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Princess Ivanka's Mother Is
Jewish, So She Is Jewish By Birth

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff...  If you look at photos of Ivana, a Czech Jew, you will see that as she ages she is definitely Jewish.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but let's be honest about our heritage, whatever it may be.

I read the article about Ivanka persuading her father to strike Syria and wanted to scream.  I did not vote for Trump's Jewish daughter.   It is so obvious that they are doing all they can to move out Syrian Muslims so that Israel can get right in and build settlement row houses in southeast Syria.  Remember, this is all about Greater Israel.   That's why the Jews are backing the movement of Syrian Muslims.  The Jews do not want to have the aggravation of the Gaza strip when they take over Syria.  They want empty land and Trump is helping by continuing to bringing these non-assimilating muslim savages into America.  Merkel, another Jew, is doing her part as well.

The Jews probably want Somalia, Sudan and parts of Africa emptied so they can drill for oil there just like they will end up doing in the Golan Heights…where there is said to be a huge untapped oil reserve.  They will need the African resources to build cities in Greater Israel.  And make no mistake, they won't be allowing many blacks or muslims in those cities.

Trump had this all planned all along.  He knew how to sucker us.


Dump Trump and the Jew Express