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Israel’s Continuing Genocide

By Jim Kirwan

Against Palestinians

Israel has announced the mobilization of an additional 40,000 reserves in the latest attack against Gaza. The Palestinians have no formal armed force by way of self-defense. Yet Israel announces dozens of supposed rocket attacks against Israel. No Israeli injuries, deaths or destruction has been shown, because none occurred. Whatever was fired, if indeed there were any missiles fired was done by Israel, to justify this latest wholesale slaughter, which the world is expected to approve, just because Israel is claiming that it happened.

Heavy tanks by the hundreds, armor-plated bulldozers, F-16’s, rockets, missiles and aerial bombardments which will again probably include phosphorous and cluster bombs will reign down on ordinary people that have no weapons, no jobs and only rubble to live in: They are accused by Israel of having an army and massive forces: When what Israel refers to as missiles is the throwing of rocks against fully armed tanks. These ‘missiles’ have had absolutely no effect and never have.

That “Israeli hardware” and all the ammunition Israel will be using was paid for by US taxpayers. This has been the case for over 60 years and yet there is still no public outcry against this ongoing genocide which is why Israel continues to slaughter the Palestinians as though they have no right to life at all.

The paranoia and outright FEAR that Israel is fully invested in will be justified this time, because Israel has gone too far: This time there will be a backlash and ordinary Americans will be targeted along with Jews everywhere outside Palestine, because that’s the only way that anyone will actually care about what has been ongoing since Israel declared itself to be “a state”.

The PLO and Abbas do not have and have not represented the people of Palestine. Abbas is Amerika’s puppet. Hamas and Hezbollah will find ways to fight the global-cabal this time. Once that begins Israel will get the Armageddon they’ve been trying to create since Bush Jr. stole the presidency on 12-12-2000.

This time the world will see our global-policies that we created in Viet Nam come full circle. “It was necessary to destroy the village to save it.”

We’re doing the exact same thing in Ukraine, which can only end in colossal failure because Kiev’s behaving as if they are a stable and established nation when in fact they have not ever been a nation: Kiev is just an outlaw band of criminals attempting to steal a nation they had nothing to do with building or living in. The same is true of Israel in Palestine! Consequences will be paid in both Israel and Kiev for these continuing crimes against humanity ­ because there is nothing left of either place to sustain our barbarian behavior that’s aimed at dominating the entire planet as if “Any resistance is Futile”!

That lie is what is being put to the test: At the end of these days there will no longer be a global order to pretend any longer that they rule over anything except their own very ugly and very public termination.

The double standards of Israel vs. Goy and the rest of the world population will end in blood: Because Israel will not stop until they are forced to stop—and that’s what this latest attack will be responsible for creating—in both Israel & Kiev.

The intricacies between failing US power world wide as well as what’s going on in Ukraine, Gaza, and in the global battle over the collapse of the US Dollar worldwide is outlined in today’s Bulletin Board:

In both Ukraine and Palestine the basis for fighting is based on huge lies and massive deceptions that have failed, thus far, to convince the rest of the planet of the “superiority” of either US Inc. or Israel, in anything they’ve undertaken—using the supposed “necessity of the US Dollar as the basis for every lie and deception that has pushed the planet to this global confrontation.

In France the $9 billion dollar assessment in a sanction against France for daring to honor their contract with Russia over two ships that were ordered and paid for by Russia, before the current fallout, became the breakpoint which caused France to call for an end to the US Dollar worldwide. The oligarchs of USI have been making demands of the world based on the supposed US Dollar being the global monetary standard worldwide—which is no longer the case.

What is currently at stake is the need for corporations and nations to honor the contracts they routinely sign—something that USI and Israel have never done. In any contractual agreement the outcomes of contracts can only be as reliable as are the signatories to any so-called “contract”. And neither Kiev nor Israel has ever kept their supposed “word” on any agreement that either place has ever formerly agreed to. Without trust and a background of promises-kept, no contract is worth the paper it’s written on. The outlaw states of US Inc and Israel have been blatantly defrauding the planet for over 50 years and virtually daring the planet to challenge them, over both their fiat (US currency) and their falsely claimed “leadership” throughout this failed world.

Conditions being what they are at the moment there is no longer any room for these pretenders to global-power, especially now that the US Dollar and supposed US power has elected to self-destruct in order to steal the last of the resources which are at still at stake in both the Middle East and Ukraine. All of that has been stripped naked by the abandonment of national forces or labels like US or Israeli troops, for the pretense of new armies and pirated forces that have thrown away national borders to carry out their genocide of every other nation that might have once ruled over their own nation-states.

USI & Israel failed in their formal effort to crush Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and so have resorted to attempt to do to the rest of the remaining countries that still resist them, what they did successfully to Libya which was to send that nation back to the Stone-Age.

Since they no longer care about creating anything but war-zones in every place they choose to put down boots—they no longer need to bother with the pretense of retaining anything of the states they are roaming through ‘at will’. Supposedly they are seizing working assets such as oil fields and territory but none of that will continue to function without some basis beyond just the barrels of their guns. That fact is that what’s being confronted now is why ISIS & ISIL are both being forced back from their initial power grabs; wherever they have tried to project their so-called fighters.

The “fighters” in question were armed and trained by US Inc., and all of that is becoming crystal clear as we speak. ISIS and ISIL are just more and better equipped American Death Squads—this time throughout Europe and the Middle East instead of being limited to Central America, as they once were under Reagan. Now there is not even any pretence that these masked thugs are anything but what they are: A totally destabilizing force that has come to slaughter plunder and destabilize - not to conquer. That kind of “war” is far easier to do than the kinds of wars where there is supposed to be a nation to acquire at the end of the battles.

Global-Stealth is clearly dead as policy, because everything is now clearly in the open and the savages are now threatening the entire planet—that’s what today’s news makes crystal clear. Either the planet comes together and stops these stateless outlaws or we shall all fall victim to their insanity world-wide.

The whole process is crystal clear in Kiev at the moment. They have said they will surround and murder the people in the East because those people disagree with the policies of the Oligarch’s who stole the last election that was intended to justify the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

US Inc has announced their unqualified support for this slaughter and wants to punish Russia; if Russia does not agree to support the Oligarchs in Kiev against the Russian speaking people that are about to be slaughtered. But no one in the government of Kiev has given any thought to what will happen after such a slaughter takes place.

There will no longer be a nation in Ukraine. There will be nothing to call a state because there will be no economy and no future at all because the government now is planning to sell off all of Ukraine’s resources to the highest bidders and keep the profits for themselves ­ leaving Ukraine beyond bankrupt which will not be useful either as a nation, or to the EU. This is all being done by design by US Inc while pretending to crush Russia as well in the bargain.

Russia is the polar opposite of the now defunct USI. Russia actually has business arrangements, contracts with other nations that are being honored: and a growth rate that USI will never again have!

Ironically western media continues to speak of Russia today as if it is some kind of backward third world nation which they can order about as if Russia cared what these global-thugs have planned.

Listen to the State Department spokesperson if you want to watch true evil in action. The police departments in both cities were arrested and taken prisoner. This coverup begins @6min 41 sec and ends @ 9min.

The country of Ukraine which the state department mouthpiece is defending is illegal and has been illegal since they violently overthrew the elected government about six months ago. The only country that recognizes Ukraine today as legitimate is the US and her puppet allies. Since too many Amerikans get their “news” from criminally complicit agencies, too few Americans seem to have grasped what’s really happening. These facts, just as in Gaza, will directly lead to US citizens being targeted world wide for our failure to care about anyone who is not part of the illegal corporate agencies that have designed this continuation of the Fourth Generation Nazis that are directing this show for Israel and US Inc.

Aiding & Abetting:

Genocide whether it’s done by Corporations or supposedly individual states is never legal under any condition. There are laws but they have been ignored. There have to be laws in the world to control the behavior of the most powerful, as well as the most impoverished among the peoples of this world. Unless and until the planet returns to some form of “real law” then the only option open to anyone is to fight this tyranny down to the last human standing…

Corporate Genocide:


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