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It’s Not Just Amerikans

By Jim Kirwan

Who Fail to Understand

Since the sixties the planet has been taken over by the Generation of the Self to a degree that defies all sense of any real society anymore.

That’s why we‘ve become so inwardly obsessed with protection from everything in the universe. In that process we’ve collectively failed to see the very real dangers that are coming at each of us from literally every direction, every day. The image above is how most people approach the world today and its beyond pathetic; because this is the exact opposite of real protection, regardless of the nature of any threat that we’ve ever encountered. This creature is not fighting anything, it’s only trying to “protect itself” which has never been an answer to any real threat upon your life. Think about it?

This morning I did a check of the national and international news and discovered some very clear patterns I want to share. I’ll take them in the order I posted them. I hope you’ve got the time to take a look at them in depth, but if not maybe just the teasers I’ll include here might prompt you to go just a bit further.

"The UN committee is to examine whether the Vatican’s record on child protection breaches the body’s Convention Against Torture and plans to present its final observations and recommendations on May 23."

This came from a story that has been working its way into the global microscope for years. It originated in Canada and it will come to a conclusion on May 19, just two weeks away. Here’s their verdict”

"The Easter Maastricht Proclamation of the Court that nullified the laws and authority of the Church of Rome and its corporate subsidiaries will be actively enforced by duly sworn and trained Common Law Officers commencing in the first week of July, 2014.

Assisted by the community, the Officers will enforce the lawful annulment of these corporate bodies in at least nine countries by undertaking:

1. The arrest and imprisonment of the convicted fiduciary officers of the Church of Rome and of England, along with their accomplices and other criminals;

2. The seizure and public expropriation of the property and assets of these churches, and their re-establishment as public space serving the community, and

3. The re-consecration of these former churches as entirely congregational, self-governing bodies under public, common law authority.

Beginning on Monday, May 19, 2014, the ICLCJ and its sponsoring Tribunal will commence a rigorous three week training program for professional peace officers, sheriffs and marshals who will be deputized to enforce this Annulment against these criminal church bodies. The program will be held at private sessions in Canada, the United States, Ireland, England, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.

To apply for participation in the Common Law Officers' Training Program, contact the Secretariat at , and consult the Common Law Training Manual at

Issued by The ICLCJ Public Information Agency, Brussels

May 1, 2014 ­ 5 pm GMT - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 min. 30 sec.

The second story highlights the details of what was done by Bush 41 initially, in the aftermath of the end of Yugoslavia, that was completed by Clinton, the Butcher of Bosnia via the UN and NATO under the direction of the Stazi-State as a series of crimes that were committed to fulfill Israeli plans for the take-down of that region of the world—back in the 1990’s

The only real difference between Bosnia and Ukraine is the impact of the Private Military Contractors that had not been invented during Clinton’s blood-bath in Sarajevo and elsewhere ­ something that Obamanation does not suffer from as is clearly evident in every war he is waging against the planet, everywhere, including here inside the USI.

The third instance: Private Military Contractors poised to attack the Bundy Ranch again…

"2) A court order was fraudulently obtained in the early 90?s, but here’s the kicker: the BLM never enforced the court order when they were supposed to. After five years of Cliven telling them to go to hell, if the BLM did not take any action, essentially Cliven Bundy and his family are legally entitled to all 600,000 plus acres outright. I will say it again: Cliven Bundy is now the legal owner of the land through something called “prescriptive easement”. The BLM had their chance to enforce the court order back in the 90?s; and maybe the Bundy Ranch Crisis would have occurred back then; but the Bundy family may now be the lucky recipients of the land due to the stupidity of the BLM and the Feds after the 5 year statute of limitations expired. Link:

3) In early April 2014, the BLM occupying force came to Bunkerville with more armament and new SUV’s that would make Blackwater jealous. In fact, we suspect that some of the people they suited up in BLM uniforms were actual corporate mercenaries with combat expertise. Brand new SUV’s; sniper rifles; surveillance equipment; cell towers; martial law signage and barricades. All of the typical tools which the Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love has used in the past to kill people for a living..."

The fourth story: The approaching RESET of National Currencies for the world. This is stunningly precise and riveting despite the threat it so clearly delineates, please read it as it’s brief and I couldn’t cut and paste this one.

Number 5: A collage of facts and information. It remains to be seen what Putin will do with these facts, but from this list it's beyond clear who did what and when in Ukraine and to whom: All that remains is the question of whether or not there will be any consequences for these major human-rights violations.

What makes this fascinating is that the UN, NATO and the EU,

as well as the disingenuous USSA are responsible before

the world court of public opinion to enforce the laws of war that have been flagrantly violated at every step in the escalating war that's being pushed by the same forces that are claiming that Russia is responsible for everything the coup installed government continues to do - inside the stolen country of Ukraine.

A collage of facts and information

And in conclusion there’s this fantastically simple video observation about the differences between how we “live” our lives, versus how much we miss by not being in the world we only seem to just pass through, on a daily basis. It’s only 4min and 58sec in your busy life, but the message is priceless when it comes to how you chose to use this message, it’s called “Look Up”

Enjoy and have a GREAT week, because the storm clouds will be arriving soon now, very soon!


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