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The Invisible War

By Jim Kirwan


With No End in Sight

Most Americans have not examined the underlying causes behind the currently “invisible-war” that is being fought by the United States—except that Israel and USI have failed to define just who the enemies in this war actually are.

This crime against the world has been going forward, without a public examination, for over fourteen years. This has been kept in place by a combination of fear and paranoia about everything which none of the leadership, anywhere, has dared to specifically name.

Ordinary people must demand answers to the status quo to the point of absolute rebellion: Otherwise this criminal masquerade will only deepen.

To begin the process we must look at what has happened to the right of every individual to be treated as “innocent”, until the state can prove their supposed guilt. The erosion of this right was the first casualty in this “war”. The theoretical ‘truth’ on the other hand was violated long before every American became not “just a suspect” but a guilt ridden criminal - without any evidence whatsoever.

People in America have automatically let the state classify everyone as an enemy of the criminal state that has supplanted both the Republic and the government here. This was the end of our freedom and the beginning of the entrenched police state everywhere within what used to be the United States. All of that was created by government instituted terror and yet the people still will not challenge what has come to pass.

How did we come to be in this situation?

One example is that of the criminally dangerous back scanners that are used along with armed thugs who require the removal of shoes and all of anything that might possibly be used as some kind of potential weapon—when there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have ever suspected the public of being “the terrorists” which we are constantly warned against on all public transportation. Contrary to Fox News and Hollywood, there have been zero plots uncovered and NO attacks in this country since 911. The only “plots” were those created by the government itself to try and justify the trillions being squandered on back-scanners, and “bogus security” at every entry point wherever the public interacts with the wider world.

I visited Social Security yesterday, in person, because I couldn’t get a straight answer from either of the two banks or the government about a particular problem that needed to be answered in person: That required going through government security screenings just to get into the massive new government Social Security building in San Francisco. Six armed cops survey all visitors at the entrance to the facility as well as inside the holding pen which is Orwellian at the very least. Security is evident throughout the process, along with written warnings about fines and imprisonment for any behavior that visibly objects to any part of the process.

Every person is directed through the same process as is used to board a flight at the airport, with the same kind of suspicion drenched procedures used against ordinary people that TSA has used to become so resented everywhere, since 911.

What makes this so violently offensive is the assumption that every person here is a criminal, at the very least, and probably a terrorist that’s just pretending to be a normal citizen. Apparently the public has failed to realize that every time they go through a security scan they are being accused of being a potentially dangerous criminal—with absolutely no reason behind this physical accusation whatsoever.

Beyond that most people have failed to realize that the creatures that have set up this police state are the same people that were behind everything that happened to us all on 911.

Technically we have all been told that we are in living in “a perpetual state of war”. There has not even been an attack upon this nation (911 was a crime not an act of war). The United States is not under siege, nor are we directly physically threatened except by hundreds of thousands of US Security personnel that have routinely and violently attacked the public with deadly force each and every day for the last fourteen years!

The most damning evidence, that all of this is false, is the clear fact that the so-called enemy does not have a country of their own. Their “weapons” are either American or Israeli. They have no air force and no navy of their own: Hell they don’t even have a population of their own.

Their threats are issued by ghost spokespersons that have no actual national or international bases that can be physically attacked. When this began many asked; where exactly is Al Qaeda in Iraq, because the implication is that it exists in Iraq, but in fact nowhere does Al Qaeda actually exist. Was there any evidence of their letterhead and exactly who were their leaders? No! Answers were ever provided because that so-called “Terror Organization” was nothing but a filing cabinet inside the CIA: That’s why it was so difficult to destroy the invisible enemy—because in reality they did not and still do not exist!

Recently the original ghost-enemies have now morphed into a handful of equally mysterious “fighters” without a home base or a nation they could call home. We are told, just like the people were told in “1984” that the enemy is growing exponentially, with great speed, so that today they supposedly consist of over 200,000 troops (which if anyone thought about that) means that “they” are not really huge—they’re just invisible. Add to that, that the government insists that they can all come here and invade the continental United States at a moment’s notice—another massive lie for which “no actual evidence” exists either.

We’ve bankrupted this nation, utterly destroyed our way of life and all of this was done based on nothing but terror-based lies, class warfare, racial and religious hatreds spurred on by the greed and envy of that very tiny elite that’s determined to reduce the global population by killing 95% of the people of the world.

The people of the USA were “conned” into buying all this shit by a bunch of outlaws that have been working overtime for the last hundred years to steal this nation outright. The time to end this charade has more than arrived—it’s here and we must put a permanent end to all of this!

This has become a global nightmare that can longer be tolerated. In nation after nation “the leadership is being “managed” by creatures whose popularity with their own populations is well below a 10% approval rating! Why do these people continue to listen to these idiots ­ throw all of them out of office into the streets of London, DC ­ Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens, in every country people where criminals have run riot over the needs of the people they supposedly represent.

Spit on them and throw them into prison! What is keeping you down? They may have the fake troops but those “troops” have to stay somewhere between bouts of beating the population to death and they must get their food and shelter from somewhere—why not pay them the same kinds of visits in the middle of the night that they insist on bringing down on ordinary people everywhere else?

Whose world is this!

This situation did not arise overnight, it’s been in the formation process for a very long time. Listen to this interview with the last president of the now dead USSR, who clearly says:

America wanted to rule the world but lost its way

Think about this seriously because this is the greatest threat to the planet that the world has ever had to face. There can be no life in a world where ordinary people must ask PERMISSION to do each and every thing that all people must do each and every day. Yet that is exactly what the illegal and outrageous Police-State continues to demand of every person who lives in war-torn America: This nation that was attacked by mythical ghosts is about to surrender to phantom conquerors that desperately need to be evicted from their offices the world over ­ ASAP!

If we don’t resist this treason now then we will definitely become prisoners of our own cowardice, from which there can be no escape, if personal resistance is not embraced to the hilt…


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