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Japan Fukushima Nightmare Coverup Hiding
Leukemia, Cancers And Sudden Heart Attacks

Fukushima Coverup Nightmare
'Keep cancers a secret’ say Japanese doctors
'We’re getting leukemia and cataracts and we die suddenly'
'Students are having sudden heart attacks'
Officials 'actively ignoring' reports of illness and death

By ENENews
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(Republished 5-31-18)

Adam Broinowski, visiting research fellow at The Australian National University , 2017 ( h/t Fukushima 311 Watchdogs ) (emphasis added):

  • Faced with the post-3.11 reality of government (and corporate) policy that protects economic and security interests over public health and well-being, the majority of the 2 million inhabitants of Fukushima Prefecture are either unconscious of or have been encouraged to accept living with radioactive contamination…

  • As Fukushima city resident Shiina Chieko observed, the majority of people seem to have adopted denial as a way to excise the present danger from their consciousness. Her sister-in-law, for example,  ignored her son's ‘continuous nosebleeds' , while her mother had decided that the community must endure by pretending that things were no different from pre-3.11 conditions. [Source: Shiina Chieko, interview with the author]…

  • Some, such as Yokota Asami (40 years old), a small business owner and mother from Koriyama (60 km from FDNPS), demonstrated initiative in voluntarily evacuating her family. She decided to return (wearing goggles and a mask, she joked) in September 2011 when her son's regular and continuous nosebleeds  (in 30-minute spells) subsided. The Yokotas found themselves the victims of bullying when they called attention to radiation dangers… Her son was the only one to put up his hand when he was asked along with 300 fellow junior high school students if he objected to eating locally produced school lunches. He also chose not to participate in outdoor exercise classes and to go on respite trips instead. When it came time to take the high school entrance exam, he was told by the school principal that those who took breaks could not pass. He took the exam and failed. When he asked to see his results he found that he had, in fact, enough points to pass (the cut-off was 156 while he received 198 out of 250 points). [Source: Yokota Asami, interview with the author]…

  • Asami reported that doctors undertook paediatric thyroid operations while denying any correlation  (inga kankei) with radiation exposures.  They also urged their patients to keep their thyroid cancer a secret … Yokota also indicated she knew of students having sudden heart attacks and developing leukaemia and other illnesses. [Source: Yokota Asami, interview with the author]

  • This seems to be supported by Mr Okoshi, a Fukushima city resident, whose two daughters experienced stillbirths  after 3.11. While Okoshi found that doctors have regularly advised women in the area to abort after 3.11, presumably to avoid miscarriages and defects , they do not discuss direct causes. He also observed regular illnesses experienced by many of his friends, and some sudden deaths . After a friend (62 years old) started saying strange things, he was diagnosed with brain dysfunction. He died quickly. Another friend (53 years old) was advised by a doctor to monitor a polyp in her breast. When she sought second opinions, she discovered she had accumulated an internal dose of 22 mSv and had a rapidly developing liver cancer. She also died quickly. [Source: Mr Okoshi, interview with the author]

  • There are many more such stories  that are being actively ignored by the authorities . As Shiina put it, ‘ we're getting leukaemia and cataracts and we die suddenly. The TEPCO registrar has been inundated with complaints '. [Source: Shiina Chieko, interview with the author]

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