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Inverting Reality Worldwide


By Jim Kiwan

As the illustration for this article so clearly shows, we cannot avoid reality by pretending that it does not exist.

For the last twenty-five years the policies of the United States have not only not changed, they have massively intensified their globally-criminal policies, regardless of leadership: This is and was done to deepen the quagmires created by tyranny and treason everywhere in the world that USI and Israel have gone. Hence the results of everything we’re doing and not doing, can be clearly seen in the results which the world will have to live with inside and outside Fukushima—forever.

The core-problems thus created, worldwide, are still obsessed with Full Spectrum Dominance which has been the only real policy being followed by the Old World Order worldwide. The global-genocides, the criminal slaughter of the global-population and the starvation of the people of the world all come directly from these iron-clad policies that have been driving the end of politics and the rise of the Oligarchs around the world. Programs such as Crosstalk continue to fail to address the reality of the real problems across the world: Because without arrests being made anywhere, nothing that the talking-heads anywhere choose to comment on, will make any difference at all in the end result—and every real reporter on the planet knows this for the fact that it is.

Forever War:

The bottom line that still eludes globally connected commentators is that global policies are driven by greed and money only: Politics everywhere is nothing but a continuing fiction created to keep the global-population sound asleep. Politics has been dead and buried for the last forty years in the USA, which is why everything else is just window-dressing, like lipstick on a pig.

All these so-called ‘policies’ are being led by “global and unending-wars” that have been planned and embraced for the last hundred plus years. But this goes far beyond that simple equation: Read this in depth report about what has been taking place right in front of the global-public but which still has not been accepted by people that are supposedly “serious” about what lies beneath the corporate criminals that are still running US Incorporated.

Every president going all the way back to LBJ, have just been PR Spokespersons’ and beyond. U. S. presidents are just corporate officers that no longer have anything to do with the now dead Constitution of the original nation-state. Read the link below and get angry ­ then get out there and do something about this because all the facts are on the web, for anyone that cares to look or act on what can be discovered in just hours.

America, Welcome to the Fourth Reich

When combined with what and how the public has tried to hide from in Fukushima, then it’s easy to see why most Amerikans have chosen not to want to know anything about what is really running the long dead USA.

These two articles above are just part of why U.S. polices do not and will not change until the public begins to arrest major players from every area of the U.S. police state, in very public ways. Until U.S. Polices are altered in favor of the public they supposedly serve: This criminal-fascist-juggernaut will continue to drive the public into the concentration camps that are just waiting for most of us now.

World War Incorporated

I’ve been working on this topic for decades. And each and every day has just seen this problem deepen across the world. In the beginning I used to think that hard hitting images could do what words alone could not. That turned out to be a fantasy of mine that did not acquire enough traction to even slow them down, much less change very much of anything—primarily because most refuse to believe in doing anything about real problems that have not yet directly threatened them personally with torture, rape or death.

That time is about to arrive unless the public finally gets serious about the total farce that has already seized this country, long, long ago: If this happens there will be no future for most of the bodies still stumbling around here.

Of course the other ‘facts’ that will make themselves clear, once the dying starts, is that massive numbers of the outlaws will also die, probably far sooner than they ever thought possible. Why not get your hands dirty since arrests are already on the horizon: Why not work to end this before this gets to those final steps from which very few can ever expect to survive—because no one will ever leave this world alive.


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