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ISIS On Friday The 13th

By Jim Kirwan

The ISIS Map of the coming Middle East

Our final destination will be Baghdad, the decisive battle will be there,' that’s what their leader of the militants group kept repeating,” the tribal figure said.

ISIS spokesman al-Adnani said in his audio statement that the battle would “rage” in Baghdad and Karbala, a city southwest of the capital that is considered one of the holiest sites for Shiite Muslims.

Do not relent against your enemy... The battle is not yet raging, but it will rage in Baghdad and Karbala,” Adnani said. “Put on your belts and get ready,” he added.

March toward Baghdad because there is an account to settle,” he added. Adnani did not forget to remind ISIS militants about their self-proclaimed “ethics of war.”

When you enter a village, bow your heads and do not brag or boast. Accept repentance from whoever wants repentance and leave alone who leaves alone and show mercy to your fellow Sunnis and your tribes,” Adnani said.

The statement could not be independently verified.

Adnani also said in the recording that one of ISIS’s top military commanders, Adnan Ismail Najm, better known as Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Bilawi al-Anbari, was killed in the recent battles in Iraq.

Adnani said Najm worked closely with the former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Jordanian-born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was killed by U.S. troops in 2006.

Najm was later detained and spent years in prison before he was set free two years ago and prepared and commanded the operations that led to the latest incursions by the group in northern and central Iraq.

Baghdad residents nervous

On Thursday, the usually bustling streets of Baghdad were quiet and business almost at a halt as stunned residents feared the imminent arrival in the capital of bands of Islamist militants.

“Baghdad has been empty for two days,” said Zaid Andulwahab, 33, sitting in a deserted restaurant in the center of Baghdad.

“The gunmen are only 90 kilometers away from the capital. This means ... they might storm it all of a sudden,” he said.

Jihadists spearheaded by fighters from ISIS earlier Thursday seized the town of Dhuluiyah, 90 kilometers (56 miles) north of Baghdad, and the nearby Muatassam area.

In a lightning offensive, the rebels have since late on Monday overrun all of the northern province of Nineveh and significant areas of neighboring Salaheddin and Kirkuk provinces, as well as part of northern Diyala.

Andulwahab appeared shocked by the sudden charge of the militants and the failure of government forces to stop them.

“Where is the army that we spent billions” to build up, he exclaimed, referring to the fact that many soldiers have discarded their uniforms and abandoned their posts when confronted by the powerful and disciplined jihadist force.

“We are in shock and living in a state of anxiety and fear that we have not experienced since 2003,” he said, referring to the year U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq and toppled the regime of former President Saddam Hussein.

Turkey on Thursday convened an emergency meeting for NATO a day after its consulate was seized by Islamist militants in Mosul and took 80 Turkish citizens hostage.

After the meeting NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he didn't see a role for the alliance in Iraq.

Rasmussen condemned the violence and called for immediate release of the hostages.

“We urge the hostage takers to release the hostages immediately. Nothing can justify this criminal act ... I don't see a role for NATO in Iraq, but of course we follow the situation closely and urge all parties involved to stop the violence,” Rasmussen said during a conference in Madrid.

Last Update: Friday, 13 June 2014 KSA 14:20 - GMT 11:20”

The transnational potential applications for this revolt are covered briefly

In this report from CNN

The map at the top of the article still has a very long way to go, but the relevance for the world is that this PAYBACK points out the fact that for all the empty rhetoric, USI has not been able to hang onto to what they supposedly won in the twenty years of war inside Iraq.

Now when USI & Israel are busy trying to start their bombing campaign of Europe, via the conflict inside Ukraine, this new wrinkle will no doubt cause a great deal of harm to the “theoretical standing” as well as the literal standing of the West in the global status of our remaining “supposedly powerful” military-forces, worldwide. The ISIS has no air force, but that has not deterred them in the slightest; as apparently they have sent in advance forces to clear the way for their fighters, which could account for their amazingly fast and furious attack against major cities and resources in Iraq.

Syria has also been playing a part in this effort and at some point Syria will become part of this spreading revolution as well: More bad news for USI & Israel. This could spell relief for Lebanon and Jordon, depending on what happens by that time in those two regions, in relation to the ISIS and whatever the US chooses to try and take; to interrupt this take-back of so much of the territory that was lost to Israel & United States Incorporated.

BTW this will totally destroy the Greater State Of Israel, because that unfinished place is directly in the path of everything they intend to liberate which includes Palestine and Israel, as well as the other nations shown above as being within ISIS territory…

Speaking of which both Netanyahu & Obamanation will have their entire global records cross-examined over this totally unexpected rebellion. And once this begins to take shape, a lot of people inside Europe and many other places are going to be changing sides before

the sledge hammers of ISIS’s ethical war policies begin to fall on them as well.

The NAZI’s of the Third Reich lasted only twelve years in what they claimed would be a Reich that would last at least a thousand years. But the New World Order has already been imprisoning the planet now for over 14 years: Maybe this is finally the beginning of the end of the Fourth Reich which is now so long overdue?

One thing is certain: Nothing tomorrow will even remotely resemble the way things looked on June 11th 2014. Many of us knew something would be coming, but speaking just for myself, I never saw this coming, not in a million years!


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