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Israel Unmasked

By Jim Kirwan


Ray McGovern: “Well the Elephant in the room happens to be a country called Israel. U.S. policy toward Syria can't be explained without realizing that Syria poses no danger at all to the United States, but is received by Israel as posing a danger to Israel because ­ through Syria comes the resupply of Hezbollah, in Southern Lebanon. And so the Israeli's have made it abundantly clear that they would like to cut off that supply chain. And what better way to do it than to create chaos in Syria...”

Dangerous Escalation

k ­ This has been going on since the 1967 War that Israel used to steal the Golan Heights from Syria, but the price that Americans paid for this was the attempted sinking of the unarmed USS Liberty, and the death of so many American sailors, that was covered up by Admiral McCain (John McCaine's traitorous-daddy, who was in-charge of the U.S. Fleet in the region) and LBJ - which has never been formally made public.

Back to the U.S. WAR DEPARTMENT, currently called the Department of Defense, that is run by AIPAC and unqualified Ash Carter who is currently creating U.S. War policy outside the White House, beyond the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in tandem with the rogue Pentagon.


All of this was set in motion by Paul Wolfowitz & Cheney during the Bush War.


Back to more recent times: Hillary in 2003 & Ashton Carter colluded

to create the current situation


“It's in Hillary Clinton's documents.

This is not a leak, this is not a hack, this is State Department released documents where Hillary Clinton said:

“This will be a massive boon to Israeli Security

if we can remove Bashar Assad.

She said that in April of 2012.

This is the Elephant in the Room.”


From Ray McGovern in Dangerous Escalation ­ Crosstalk today on RT

Given that Russia began a drill inside Russia where 40 million people are moving into air-raid shelters, to prepare that nation for whatever comes next.

Russia is answering American Threats with action, including sending millions of Russian's into underground shelters: In addition to that Russia is setting up a permanent Russian air force base inside Syria. The Russian Bear is awake and on the move, to deal with the insanity that America is creating, because we continue to try to treat Syria as the next Libya.

Duma to ratify Syria airbase agreement this week - by Friday!




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