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Is This All There Is!

By Jim Kirwan

After 67 years: After decade after decade of supposed human progress, intuition, ingenuity and imagination ­ is this what all of it comes down to—dead bodies, destroyed infrastructure, broken dreams and unlivable terrain ­ just to please Bibi Netanyahu! That tyrant should be shot not “listened to”!

Lugansk is a city in Ukraine about the same size as San Francisco that has been reduced to a nearly empty ruin. Donetsk is city of 1.8 million that was just slightly smaller than Philadelphia, PA. Do those two comparisons help you to understand what’s really been happening in Ukraine?

Gaza in Palestine was a city of about 1.6 million landlocked prisoners that’s roughly equivalent to the current size of Phoenix Arizona. Can you imagine what it would take to take down all three of these American cities?

Envision THAT if you dare!

San Francisco, California, Philadelphia, PA and Phoenix Arizona ­ just because the population’s in those three places might have displeased Israel.

That’s exactly what is happening in the world right now ­ it’s all about what Israel has decided that the world needs to suffer for: Right now!

In place after place around the planet the history and stability of nation after nation has been utterly destroyed for fleeting and stolen profits for the very few filthy rich and the ubber-rich Oligarch’s. And neither the world nor any of the so-called global-agencies responsible for maintaining laws, sanity or survival, does anything about any of this—except to talk endlessly, just to avoid acting to end any of these nightmares! Instead the world has decided on SILENCE, SILENCE AND MORE SILENCE so as not to disturb the status quo.

What if you had friends or relatives in any of the three cities here?

In Gaza, Luhansk and Donetsk, there are no communications. Of course there is also no food, no water, no electricity and no hope of getting any ­ anytime soon.

What would you do if that were to happen to people you know, maybe some of those you love in an American city under siege?

But you’ve probably guessed the point already.

Question is: What the hell are you going to do about any of it?

WE’RE NEXT” in case you’ve managed not to see or hear anything about what’s taking place in Ferguson, Palestine or Ukraine…

But there is one thing that’s NEW & IMPROVED that just arrived from Jonathan Gentry ­ it’s a 6min and 18sec video that hits the NAIL right on the head! If he’s listened to on the ground in Ferguson, and elsewhere ­ we might just be able to turn this whole thing around ­ because Jonathon “Get’s it Right”!


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