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It Is Not Conspiracy Theory

By James Roger Brown

Obscenely wealthy evil people are actively trying to kill you this very minute. Entire classified government agencies and black budget programs have been taken over and diverted to implement evil elite goals, which include reducing the total World population to a more manageable sex slave population of 500 million. Jeffrey Epstein was not an elite aberration, he was an elite role model. If you are not one of the chosen survivors, that means you have to die for them to achieve this goal.

You do not have to take my word for it. Intelligence security systems engineer William Pawelec left a posthumous disclosure video in which he gives a personal account of his experience with an intelligence security problem solution he was developing being hijacked by these murderous evil elites. His account begins at 9:46 in the video which can be viewed at: v=k-H9cDjdc5g

United States and European governments were facing an intelligence crisis. Intelligence and government officials were being kidnaped and drained of all the secret information they knew. William Pawelec learned of new technology being used in the horse breeding and horse racing world. Chips with unique numbers were implanted into horses to identify them using hand-held scanners.

After more research and development improved their performance, William Pawelec thought they could be implanted in intelligence and government officials to track and rescue them if they were kidnaped. He arranged two rounds of meetings with representatives from other intelligence agencies to discuss their application.

Despite stringent security measures both meetings were infiltrated by uninvited individuals with fraudulent credentials. Subsequently, the chip technology was hijacked and used to manufacture billions of uniquely numbered chips which disappeared. William Pawelec later saw a photograph of one of the chips that had been surgically removed from a woman who had no knowledge of how or when it had been implanted in her.

Mr. Pawelec also provides additional information he accumulated over his intelligence career about how the evil elites increase their power and control over every aspect of human existence.

Hijacked black projects have given the evil elites technology to control, attack, and destroy every aspect of your life. Scalar weather modification technology is currently destroying our ability to produce food and destabilizing normal weather patterns for the entire planet that we need to survive. Mind control and brain modification technology, sleep modification technology, exotic adaptive countermeasure resistant diseases developed in hijacked black projects are all being used against us. The Covid-19 virus is one of these killer diseases made available for your personal use by these evil people who want you dead.

In addition to William Pawelec's disclosures of how evil extends control over our lives at the government and corporate level, I produced a 2004 Congressional Evidence Book for California Congressman Joe Baca compiling research I had done on how organized crime bureaucracy methods and procedures are integrated into child protection, mental health, and social work systems. This is how the evil elites extend control over our lives at the individual level through city, county, and state governments.

Read the Congressional Evidence Book at: EvidenceBooks/COMPENDIUM.pdf

With the world already on fire with Covid-19, the evil elites are setting cities on fire with hired Billionaire buttperson thugs and recruiting armies of third world adults and children to travel to the Mexican-American Border bringing Third World diseases with them to inflict additional death on the American public.

Despite these dire circumstances we find ourselves in, there is a simple but difficult solution we can implement to remove them from power and shut down all their evil machinations. It is a concept completely absent from history and civics literature because no one has ever thought of it before. We must build a new political party with the specific agenda of creating and maintaining a STABLE CIVILIZATION. I started working on the necessary agenda six months ago. Are you ready to do something for yourself or do you prefer to die quietly and get it over with?


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1. Do a Google patent search using "Brain Control Patents".

2. Do a Google patent search using "Sleep Modification Patents".

3. Do a Google patent search using "Mind Control Patents".

4. Do a Google patent search using "Weather Modification Patents".

5. Do a Google patent search using "Emotion Manipulation Patents".

6. Do a Google patent search using "Nervous System Manipulation Patents".

Using these as a starting point, devise your own nefarious enterprise niche patent searches. If you make any important discoveries doing this, let me know. Email:

© Copyright August 30, 2020 James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.