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No Black Carpenter Ants, No Mayflies, No mosquitoes

From John

Insects And Animals Gone In Auburndale, MA

From John

Jeff -

I live along the Charles River in Auburndale, Massachusetts. Every spring we would get INVADED by black carpenter ants by the hundreds. This year - not one.

Every year at the beginning of Summer, I go underneath the deck to get some portable fencing. I loathed this task as I need to clear cobwebs and spider webs (and spiders) away. None this year. My wife recently said "Isn't it odd that we've seen no spiders this year".

There are no Mayflies on the screen door. No bees in our garden. No moths around our back porch spotlight. Very, very few mosquitoes - and we live off a fowl meadow along the river! We used to see swifts every evening from civil twilight to the beginning of astronomical twilight dive after bugs. They are gone. Just over the past few days we've heard crickets and cicadas, but other than that it's been eerily silent.

In regard to animals, I've yet to smell a skunk this year. I haven't seen a raccoon in a few years, and there is an abundance of chipmunks, almost out-of-place, who seem to be enjoying a predator-free environment. Strange and very sad.

Keep up the great work. You are one of the few I can trust and believe.


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