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Israeli Policies


By Jim Kirwan


Still at the Core of 'Insensitivity'

The world is beset with with public insensitivity and all of it is directly traceable back to Israeli Policies that are the Illegal policies that were established after their war against Palestine in 1948.

From the carnage of that totally lawless war, the entire world has had to suffer through Israel's paranoia and their obsessions with justifying their own 'Hate-Crimes' against the population of Palestine they've been stealing from for 67 years.

It's as if Israel is the only nation that ever had to face any real problems.

My answer to that concept is 'Screw Israel',

We must force Israel to pay for what they've done

to everyone else they've attacked

since that shitty little war of theirs ended in 1948.

Moreover the current round of societal obsessions with virtually every kind of 'slight' under the egious of “protecting people” from virtually everything that anyone might ever be even slightly annoyed with: Because that idiocy is what has led the world into the current cul-de-sac of political-correctness and corporate lawlessness that now afflicts the planet. And all of that has been compounded by zero-tolerance for anything that in any way, might cast any doubt, upon the way anyone chooses to view any condition or situation that anyone might encounter in the world today.

Who the hell exempted Israeli's from encountering 'insensitivities' such as the rest of world has to deal with each and every day? In fact having to learn to deal with insensitive remarks or people is just part of growing up ­ but then most Israeli's are still mental children, so maybe in their case this is understandable?

But then how to explain this as “normal life' in Gaza today?

Especially when you contrast this to current-day Tel Aviv?

Incidentally, inside Israel a third front of resistance has been opened in their War upon the Palestinian's. First there was Gaza, then the West Bank was added and now Netanyahu has just added Jerusalem: Three fronts for three intafada's being militarily fought by Israel against an unarmed population that is facing a fully armored state that has been equipped with the best military weaponry that the US can supply and that the lawlessly-private but global war machine can give them. Is the world supposed to feel sorry for these global pirates that have raped, pillaged and plundered their way around the Middle-East and the world in search of the means to expand their shitty-little-country into the The Greater State of Israel for over half a century ­ unable to win any of the wars she starts?

Nothing could be as clear as the need to remove Israel from the world, if there is ever be anything like peace, anywhere upon this earth again.

Somehow the whole world seems to have forgotten that there is a legal right for people in any illegally occupied territory, especially like Palestine, to rise up against their oppressors with whatever means they have at their disposal. The wronged party in this equation are the Palestinians, NOT the Israeli's.

There has never been anything “legal” about the so-called State of Israel: In fact their entire history is littered with their savagery, criminality and their whole-hearted hatred for anyone that is not Zionist inclined.

Israel is an Apartheid State, in which only their form of Jews (Zionists) can even be fully-fledged citizens, everyone else is second third or fourth class, and they have no legal standing at all inside Israel.

Israel claims to be 'a democracy” when nothing could be further from the truth. That place is a savage and brutal military base that has no use for any of the precepts that go with being a real state that must by-law be forced to recognize their own people as being worthy of note. Zion and and only Zionists matter inside Israel, and on top of that they refuse to sign the IAEA and admit that they are in fact a nuclear-armed nation.

Israel is also the one nation in the Middle-East that has used nukes against the people it has attacked, which includes all their neighboring states, some of them more than once: Who just happen to live on the border with that poisonous parasite that calls itself a state.

So is it any wonder that it has always been ISRAEL behind all the trolls that are spreading the lies contained in junk like this politically toxic video?

Halloween Is Racist!

If this world were serious about fixing what's gone wrong with this planet, the first order of the day would be the immediate removal of Israel from everything to do with other human beings: The sooner that happens, the better off the entire planet will be ­ and that's just a fact, regardless how that might be seen.



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