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When You're In The Hole ­ Stop Digging


By Jim Kirwan


The current state of the world

Is still unrecognized by most of the enslaved populations

Yet the truth keeps pouring out for everyone to see.

There's a clear roadmap that was publicly declared immediately after 911, which the outlaws have been sticking to; like mercenaries stuck in the Tar Baby of Cheney's “Never Ending Wars”. Take a look at some of what's been known.

During 911, Cheney was 'in charge' not the president. The president had been removed from control over the shoot down orders that were supposed to come from NORAD, but were never issued: The Commander of NORAD, whose job it was to protect the nation, failed on 911 but was promoted to the Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs, for his treason on 911.

The military chain of command had been officially changed during the Reagan administration because 'Ronnie couldn't be trusted by the resident-outlaws in the White House, under Reagan. Meanwhile the Bush Administration changed the responsibility again and gave the responsibility to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, but he was the stealth member of the treasonous-tag-team that decided to isolate Rummy and give real control to Cheney; during the five 'war games' that were being run simultaneously with the real time false-flag attacks on New York, the Pentagon and the failed attempt on the White House.

Grossly Illegal Contradictions

Osama Bin Laden was named within the first fifteen minutes of the first televised coverage of the attacks, by CIA agents in civilian clothes who were interviewed without telling the public that they were CIA. The FBI never put Osama bin Laden on their most wanted fugitives list ­ ever: Because Osama had nothing to do with anything, The real Osama died from natural causes and was buried in Bora-Bora, while a fake escape was orchestrated with the help of the ISI in Pakistan. Obama's version of Osama was a simple double, that never played any part in anything real, and the murder of Seal Team 6 that killed him, for Obamanation; died for fake political points, not “national security'.

What the public was never told was that the attack upon Afghanistan had been planned for over a year and would have happened without 911, because the bombing of Afghanistan was about clearing a protected path for an American oil pipeline and had nothing to do with 'terror'. It also had to do with the acquisition of the Poppy fields of Afghanistan, which is the only reason we're still in Afghanistan today.

So it's easy to see that all these lies were the only reason behind the deaths and wounding of every American soldier that was sent to the Middle-East going as far back as “Poppy-Bush in 1991 (Over 73,000 Americans died in that fake war), along with a huge number of US wounded that was also covered up by Bush Senior even before his evil seed declared his “Shock & Awe” for Israel: Which officially reduced Iraq to rubble, and all of it in the fake-name of supposedly “fighting global terrorism”.

Because of the illicit and secret number of actual combat-casualties: Bush Junior classified the deaths and injuries of US troops in his part of the over twenty years of the Bush-Wars in and on Iraq ­ because if the public had known the truth about the real-costs in American blood and treasure the American public outcry would have ended that war immediately.

With the above background it's easy to see how the traitorous policies of USI, were used to create what they designed, immediately after 911 which was announced by General Clark that the United States had targeted the total destruction of seven more nations to complete their plan for Full Spectrum Dominance over the world. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Syria were all part of the USI plan for total destruction and if it had not been for Russia in September of 2015: All of that would have already taken place...

The above was just one small part of the opening chapters

of these USI-Israeli war-crimes against the world.

None of which could've happened without

the total submission of the criminal global media

The whole plan gets much uglier, and reveals the total incompetence of the USI as it so-poorly designed their supposedly 'in-depth' attacks upon the globe that were all planned at the conclusion of WWII. The first of many lies that the American public never understood was about who actually fought and won the Second World War. The USA was a late-comer into that war, and our major contribution was the marvel of our fantastically productive war machine which was out-of-reach and could therefore supply Britain and Russia and 'the Allies' with the weapons needed to prosecute the end of that war.

That's why the USA did not participate in the recent 70th Anniversary Celebrations around the world of the End of WWII. You see for the Nazi's in Operation Paper Clip and the Communists that we still supported, WWII did not end, it continues to this day, and the USSA would not betray our continuing relationships with our secret allies, by celebrating the end of their military role in WWII.

Aside from all this, the plan that was put forward with the attack on America in September of 2001, was to announce the end of America as a global power, in preparation for our global defeat, that was supposed to happen under Obama's guidance that he's clearly failed to accomplish.

But the poverty of this treasonous plan can be clearly seen if you just look back at everything we failed to do to make the victory over America's supposed forces even possible.


After the end of WWII the U.S. was clearly the most powerful military force in the world. We were leading in all categories, except honor or integrity, and almost from the beginning we sought to rule the world of global-criminality by the application of Geo-political military force. From those early days of the CIA we established our global-reputation for 'killing and eating' any nation or ideology that we first approached as an ally, which has never been more clear than it is today. That's why the United States has no real allies because everything we've built was always constructed on fear and terror of us, rather than on anything that we promised to our potential “partners”. The survivors of our wars will hate us forever...

But there were problems which we never saw coming, which is why we're in the totally unsupportable positions that we've created which have come back to begin to kill the Outlaws that still run this place today.

What we've done since Reagan's stint in the Oval Office, is to rely upon our ancient-reputation to succeed, rather than to keep the edges of our current weapons clean and sharp. The U.S. Has been fighting since 1980, for the last 35 years without upgrading or even maintaining our real weapons systems, that were supposed to “keep us safe” in a hostile world. After all, that supposed military power was what we relied upon to guarantee our global leadership, regardless of the situations we entered into anywhere in the world of today or tomorrow. The weapon of choice for the West throughout everything has always been “Regime Change”,

by any and all means necessary and to hell with international law.

Then contemporary Russia chose to step out upon the global stage

And suddenly the naked truth is there for all to see!

The no-fly zone in Syria already exists. It is run by Russia and Washington is unable to jam it.

NATO is desperate. The Pentagon is desperate. Imagine waking up one day in Washington and Brussels just to realize Russia has the ability to electronically jam — detect, trace, disable, destroy — NATO electronics within a 600 km range across Syria (and southern Turkey)

Moscow Ready to Cooperate With Washington on Syrian Crisis

Imagine the nightmare of row after row of Russian Richag-AV radar and sonar jamming systems mounted on helicopters and ships jamming everything in sight and finding every available source of electromagnetic radiation. Not only in Syria but also in Ukraine.”

kirwan: Literally everything that the US rely's upon, for both our national defense or our offensive weaponry depends totally on the security and effectiveness of our electronics. We literally cannot fire our missiles or locate any enemy aircraft, missiles or activity, without the technology that Russia can now use to jam everything that NATO or any of our allies are armed with. Our planes can't fly, our ships can't sail without the aide of the critical technology that we have not bothered to keep current, or protected. The war-machines of today literally run on electronics, and Russia has spent decades creating solutions for their defense as well as using massive innovations for their own offense, if needed, to both protect themselves, as well as being able to use our own technology against us. That's how important this article by Pepe Escobar , published on really is...

“Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander of U.S. Army units in Europe, was even forced to qualify Russian electronic warfare capabilities in Ukraine as "eye-watering."”

kirwan: This is what just happened to the US Navy, when they realized just how vulnerable all their ships now are, visa via the Sunburn and Onyx weapons that are over ten years old. Word is coming in today that American Generals are searching through global social media like Twitter to try and figure out what Obama wants them to do, because their orders that come through official channels or the White House no longer make any sense.”

Once it finally dawns upon the world that the USI has become a toothless tiger, along with Israel, that also has exactly the same problems we do: Then just maybe the world will decide to come together around some conference tables and begin to talk this world-ending disaster into something that people can live and prosper in, instead of just accepting the nuclear holocaust that is all the West keeps promising to any nation that refuses to do whatever the Khazarian-Rothschild-Mafia dictates?

It's interesting that Russia wants the world to come together to end this charade; by ending all the terrorists the West has created, while the USSA and Israel have only one solution:


The Outlaws want to Take Over the Whole World and end the human race,

rather than to admit that they've lost everything already

except maybe their pathetic personal lives.

If Obama were in Putin's position he'd be thundering to the world

Demanding the immediate global surrender of the planet,

when all that Putin seems to want to see

is a real balance returned to this war-torn place we call the world,

by recognizing the literal realities worldwide

which Russia has now changed

by using International Law

with sanity and effective military power in the world of today.

Situation Syria


I wonder if the world realizes that Come-November the world just might finally be able to breathe a sigh of genuine relief: If this ends in the coming together of open and public-diplomacy in transparent meetings of many nations, to end these illegal-wars in order to oversee the surrender or the metamorphosis of this truly global-evil that's been trying to steal the universe for thousands of years?

What Do you think?



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