted in a drought, shrinking the water volume in the Yangtze, as well as promoting the spread of Swine Flu in pigs and humans.

- subsequent arrival of deliberately infected Okinawan Macrobats (flying fox fruit-eating bats, which are carriers of CoV and other human-affecting viruses, as opposed to the harmless insect-eating Microbats at the Wuhan fish market). The Okinawan flying fox is the sole bat species along the 31st parallel capable of transporting the CoV virus into the middle reaches of the Yangtze in their extraordinarily rare migration to the heat-abandoned orchards in Hubei Province. Also a look at the Japanese microbiology labs and professional bat collectors in Japan, who might have sprayed CoV on fruits fed to the bats prior to their departure under pressure from angry tangerine farmers.

- The fact that the first three foreigners in Wuhan infected with CoV are Japanese, one of them with the milder early version of the released virus, and two with the more severe life-threatening conditions due to "Re-gain of Function", a process researched by Kawaoka in which an HIV protein-enhanced virus can capture genes and proteins from a host cell to boost its virulence, as mentioned in this essay.

Coming up next

In the upcoming Part 5 of this series, I will follow up on the increase in potency of the virus transferred by infected Okinawan fruit bats to the red-blood cells of Tilapia, and the next step of aerosol dissemination of virus-carrying water droplets from fish tanks at the Wuhan market and the hundreds of fish vendors across Hubei Province, since inter-species transmission and resultant Re-Gain of Function (R-GOF) are key to developing a novel defensive strategy to render nCoV-2019 into a harmless variant.

After plowing through more than 200 academic papers by or related to the genocidal Professor Kawaoka, there are other "nuggets and tidbits" to disclose about the revival of Unit 731 version 2 under Shinzo Abe and Yoshihiro Kawaoka, present-day Class-A war criminals who must be punished and disposed of, preferably through the formalities of a trial in an international court of law, to avert the same mistake of allowing Unit 731 to nestle inside the American biological weapons establishment, from where they went on to kill tens of thousands of victims since it's release of hantavirus over the Yalu River in the Korean conflict, which blew back to annihilate 3,000 American servicemen on the Korean Peninsula whose families never received compensation or an explanation from the Pentagon. Crimes against humanity recur because their perpetrators are coddled, funded, promoted and encouraged by those institutions that were established to protect the citizenry from murderous tyrannical power.

The Wuhan coronavirus was Made in Japan, and for all the wrong reasons abetted in the USA. The Chinese people have suffered far beyond any lame rationale from brutal Japanese aggression. The first step in dealing with the CoV contagion is to demand the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics and removal of Shinzo Abe as prime minister. If that is not implemented by force majeur of Western democracies, then the People's Republic of China will have ample justifiable grounds for a nuclear strike against Tokyo, Wuhan being a case more convincing than the rationale behind the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two wrongs cannot right make, so therefore Washington must act to remove this second-edition of sadistic war criminals from power and influence, so that the Battle of Wuhan may finally put an end to the horrors left to us by the yet-resolved legacies of World War II.