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Interim Report

By Jim Kirwan


Whenever Fools try to ride the same unicycle while attempting

to pervert the powers of nature and the universe

the result is always FOLLY

The world has been trying desperately to engage the global population in three-dimensional chess: That's a single game of chess played out on three different layers of play. Most only know about this from Star Trek, where it was occasionally shown. Ironically for literally the last few thousand years the global outlaws have been using this bizarre form of global-obscurity against a mostly somnambulent-public: Is this what Brzezinski meant when he mumbles about the global-chess-board?

Whatever this is, it's time to shatter their illusions.

The planet has been under siege for decades, from virtually all directions. If we are to fight this invasion we must cut through the garbage and get back down to the bare-bones beneath the imitation-powers that are determined to strip the planet bare and then scatter the remnants into oblivion.

Two cases in point:

Empire Files:

Abby martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

27min 08sec VIDEO

The GREAT Muammar Gaddafi.

If the Western World Only Knew the Truth.

one hour 32min VIDEO

Instead of facing war crimes tribunals' for their crimes against Humanity

and the people of the world: Obama, Hillary and the entire American Administration got away with all the LIES above - over and over again, and the American public allowed all of the above to not only happen, but to use the results of their war-crimes as their lying justification for everything that the world continues to experience each and every day.

How can Americans have allowed Hillary or any of those that are embedded in these war crimes to even run for office when they should be tried, convicted and killed, for their part in these global-crimes!

This is 'Unipolar Politics' by which the 'WEST' has used their crimes against humanity to justify their criminal invasions worldwide. This is not confined just to the political agenda as this was laid out in “1984” - the same lies are also used to permanently change everything from the Republic of the United States to the Police-State as this too has been imposed upon every man, woman and child in America today.

The three-dimensional-chess that was introduced in Star Trek only dealt with three facets of that game: Yet these creatures have used all the multiple dimensions throughout our lives to overlap and cover-up their massive global crimes ­ and almost no one seems to care.

What we have allowed to happen has resulted in the total contamination of religion, politics, finance, military power, weapons sales, and money-laundering-worldwide: Along with the total destruction of morality, trust and freedom in all its forms. Now we are expected to unconditionally-surrender 'ourselves' to these evil forces, without even so much as a whimper ­ because no person anywhere is allowed the right to defend themselves from rape, robbery or death.

The global-public is still not being even consulted about whatever the individual 'nation' is allowed to do to its' citizens, No nation is allowed to disagree with whatever their supposed 'leaders' decide to do to the people they are supposed to “represent'. Instead the herd in whatever place it's members reside, is expected to do everything it is told to do—or face torture, rape or prosecution, without even being charged with a crime. All of this takes the planet back to the primitive barbarian norms established in the fifth century A.D.

There is a massive war upon nature itself, designed to alter 'winds aloft' and to change weather patterns to please those who want to end human-life around the world. Toward that end there is a flood of legislation and illegal-decrees being issued as if they all have the force of law, even though 90% of all that shit has not even been 'justified' by having been voted into any law anywhere...

All of this is only prologue for whatever is coming ­ very soon! Look around and ask yourself: “How much longer will I be able to survive in this completely lawless Empire”? And exactly “WHEN” will you and your loved ones finally begin to ask “WHY” - because if you continue to refuse to QUESTION ­ EVERYTHING, then you will very soon become all too familiar with the creatures that wear these universally adopted boots...


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