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Inside The Enemy State

By Jim Kirwan


On the 26th of January the Enemy-State that is in charge of what used to be the government of the Republic, committed cold-blooded murder while they were engaged in a failed attempt to murder a number of people, on a state road in Oregon. The assassins were “officers” from the FBI, the BLM, the State of Oregon and local police along with other agencies from throughout Oregon and the federal government.

The reason for this was to show the docile public that “human life” in this nation has no meaning whatsoever ­ wherever the Enemies of the People are engaged in stealing property or resources that they have decided belong to them—regardless of any of the provisions in the Constitution that are clearly forbidden by the Founding Document of this Republic.

All of this began when a group of ranchers and activists from 'out of state' came to Oregon to make clear that what is happening to two of their own citizens, the Hammonds, who have been unfairly treated by everyone in office and are now illegally imprisoned, for the second time, in an official act of Double Jeopardy. All of this was done by the county and the state to finish stealing the Hammond's ranch for outside interests that include Russia and the Clinton Family who set this deal up when the Clinton's owned the White House.

One of the first acts of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, that was not limited to towns or states—because their cause is to promote the Constitutional freedoms for all Americans, as these rights are guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

They came to Burns to help the people of Burns to present a redress of grievances, which the people themselves needed to have answered, because of the crimes being committed against two of their own.

The discussions of those provisions and how they could be resolved was what the people began to discuss, which is what produced the much cited “friction”, as this rapidly became clear: The people “in charge” of Burns were not acting lawfully as they were supposedly compelled to do under the U.S. Constitution. The longer these meetings with the public went on the more corruption was exposed. Aamon Bundy was the spokesperson for this attempt to obtain the formal Redress of Grievances, for the people from the administration of Harney County.

The end result was that when the Sheriff was presented with this list of grievances, he refused to acknowledge receipt. So Aamon went to Justice Grasty, who was the self-appointed administrator for the Court in Burns, who also turned Bundy down cold.

This TRUTH was cited by the Sheriff himself at the federal news conference where the murder of LaVoy Finicum was supposedly announced, absent the name of the man who the government murdered. They did however show some of the people they had also tried to kill that day, but failed in that additional case—They used 120 bullets in their failed “Attempted Murder” that back when there were real and meaningful laws in this place, would have been clearly labeled for what it was. But now that Oregon & the U.S.A. is wholly owned by the Outlaws, all the so-called RULES have changed.

FBI Press Conference on Oregon Standoff and Shooting (TRUNEWS VIDEO)

The Sheriff admits that he would not present the Request for the public's Redress of Grievances, because as he says above,

They had ultimatums that I couldn't meet ­ I'm here to uphold the law”.

Translation: Dave Ward refused to enforce the Constitution, because he only enforces “the laws” created by the outlaws that now own Harney County. But the Sheriff does not know that he is a Constitutional Sheriff, and does have the right to deal directly with this problem. The same thing was repeated in the exact same way, as the demand for the Redress of Grievances moved up the 'legal chain' all the way through the Attorney General to the Governor of Oregon ­ all of whom, without exception, refused to accept the demand of the signed petitioners for the legal Redress of Grievances, as specified in the Constitution of the United States: This makes all of them RESPONSIBLE for their crimes against all the people. not just of Oregon, but of the USA as well ­ because the Constitution applies equally to everyone in this nation.

Therefore a trial is needed for the murder and attempted murder of some of the people who legally tried to bring the grievances of people, to the government for solution: The only crimes that were committed throughout all the time, that 'the outsiders' were in Harney County, were repeatedly committed by the town, the county and the state as well as the United States whose first option was always to “arm-up” as the people in the news conference noted which “was not the way to solve anything.”

That's what resulted in the cold-blooded murder and the other charges of attempted murder, which must now be clarified in a courtroom that is not owned by the criminals that so clearly own Oregon.

What makes all of this so critical to the continuation of this nation is that what the Outlaw-government has just shown to the people, is that with the murder of LaVoy Finicum, a real and actual person who dedicated his life to helping those who needed more than most can give ­ the message went out three days ago: No human life can ever be allowed to stand in the way, when there's so much illegal property and profits attached to everything that's being done now, throughout the long dead corpse of the USA.

We have to begin to differentiate between The Truths & Rumors

that we've all been living by, and we have to do it now

in an open and public courtroom , for all the world to see.


k:Hell I don't know - because everything they're doing now is totally illegal all the way down the line.


Back in the day when major crimes were committed in public, there had to be an investigation, first inside the agency involved, then at the local level, then if that didn't happen the state's got involved and if they failed to act the Feds got involved: But today - Damn! this didn't even really make local news and the international press has stopped talking about it - too many really huge interests are at stake...

The entire government wanted those people dead -THAT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR -So your question is an excellent one!

So the question has to be

Who indeed will prosecute anyone - for anything - ever again




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