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Insanity Incorporated

By Jim Kirwan


Insanity Inc. is running wild, just as what was demonstrated

In the bottom of this global-hourglass in 2003.

The dying United States has embarked upon a totally unworkable situation that will leave every American inside this Israeli-prison without the visible bars that would clearly show the world the truth about our inescapable-failures.

I’m talking about what will be left, once the current administration finishes installing their totally insane policies throughout the entirety of the new USSA.

In a sweeping move that has been building since before the end of WWII: The illegal-communist-government of the old USA, has now finished designing their solution for our dismemberment: Not of just the physical land they’ve already seized—but of all the people here that will soon lose every scrap of any vitality, within anything that we’ll be allowed to do, once the finality of the AGENDA 21 is finally implemented. BTW this ‘fact’ is just months away from taking complete control of all our lives. Will you wait until they come for you?

Since the fake-communists have no business-sense at all, the coming system is doomed to total-failure even before it’s officially slated to take over. Their entire game-plan is fully outlined in this video.

What is not clear, is how Americans could possibly do what we are about to be commanded to do and still have our jobs? Trillions of dollars are about to be extracted from the population in fines, fees, taxes and especially in the total reconstruction of the natural energy and resources by which America has lived since the Telegraph and Telephone connected the world thru technology. To level all these obscene costs upon the public is one thing: But enforcement of this crime assumes that people will have the money to pay the blackmail?

Add to this the fact that the ‘new-rules’ will virtually outlaw public and private transportation as a waste of resources that must be curtailed.

Not content with locking people up in their own homes, the Green Police will go door to door to enforce the total redesign of every place that has old or outmoded connections to every appliance that still work. Replacing all of America’s energy-inefficient technology would require more money than we currently spend on the entire US military: That’s definitely not money that America has to waste, just to appease the politically-correct who are demanding these changes to our entire way of life.

Once ‘America’ tries to implement this form of national-suicide, there simply won’t be any real-jobs left, except for those in the snitching and spying professions, combined with monitors and mercenary-enforcement thugs calling themselves the Green-Police. Who will survive to manufacture or deliver the needed new products which won’t be able to be shipped anywhere, except through the private-corporate entities who don’t actually do any real work themselves?

Don’t forget FED-EX and UPS are owned by Israel, and they’re both private corporate interests, but their workforce too will be subject to this new version of the Old Russian Gulags. Under the leadership of these Outlaws, American businesses and jobs will immediately become an international-joke.

The slaves won’t be able to get to work. But if they miraculously do manage to keep some kind of job, then they won’t be paid enough to pay rent and eat as well—never mind be able to pay the usurious fines, penalties and new taxes, while serving the illegally assigned prison sentences that will be laid on those that won’t be able to pay?

Insanity Inc. goes way past the USSR version of failed communism and the Gulags: Which were only able to function because there was still a real and free world beyond those borders of that day—that could still support a sane and functional world. Under the new USSA, there will be a global form of this new communism that will drag the rest of the planet into this death-trap if America goes under…

Ask yourselves why the Politically-Correct Communist-based politicians haven’t mentioned any of these real and continuing problems which this new anti-life-tyranny will automatically create?

In fact, the creatures that should be arrested, tried and executed for this nation-ending-program ought to be the thousands of faceless traitors that are leading this attack from every city, county and state in this totally privatized-place, right now! If anyone needs to be forced to answer for these crimes, then it must be those who have created this global-nightmare that seeks to murder not just the United States but 95% of the entire population of the world. Let’s begin with them instead - ASAP.

The Committee of 300, AKA The Trilateral Commission, knew exactly what they were doing in 1973 when they initiated this insanity, in order to totally control the entire working population of what was then the United States—even though our true condition at that time was not known to the many who would be eliminated, by the decisions these privately-rich individuals decided to impose upon the rest of the entire planet.

Time after time Amerikans have refused to pay any attention to what the filthy-rich have continued to institute against the bed-rock principles of real business, constitutional law, and all the natural human rights of the people of the world! WAR has now replaced virtually every human endeavor, just as WAR-PROFITS from the international war-machine have replaced all human values wherever this tyranny has been allowed to prosper. All of this was clearly described for the planet in the phrases coined in the Orwell novel called “1984”.

Lies are Truth”, Freedom is Slavery”, “War is Peace”, “Ignorance is Strength” and Promises are Prosperity”.

George Orwell’s novel was written in 1948. Its precepts have been long since been surpassed by Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, GWH Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obamanation in this criminal-design that was created to hijack the planet and slaughter 95% of the worlds’ population.

It’s time for the world to revolt against this obscenity

And end this global-treason now!

Look at the current situation and those who claim to be ‘leading’ the nations of the world thru the global-lies, deceptions and the treacherous-cons still coming from the global-bankers and the few hundred god-like élites who continue to proclaim their immunity from everything they’ve created! Haven’t we had enough yet?

In Russia: The insanity of the USSA’s determination to “punish” Russia for standing firmly behind the people of Crimea who are Russians, to keep their lives away from the threats coming from the US backed overthrow of the nation of Ukraine. This led to US threats to punish Russia with more illegal US sanctions, meant to hurt the stability of the only major nation, still showing a profit, amid the scandal of global-blackmail and extortion that’s everywhere now.

Russia’s answer was to break away from the West and our totally-owned Rothschilds Banking system, that was demanding that American corporate interests leave Russia, and charge themselves tens of billions of dollars, as some kind of “message to the world”. Russia’s response was to dump foreign currency in favor of the Russian-Ruble, on their way to establishing a Russian system of global commerce that will not be part of the Criminal-West any longer.

This move was created in response to the crippled and twisted views of John McCain, our very own Vietnam-traitor who spent his years in luxury in Hanoi: While his fellow prisoners-of-war did their time in Tiger-cages in starvation and torture. McCain would have us believe that he’s the only truly tough politician today, who would fight? Wow, this professional coward who only spent 33 days in any combat anywhere now supposedly speaks of that which he has never done throughout his entirely wasted life. Between McCain and Barry America needs no more enemies because these two are determined to lead us and the world into WWIII.

The bottom line again, comes down to the difference between the truth that can no longer remain hidden, of the globalists throughout the world who have brought all this dancing at the edge of literal oblivion into focus; for the entire world to do more than just observe.

The time to act is at hand and people the world over have got to reject and prosecute “Insanity Incorporated” if any of us will survive to reach the end of this year in one piece…



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