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Invisible War On Society

By Jim Kirwan


Our Former Head of DHS

Big Sis a General in the War on Americans

A primary weapon which has been used against American society is the influence of the LGBT community. For those unfamiliar with the term it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and it got its start in San Francisco with ferocious arguments over exactly how they wanted their movement to be labeled during their centerpiece public event known as the Gay Pride Parade.

If there was any doubt about their anger behind choosing this title, you need to know that they insisted their parade be held on Father’s Day, as a semi-silent protest against the entire heterosexual community. There are about five gay men for every Lesbian in their organization, but the order of the letters in their title reflected how the group wanted to be referred to: Not with words, but only by using the letters LGBT. This was the case, during the onset of the news that AIDS had come to America: San Francisco became the focal point that has now given the nation four LGBT members on the nine member U.S. Supreme Court along with a bi-sexual “Justice” to give their movement a 5-4 majority-opinion on the most important court in the nation. And of course the White House now features a drag-queen instead of a “First Lady.”

It should be noted that there are hundreds of transgender people living otherwise normal lives, in San Francisco and elsewhere, who contribute to traditional society or not: In exactly the same ways that heterosexual people do. However this sexually-charged weapon that the LGBT community is wielding against the rest of us is real and needs to be smashed.

Big Sis and DHS provided the premiere examples of the hatred which those members of the activist LGBT community hold for the bulk of society that can be easily seen in the strip searching and groping of toddlers to the aging and handicapped as well as to some very senior citizens. The same kind of treatment is also reflected in the intensified personal-torture, tasering, occasional rapes and frequent murders that are now encouraged by Israel-trained uniformed mercenaries, pretending to be cops in the society beyond TSA.

Underneath the violent anger in many of the enforcement agencies lies an anti-social stigma that also harbors their hatred for everything that the more traditional society once lived-by, which LGBT considers to be aimed at keeping their views down and subjected to the majority. There’s an active hatred here that can be clearly seen, the more closely anyone looks at that “community”.

When the lies about one’s personal sexuality become national, such as with the “first-lady” or the Williams sisters who are both professional “women’s” tennis stars: Then it’s time for the United States to require a completely open and proven physical-status-exam as to the sexuality of every publicly active person. This video is 24 min long.

This is not to say that being a transgender person is in itself inherently evil or anything other than what it is. But the fact that there are now so many ‘Transgenders’ in public life in America today: We need to clearly know who they are, if we are to accept or reject these people politically or socially, because the truth about who anyone actually is, has always been part of how we treat others everyday.

Most Americans have remained unaware of how much of political life in this country has been perverted and twisted beyond anything that most people ever thought their tax-dollars would be supporting.

In the Bay Area we have the Bohemian Grove, which once belonged to the arts community until the New World order took it over and turned it into a bacchanalian ceremony, for the filthiest of the super-rich and it’s unequaled in the US at this time. Not content with that, the same bunch of outlaws took over the Artists and Models Ball in the city and converted that into the Black & White Ball as a celebration of their dominance over the now dead arts community nationwide.

Just before AIDS made its appearance nationally, the Gay Community in San Francisco was determined to evict all straight businesses from Polk Street in the city, so that all the businesses on that street would only be Gay-owned and operated. The heterosexual community would not be welcomed or accepted under their new plan. Then AIDS hit the nation and that plan left town with most of the owners of the gay businesses, at that time on Polk Street.

This is the coming view of Van Ness where it passes City Hall, on the left, looking south towards Market Street.

In the currently new business plan for the city, the LGBT powers are taking a back seat to the communist-based plans for the city who are trying desperately to outlaw cars while they introduce bicycles, reducing parking to zilch, and rearranging the traffic on U.S. Highway 101 inside the city (Van Ness Avenue above) to their Politically Correct changes that will totally destroy business, parking and pedestrian traffic in what was a very active community section of the city (Van Ness, Polk & Larkin streets between Market & Union St.).

Currently the city has too few parking spaces, 30,000 more cars are registered in the city, than there are parking spaces at the present time. But parking in this multi-billion dollar revision has been severely reduced to introduce bike lanes, while cutting the lanes that now handle 18 wheelers on this federal highway that runs thru the city as Van Ness Avenue. The new plan has made almost no provisions at all for the trucks or the spaces they need to deliver their goods, to existing businesses throughout this portion of the city.

Since the plan takes away existing parking spaces to put pedestrian areas for people to sit in, on the streets: By removing parking spaces while clogging the roadways—it’s clear that what is planned for those who live near this cluster-fck will succeed only in shutting down many existing businesses.

Pedestrian access to the ‘Bus-trains’ in the center divide of this 8 lane highway will destroy easy access to bus services while bicycles will create major problems as they will eliminate current parking spaces that are being removed to “create this fantasy” on Van Ness.

The 18 wheelers will be forced to use either Franklin or Polk to transit the area. That will force parking and truck traffic into residential areas of Larkin and or Franklin that are already overloaded. This “goal” will destroy the interaction between businesses and shoppers, not to mention the needed supply lines between businesses and the delivery trucks that have used the current system since San Francisco was built.

The “pretend-planners” who have obviously not had any experience with designing a metropolitan city; did not consider the need for trucks in this entire area of San Francisco because the goal here was designed to pave the way for bicycles to take dominance over cars and trucks in the City of San Francisco, as a model for the nation and for the goals of Agenda 21 that will further erode the former life of this city.

If the role of the LGBT community is clearly labeled in all of this, then this multi-billion dollar fiasco will be forced to back down. Our problem is that, just like the deception beneath the real goals of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community: The same false-front of community reorganizing is beneath this face-lift for the entire city which will finish degrading San Francisco from a world-class city that was once the capital of the Pacific-Rim Nations, to one of the dozens of failing places on the entire west coast that will become enslaved to the Politically-Correct Communists that are taking over the old United States.

The people of this nation need to take direct action against Michael Obama, and the White House now, if anything is ever going to change in this totally corrupted place that used to be a proud and semi-honest nation-state.



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