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Insanity Trumps the Generals

By Jim Kirwan


National Debt has gone from billions to over 300 trillion

The nation is ruined, the Republic is Dead

The only thing left is still hiding inside ourselves 'demanding to be free'.

After thirty years of 'liberalization' all over the world, we have this headline: 'Tiny and 1,100 pounds a month: The corporate answer to flat-sharing in London'.

The Collective a new 550-bed tower in Old Oak billed as “a new way to live in London” is the corporate answer to the dilemma facing new workers in the capital hunting for a flat and someone to share the costs. It claims to give tenants ­ the first move-in on Monday ­ a hassle-free collective life similar to a student hall of residence but for people starting out on their careers.

These are collective bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms and the actual bed rooms are ten square meters and its all tiny, tiny, with very positive spin... here we have 'collectivization', as many in the Soviet Union did have, very similar sort of set-ups sharing living rooms and communal sorts of space and their own little bedrooms. This is the Sovietization of Britain to become the new dominant theme as the economy continues to shrink and continues to favor kleptocrats at the top. And you have an economy in the U.K. That's not competitive whatsoever: competition is constantly killed by the entrenched oligopolists and starting a business here is very very difficult....” there's a hell of a lot more at the link below...

Episode 910 RT:

Some of what is not mentioned in that article is that something very similar is being launched throughout the major US cities, as our beginning point, leading up to the Amerikan version of the COLLECTIVE, at home, at work and in play ­ in high rise condos, featuring hundreds of tiny 'apartments' in preparation for the same kind of sharing later on. Within six blocks of my apartment there are four such monsters that have just arisen in record time, but their web-sites require every visitor to register their vital statistics, in order to get to their web site because they don't want to have explain to the general-public about the size or the costs of these 'cutting-edge-condo's' that will become part of the new downsizing of the available living space and the outrageous prices which these supposedly “luxury” cramped spaces are selling for.

This means that what is happening in London now will very soon be the case in San Francisco as well as every major city in America.

Due to the massive downsizing of available housing

that goes hand-in-hand with

the total devaluation of the American life-style, across the board.

For the people who are unfamiliar with campus dorm-living, zero-privacy and all of the inconveniences this creates, just ask any student whether they would prefer to live in a COLLECTIVE, or in their own private apartment: Remember that PC requires this kind of sharing in order not to encourage any advantages between those in the communistic-collective 'work force' that is replacing private homes or private anything except what is owned by the corporations or the criminal-government.

Back to the article above

Yes people are being forced to live in ever-smaller spaces. They are charged a lot of money. Of course the banks will lend the money to live in those spaces. They'll lend the money to go to school. The amount of debt these UK graduates end up with when they graduate has never been higher ­ the highest in the world. It's all part of the collectivization, the Sovietization of the entire British Economy: All dissent is outlawed. Anybody that says anything from the opposing bench, labor for example, they are immediately called by the sitting Prime Minister 'a TERRORIST' ­ meanwhile in the Soviet Union they're like “Livin-Large” ~ while in the U.K we're becoming a backwater...” Watch both parts of this episode of Max Keiser today... and weep because American's are about to go exactly the same way as has already befallen England.

A couple of other points not mentioned, this time.

England has already been overrun by Muslims, their institutions are threatened, their way of life is under siege ­ and just like the rest of the EU - England has almost been completely buried by the non-economy, Sharia Law, and the hatred of the white race coming from the Muslim Jihad against the rest of the planet. The religion, the choices in food as well as language and even the choice of the way people dress have all been attacked and the U.K. Is losing that battle on every front ­ just as the American;s are about to experience since we have allowed Soros' to build millions of these same hostile Mosques throughout the USA. All of which is being 'added-to' by Obama's importation of millions more Muslims in secret flights that come into the states daily and nightly illegally: Yet we continue to say nothing and do nothing about any of the illegals that are taking over here: Yesterday Jerry Brown gave the right to vote away to all illegals in California ­ and again there has been no outcry against any of that either.

This so-called election is now supposedly focused on just one thing:


The embedded criminal-main-stream, in tandem with the colluding mass-media in Amerika, could easily stop anyone running against the government by cutting off the horrifically criminal pipelines of money-laundering, illegally supported munitions and war-machine lackeys that have starved the nation blind. All that any of them would have to do is to revert the entire process of “law-making” from the tsunami of legislation, based on absolutely nothing, to legislation that works for the public.

We need to remember that the U.S. Military no longer works for us. It's become part of the military-fantasy represented by NATO that was created to steal the future of the world..

Everything in a US Uniform from every Bird-Colonel up, in every branch of service is part of the global-Money-Laundering, the global-drug-trade and the pedophilia throughout the upper echelons of government & the military worldwide ­ the story is long and complex but the entire story is here if you give enough of a damn to sit through it:

Illuminati Wife Tells All 4 Parts

Realities Not Realized Before

What America must do NOW is revert to what once always worked in every successful business enterprise. Every law that is passed in this place must be reviewed every year and those 'laws' that have failed must not just be repealed: The people that passed that garbage into existence would have to repay the public for every dime they voted to waste ­ Of course the congress would not agree to anything like that: But isn't THAT' THE REASON BEHIND THE SUCCESS OF DONALD TRUMP ­ BECAUSE TRUMP IS SPEAKING ABOUT REINSITUTING ACTUAL RESPONSIBILITY IN WHATEVER IS DONE BY THIS GOVERNMENT.

At least that's part of this dream...

Just image this country if government actually had to propose working programs to a completely-responsive-government that actually listened to the will and determination of the general public ­ combined with punishments for those outlaws that have so freely voted us all into their Police-State by eliminating everything we need, just to survive?

Obviously I don't speak for TRUMP, but I believe that it's this unspoken demand coming from the body-politic now that has forced Trump to have to hold his public gatherings in football stadiums to hold the crowds that want to hear him speak: That's happening because the public is dying of thirst for the elixir of fresh-air, clean water and the return of that breath of real freedom that was assassinated by the now dead political parties on both sides of all the aisle's that were murdered in 1968 at the Democratic Convention when the thug-Mayor Daley, of Chicago, ordered his troops to beat the media and the public, on television, both inside the convention and in the streets of Chicago ­ from that day to this; both the REPUBLIC and the U.S. CONSTITUTION have long been dead.

The secret behind the Trump Campaign was to rekindle the ideas behind the long dead Republic, in order to vibrantly challenge the living-dead of politics-as-usual into a nation again, where its people can finally defend themselves against this lawless sewer that was once a nation with a future.

Everyone that wants to “STOP TRUMP NOW” is part of our problem, because they are the same filth that have been stealing us all blind since the Chicago Convention of 1968!

Here's some of what we were changed into by 1973:


The time to act is now...


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