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Insurgents 'R' Us

By Jim Kirwan

Taken from the 1976 Classic film “Network”


There’s a fictitious term that’s become legendary in the global media follies that passes for news today. The term is the misnomer referred to as “Insurgents”.

Why is it used and how did we get to this level of Double-Speak?

It’s not really a mystery at all. Its creation was actually public knowledge and came on the heels of the end of the Vietnam War.

When the framer’s of the Constitution created that document most of the public commons dealt with newspapers, flyers or books. There was no modern-day media to worry about, only word of mouth and some journalism that was considered to be mostly done by people of less than notable character.

But with the passage of time and the addition of many new technologies to communications not to mention radio and television: The government decided that news should be controlled. The only problem with this declaration was that the First Amendment gave special consideration to the news, which had become part of what radio, newspapers and television had to include, to be able to keep their licenses to rake-in the trillions they reap today.

With the media clash over Vietnam, a fifteen year long war that was “covered” by the media from 1960 to 1975, several major problems were uncovered for the media conglomerates that wanted to own all the news. This had become a requirement, because the truth was getting in the way of their fledgling new world order policies, that needed to progress without having to bother telling the public the truth about anything they chose to do: But especially our “WARS”.

During the Carter Administration, there was a great deal of consolidation taking place in those smoke-filled backrooms. Just one year after the War, in 1976, the film Network broke the story of the truth to the world. It had been “decided” that all businesses had to make money, and that the networks were no exception. The NEWS divisions of all the major media outlets were loosing money, which made them prime targets for the axe.

Everyone it seems totally overlooked the FACT that “the news” was not an optional part of radio or television schedules: It was REQUIRED, in order for the media to constitutionally keep their broadcast licenses. But, having ignored this requirement over the years, the corporate conglomerates decided to reclassify “news” into a subdivision of the entertainment industry and that ended global reporting by the media in general. That was part of the story told in the classic film “Network”.

Then along came Ronnie Reagan who promptly privatized everything he could think of including the national airwaves which still legally belong to the public. Part of the fee, that they do not pay the public, for the use of our airwaves was to have been up-to-date and accurate news of the world—because in the world of 1976 if you didn’t know what was happening in the world, not just the latest scores, then you could not be called literate.

So today we still have the original three stooges at the FCC who decide who can own the news anywhere in the United States. That’s the reason that the public has no idea of what goes on anywhere either here or overseas: Because the US media is owned by the same outlaws that have created every war since before 911 and have stolen the nation and turned this place into the Stazi-Israeli-State we are today. The fabricated FCC is illegally controlling all the media in this place as a disinformation arm for the Israeli-run USI. That’s the bulk of the “WHY”.

But what about the “HOW”?

It’s simple. Once the public no longer received the real news of the world; then the public simply fell into line and began to believe whatever they heard on the tube: Totally failing to understand that the Tube was no longer American Owned. Instead it is owned today by the same Israeli-based Outlaws who own the film industry, the arts, all publications, the media and probably well over 85% of the business interests as well as all the government contracts…

As an aside, they also own the US congress, the LBGT US Supreme Court, the Tarnished House along with almost all of the think tanks, the symposiums, all the major institutions of higher learning, medicine, big pharma, almost all the industries and virtually everything that goes with that, right down to the local school-boards, chambers of commerce, Boards of Supervisors along with the legal and government private associations which support most of what passes for commerce in Amerika today…

In fact it has become so bad that if we wanted to impeach anyone in high-office it would be impossible because those responsible for bringing any such charges are all criminals as well. The public knows this at some deeper level of awareness, yet they choose to do nothing at all about any of it.

Returning to the point: Once these creatures that own everything in any nation make their decisions, via their nation’s bullhorns, then whatever is said is supposed to be believed! That’s what we’ve been doing in Ukraine and the Stazi-State lately. Israeli-USI Lies and Lies and Lies about everything when they spin out their corporate version of what the false-powers want the world to believe. That brings us to the present moment.

Insurgents” is a term coined by Dick Cheney when he was running the Oval Office that was supposedly occupied by Bush the Lesser. It was a stunning performance of

WAG the DOG” and the public bought it hook line and sinker.

Literally to be an ‘INSURGENT’ means any civilian, in any country, who involuntarily becomes a victim of a military force that has chosen to attack his or her country—which is an act that the “insurgent” vehemently disagrees with.

This is what is happening to the people inside Ukraine today. They are being attacked by foreign mercenary armies and some outlaws masquerading as their own military forces. The MEDIA in several “reports from the front” today, have labeled the victims of this illegal attack as “Insurgents”.

Congratulations America! You and I have just been given another official new label, in addition to being ‘enemy combatants’ un-Americans and un-Patriotic Domestic Terrorists, we are now the new INSURGENTS—because most of us disagree entirely with the war being waged against us by forces that we pay for and who wear American uniforms—except that the DHS, BLM, BATF, IRS, FBI and all of the alphabet soup of agencies are not the government: They are traitors who commit treason and high-treason every day.

That Ladies and Gentlemen this is how “INSURGENTS ‘R’ US” came to be in the news today…


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