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The Israeli Trifecta!

By Jim Kirwan

Israel is not just invading Gaza, it’s invading the entire world, in broad daylight while everyone that could stop this remains “concerned”: Absolutely no one with any authority has chosen to do anything about any of the continuing slaughter that is targeting civilians worldwide.

This is blatantly true of Palestine and the fate of 1.8 million Palestinians but it’s true of the 1.4 million people in Eastern Ukraine: And it’s also true of the 330,000,000 Americans who are waiting in the wings until our turn comes…

It’s been almost 15 years.

Will this global invasion by Israel ever end?

It will not end until ordinary people the world over,

Finally force all of this to stop!

It is not as if the world has not shown us what they’ve been planning to do all along. It began with the blocking of Bush Junior’s motorcade from entering the White House after he was “sworn-in”. Rather than to try and run the outraged public blockade, the “presidential motorcade” simply went around to the back door and the story was blocked from being aired, so no one aside from those who were there, even knew that there had been any public objection to the theft of the White House by the cabal that runs the nation. That was the first time, but there were many more other opportunities that failed as well.

When the Attack on Iraq was continuing, based on the lies told at the UN by Colin Powell: The entire charade was publicly uncovered for the entire world to see—yet despite the fact that there had never been any Weapons of Mass Destruction—there was still no public call to “Bring the Troops Home”. That call should have been immediate as the entire “official reason” behind the attack upon Iraq, in 2003, had been exposed globally as a lie. Nothing happened…

Fast Forward to the Israeli-Trifecta that the globe is now locked into...

Two of the out of control global actions are already under way with the third one, “us”, waiting in the wings: Yet we’re no closer to even identifying Israel as the cause or the instrument, much less the key to all of this destruction: Than we were before the treasonous Supreme Court Intervened in the 2000 Election and appointed Bush Jr. as the president, than we ever were before that black day.

Jim Dean, of Veteran’s Today, has written a very cogent analysis about all of this that needs to be read in its entirety. Here’s some of that article followed by the link.

Western Leadership Shot Down in Ukraine

Irresponsibility on steroids is all we have seen from 95% of the Western statements coming out on the Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine…

Without even a token amount of time allowed to sift through the evidence of this horrible tragedy right in the middle of a war zone, a totally unnecessary one, Western leaders and politicians have been tripping over each other playing Mr. Tough guy with baseless accusations and threats toward Russia before the dead were collected.

Whoever fired the missile or placed the bomb that blew up flight MH17 has now been outdone by salvos of hate fired east at Russia by Kiev and its new Western allies. At the top of America's list is the rant by UN Ambassador Samantha Power that looked like she must have been on drugs or something. It ranks as one of the most incoherent statements ever made by a diplomat… .”

“…Whoever fired the missile or placed the bomb that blew up flight MH17 has now been outdone by salvos of hate fired east at Russia by Kiev and its new Western allies. At the top of America's list is the rant by UN Ambassador Samantha Power that looked like she must have been on drugs or something. It ranks as one of the most incoherent statements ever made by a diplomat.

Her first mistake was to reference a Kiev-supplied social-media recording of the rebels celebrating shooting down an airliner. Normal protocol requires that no top government official ever use an audio recording in a major address until the CIA has determined that it was not a fake.

This one was compiled from three different clips, and done in a hurry. It seems a town 100 kilometers away from the alleged launch site is referenced. It is later discovered that these piecemeal recordings were discussing one of the earlier shoot downs.

With the US president standing beside her on the White house lawn, Power claimed East Ukraine separatists were the “most likely” culprits, yet allowed they did not have the skills, so Russia “probably assisted” them. But, she gave not a shred of real evidence.

That any major power would put a sophisticated high-altitude missile system in the hands of civil war participants, a hugely expensive one I might add... that idea is dead on arrival. It is inconceivable that any military chief of staff would allow something so crazy. Anyone who would even suggest such a thing would be sent out for mental observation.”

k: Poroshenko’s Defense Chief has no military experience whatsoever; he’s a former bodyguard who just does what he’s told.

The inference here is that the Russians had magically moved a SAM missile battery all the way from the border to the firing position. But with US satellites monitoring all movements during this war, to supply itself, NATO and Kiev updated battlefield Intel, any move of Russian armor into Ukraine would have been spotted and Ms. Power would have shown us a nice big blowup photo, a la Cuban missile crisis, where the Soviet missile batteries were shown at the UN.

US and Russian spy satellites can track a tank shell being fired, not just see it fired, but see its flying through the air, and read a license plate, the uniforms of the troops... and yes, they can see everything moving at night. Both sides have huge digital maps showing the exact disposition of the forces on both sides.

A ground to air launch would be spotted in the first few seconds, the trajectory calculated and an emergency notice sent out with the GPS location to warn any aircraft in the area. The coordinates would immediately go to any commands capable of a counterstrike on the battery, so they could lock and load and wait for the order to fire. This is what the modern battlefield is like. Gaining a few seconds edge can be life or death in avoiding a disaster.

US satellites saw everything that happened, so the idea that an investigation is needed to determine the cause is a bad joke. You have not seen any overhead photos of the crash site, because the wide area of the wreckage is inconsistent with a missile shoot down, but something else they want to keep out of view…”

“…Ms. Power knows all of this, and with the president standing right beside her she was just lying to us all like we were just farm animals, versus citizens of an alleged democratic country. Power should resign for her outrageous and incompetent performance, but Obama seems to have a fire proof staff, no matter how poorly they perform their jobs... a very dangerous situation when such people are at the helm of our national security, or insecurity, as the case may be.

As for our Congress and Western media, they are beneath contempt. It is like the real ones have been kidnapped and replaced with doubles as part of a science fiction psyops. They all spin the same pre-prepared talking points confirming who will be blamed, despite that being impossible to determine from the information they have at hand. But they don't care. It was simply a Russian bashing exercise for which they were primed anyway, and happy to get to time in front of the TV cameras...”

“…But today my special contempt is for the Western leaders who also got on board the blame-Russia charade. From the beginning, every statement the Russians made was in support of an international investigation, even acknowledging that the country where it had happened bears primary responsibility for that. He did this when we all know that Kiev is the winner for the best motive contest, while the separatists and Russia have no motive.

All of the Western leaders, like the Brits, who have make threatening statements toward Russia and Putin, are aware of what the satellite Intel has revealed. That is why they all have some qualifiers and some token wiggle room on their comments like “if it is determined that the Russians assisted”, etc. They are all lying by omission as the NATO countries especially have already been briefed.

Yet they all have engaged in what I can only describe an orgy of deception and manipulation of public opinion, on a level to disgrace calling themselves democracies. They are, as I am beginning to “rename” them, phony, fake or on a kind day... “cartoon democracies, a form of governmental costume that they wear depending on the occasion…”

Press TV: Western Leadership shot down in Ukraine

In Gaza the numbers of the dead have passed 600, and the wounded along with the ever growing number of refugees continues to soar ­ but nothing is done to even slow the on-going war-crimes being committed by Israel and USI who are increasing funding across the board to UN and Red Cross agencies that refuse to get involved: But of course they’ve accepted $47 million more, to top-off the payments they’re getting to do absolutely nothing—because the world does not care enough to stop any of the bloodshed that’s happening in front of us all. Israel has promised to continue this slaughter until all of 1.8 million Palestinians are gone from Palestine.

Mass Genocide is not only being admitted - it's being proudly claimed by Israel, before the entire world, which should end any "Right to Exist" that Israel ever thought they ever had: But these butchers have outdone Hitler and Stalin in arrogance and brutality - now they want the entire world to celebrated them for doing it!

Canceling Israel’s “Right to Exist”!

Each and every time that Israel and USI intensify their global crimes against humanity, and the world does not respond, then that assures that the next attack can be 50 or a hundred or a thousand times worse; because obviously no-one cares enough to stop them from doing any of the crimes they continue to intensify and yet we call ourselves “civilized people”?

All the debates, commentaries and conferences in the world will make no difference now, until the people of the planet demand an end to this and hold both Israel and the United States responsible for everything that’s happened since 12-12-2000.

But the real disaster comes from the mouths of the millions who still cannot seem to understand how the world works today; despite all the blatant evidence that’s been building for the last fifteen years.

The same people that have designed and created all these crimes, both nationally and internationally, are the same creatures which the public keeps repeatedly appealing to, to fix: As if they cared about the human slaughter, the carnage or their massive crimes against humanity. None of those holding office in the US or in most of the nations of the world give a damn about the people they supposedly represent—for them it’s all about the money and the power.

There are no US representatives. There are no legitimate US Courts of Law, since the highest court in this land broke the constitutional provisions of the law and created this Police-State in America. There are no “lawyers” since every one of them is an official “Officer” of the same Courts that broke with their constitutional responsibility to uphold the constitution and to protect the public from this rogue corporation that has ruled over us since at least 1913…

Neither Bush nor Obama were ever American presidents. All their official orders were and still are illegal. So who in their right mind would spend even two minutes trying to persuade anyone in ether “administration” to go against what those traitors created?

What the public is outraged about are the same crimes which these same “officials have been voting for all along? This is not a case of any misunderstanding: This is High-Treason being committed daily by the entire government and the global corporations which are owned by the same forces that are slaughtering the people in both Gaza and Ukraine.

What the public here still fails to accept is that the three million people that have been targeted in both Gaza and Ukraine are just practice for what will be coming here to the old USA, just as soon as they feel comfortable enough to declare this place the “FREE-FIRE-ZONE” they’ve been waiting to implement!

The USA are the 330,000 000 people that’ve been the target all along and that’s what‘s at stake in Israel’s Trifecta for Full Spectrum Dominance, with extreme prejudice:

By Any Means Necessary, over the entire planet!


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