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The Invisible Death

By Jim Kirwan

San Francisco © 1994

The death of this nation began a very long time ago. I’ve been tracking it since the1960’s. This year I explored various television series programs, some of them covering ten years of programming.

The results were astounding, not so much in relationship to the past as they were absolutely clear about the total farce of every aspect of American life today.

To take one example there were three versions of CSI. Summed up most clearly in CSI Miami, (from the 1990’s up until 2010. “Crime Scene Investigators” displayed the huge expense that was supposedly used to solve crimes using the most sophisticated methods and technology to insure the arrest of anyone for any crime that was committed. They went to major lengths to show everything, to the public, about law-enforcement and crime solving. That has become a total lie; because the laws no longer exist and actual “evidence” (once upon a time required) is no longer needed to put people away for the rest of their lives, without a trial.

The law, the police, the society as shown on CSI Miami, is nothing but a Zionist-fairy-tale to entertain the idle mind: Because none of those justifications, fabrications, legal-posturing or hypothetical moralities inside American “law-enforcement” exist today. We live in an unchallengeable police-state where no one has any options, once the state ‘gets to know your name.’

It was not just the entertainment value that died, with the death of the LAW on TV: It was everything else connected to the entire world of crime, criminals, spies, government authority, and the rights of anyone anywhere. A great deal of emphasis was placed on “internal affairs” as the supposed ‘force’ that was there to keep cops honest. Today when a cop or a federal agent shoots someone, or just fires their weapon ­ there is a total coverup from the police or the agency of the feral government which immediately clears any and all officers of any wrong-doing, in any shooting in the United States. Citizens have no protection at all from any member of the government that has decided to detain any citizen for any reason. The courts are now nothing but rubber stamps that refuse to challenge anyone in the government, regardless of the potential severity of whatever they choose to do the public: because we have become Enemies-of-the-State.

BTW the same things happened to Education, Medicine, Agriculture, Science, Politics, the Industrial War-Machine, everything that was ‘American’ has been stolen, bought or murdered and now we are just waiting to see who will fire the first shot to begin the ending to this bankrupt planet.

There was another series; this one in three parts from American Experience called “Chicago The City of the Century”. It is a massively entertaining story of the founding of Chicago and virtually the birth of massive capitalism not just in Chicago but throughout America.

However what it also clearly shows is the war between labor and capital, and the arrogance of the filthy-rich which has not changed from what it had been back in old-world-Europe. It goes on to show how the same political biases only intensified in the Chicago of the 1800’s. It’s easy to see how very little changed from the wage-slave days of the corrupt kings & queens, up until the turn of the nineteenth century. The terminology of today embraces the ideal of using up all the raw-material until it is totally consumed. This concept has been a hallmark of mindless corporation’s right up to the present moment. Today this policy amounts to a death sentence for the entire world ­ because we have learned nothing from our past!

Of course there were individual bright spots but the criminal-nature of the warped-laws is shown, throughout, along with the worshipful protections that surrounded the luminaries of that time, in Chicago.

The filth the slop and the slaughter of hogs defined Chicago, and to a degree the arrogant nation that had no time for anything but business. Today, if anything, we have become even less than they were in their crush to smash their way forward in the early days of Chicago ­ “the City of the Century”. There were riots, labor-strikes, massive movements that sought to keep anyone who was not of the right class out of any chance to ever alter their own lives.

Under Obama, if that war-criminal is allowed to continue, Americans will end up with even less than the early immigrants in Chicago had, in the hell they routinely lived in… But Obama & Company will not make it through September of 2013, in one piece, so this hardly matters for the future that no longer exists.

A massive sea-change has happened inside this place—something that just cannot be explained, except perhaps in part of this video.

The final installment of the 5-part non-profit documentary film series, 'Counter-Intelligence' by the talented independent filmmaker, Scott Noble. This episode, "Drone Nation" focuses on the most recent phase in the history of the CIA and covert operations, with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which allows for the indefinite detention without a trial of all Americans without a warrant.

A Study by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism Revealed that only 1.5% of the people killed from drone strikes in Pakistan have been "high value targets."

The remaining 98.5% are made up of civilians and the classification "other," which is used to designate any male of "military age" killed in the vicinity of a drone strike.

The film series has been lauded roundly by multiple CIA veterans and by college professors, alike - the latter recommending this series to become part of the coursework for classes on political science, history, sociology and cultural criticism.”

The video describes the explosion of interest and expansions within the world of DRONES ­ to the point that drones are beginning to set the terms of the next major-series of tech-wars with smart-drones that are hell-bent of freeing themselves from human-operators as they make their way to be machines that think for themselves and set their own targets for the drones.

NDAA began on New Years Eve 2011, and continued in 2012 to shatter hundreds of years of settled law, and destroyed the constitutional protections that were supposed to protect the public from this criminally-insane government.

If you are accused of terrorism, you are in a world where you become a sub-person, in a world of complete lawlessness. You exist in a world where you can be detained by the government or even killed by the government without even a shred of due process…

A year ago the Obama administration announced that they could go further than that. The government not only believes that it has the power to eavesdrop on American citizens without warrants, or to detain Americans without due process, but to target American Citizens for death ­ for assassination without a shred of due process, transparency, or checks and balances. And they’ve done it, several times already... The rule of law has been abandoned.

This is no longer the War ON Terror; it’s now the War OF Terror!

Instead of honoring his anti-war stance as a candidate Obama switched to embrace the rights of a medieval King, with the creation, at his sole discretion, of the terms of the NDAA. Breaking his oath to protect & defend the Constitution and the people of the United States—an impeachable offense.

Obama created kill lists. In his first term he was killing people in five separate countries under the terms of NDAA. Most of these assassinations are conducted by drones; piloted by people seated at comfortable desks. The drone operator can kill dozens of people with the flick of a wrist: Then walk down the hall for a meal at the cafeteria.

The dehumanization of such events can be seen in the language employed by drone-operators… The human beings killed in drone strikes are referred to as “bug-splats”. The term harkens back to Nazi terminology from the Second World War. These are terms used in unmanned systems operations, which themselves mimic the thousands of hours spent by the young, thoroughly engrossed in video games. 98.5% of drone targets are civilians.

Drone warfare is a 24 hour 365 day war, where potential targets never know when they will be attacked from the air. When these practices come here, Americans will be no different than those targeted today in so many other countries. The people targeted develop a tremendous fear of the unknown, coupled with a tangible hatred for those (Americans) who conducted the drone wars. Consequently we create far more enemies than before. That is being done in order to insure that there will always be more wars to fight, and hence more contracts to make money from ­ hence Cheney’s “unending wars” for corporate profit.

Without enemies there can be no war and without war there can be no military industrial, intelligence complex.”

Into this complex scheme we have the latest entry ­ DRONES.

Drones of all sizes shapes and types have become one of America’s latest success stories—even though the targets for these American drones will be primarily American civilians. This is where total insanity begins to take over. (1)

During WWII Americans sacrificed to build the weapons of war needed both in the Pacific and the Atlantic. The targets for those weapons were NOT Americans. During the current war over the United States citizens, the targets are American civilians. How can anyone rejoice over new technologies that have as their end-game the destruction of the population of the United States?

Have we, like our so-called leadership, lost our minds completely?’

The goal of the drone makers is to be able to create whole regimens of drones that will one day no longer need to have controllers, because the drones will be able to decide for themselves what to target and what to kill without help from human controllers—and we are pushing to develop that level of drone-warfare!

Add super-drones to the tanks, missiles and enough hollow-point bullets to kill every American five times over, and then ask yourself, how can Americans participate in this slaughter of their own people?

It’s not unusual given that Americans already took money to first train their own replacements and then they took reduced pay to dismantle their own machinery so that it could be shipped off to a foreign nation which killed their own jobs? They did that in hundreds of industries without resisting—ergo, is it then not surprising that Americans would gladly dedicate themselves to building the engines of our own destruction, just to make what is about to be another yet more useless buck? Is there no limit to our utter stupidity!

Our planet is already dead. Now we’re about to enter the final chapter of the end of everything else that was once ours to enjoy. We did not ask what price we paid to keep cheap gas in our cars: How many people had to die for us to have cheap-gas? Now we have the same questions facing us over drinkable water, non-toxic soil, or breathable air? We have allowed medicine to become poison, education to become institutions of total-obedience to the faceless state. The State has become the institution that raises our children, while they sell many that have been placed in State-Child-Care. The whole system is as corrupted as it is possible to be with prostitution, the sex-trade, illegal organ sales, drugs both legal and illegal, available at every corner ­ while public-corruption is the primary industry in which most people now freely work.

The LAW employs outlaws; theft, burglary, rape and murder have become the business of police departments, along with the murder of civilians without any checks or balances. Everyone lies a little and always has: But when the powers that be only LIE, then the game is over!

We’re done, but only because we’ve run out of goods or services to be captured ~ is this how you define freedom or justice, much less any of the freedoms that we’ve lost in the entirety of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution?

The USA & Israhell are the worst outlaw states on the planet, and all of this is what has brought us all to the threshold of WWIII.

WE have become DISGUSTING creatures!

1) 'Counter-Intelligence Part 5' - "Drone Nation" - 50 min, 4 sec. VIDEO





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