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Insanity - Canadian Police Hiring
More Muslims For 'Diversity'



Mr. Rense,

Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police Services (Hamilton Ontario Canada) recently held a recruiting session at the largest Hamilton Mosque. On our local news it was reported that the Police Service intends to recruit more diversity.

In future, when Muslims start “wilding” in Canada as they do in Europe, it will be Muslim Police Officers dealing (or not dealing) with situations. I already feel for the future (non-Muslim) victims of crime, when they will not be protected or have justice applied fairly. It is illegal for me to say this in Canada.

Our Provincial Government, working through Federal Government is corrupt. Hamilton has, in the past few decades, become an impoverished city. High corporate taxation chased away many large industries (Otis elevator, Firestone tire, International Harvester, Brinks) which paid living wages. Our steel industry has been sold & re-sold numerous times, skilled workers have been un-justly severed (i was one, 3rd generation multi-skilled steel producer) & retirees have had pension payments + benefits cut. Many of us have gone from middle-class to low-class. It’s becoming rat-eat-rat here.
Hamilton police take diversity recruiting efforts to Mountain mosque

Hamilton Police Service holding recruiting event at mosque ­ Hamilton
3 days ago - Is it more important to have Muslim police officers, or to have competent police officers? Police hiring should be based on merit alone, not on pandering to “minority communities.” And what kind of vetting will be undertaken in order to make sure that no Hamilton Police Service recruits from this mosque have ...
Canada- Hamilton, Ontario police holding recruiting event at mosque
2 days ago - Hamilton Police Service holding recruiting event at mosque. The director of the Muslim Association of Hamilton says the police service has come a long way in the past decade, but Kamran Bhatti says there are still no members of the Muslim community or other diverse backgrounds with ranks higher than ...
Hamilton Police Service holding recruiting event at mosque ­ Blazing

Muslim Association of Hamilton. · November 29 at 6:22am ·. Please come out tonight ...... Hamilton Police Service holding recruiting event at mosque. The Hamilton Police Service is holding a recruitment event at a mountain mosque this evening, in the hopes of attracting Muslim recruits.
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